Tuesday, 15 June 2010

crisp packets always go out of date on a saturday

home, home. i am back from my work trip, and i had such an amazing time. i met some pretty awesome people. it feels weird because we would have to get up super early, then go to work, then come back to the hotel, have dinner, stay up really late hanging out with everyone, then going to bed, and then doing the same all over again the next day....it feels weird because i spent so much time with these people, to not be with them now...its odd. i learnt so much and enjoyed my adventure and i am looking forward to the next new store that will be opening up at the end of august, hopefully i will be able to go. living in a hotel for 11 days is a really weird feeling...yeah my stuff was all over the place, but the room never felt like it was mine. being home..it feels as if i have been away for months. coming home to my room being painted by my mum was a nice surprise. plus awesome amounts of mail. magazines, letters from friends, bills, doctor who live tickets, and a signed photo from Matt smith....fab stuff. oh i missed doctor who last week, but caught up with that, glee and big brother. i loved the doctor who episode with van gogh, oh it was beautiful and made me cry a little. this weeks 'who' was very funny---my favourite part was Matt running around in a towel and did awesome hair in a mess. James corden was kinda funny too, it was a weird episode. oh and i watched the last episode of glee!!!---oooh i nearly cried so many times, i love it so much. i didn't want it to end. i still love Jesse. i loved it when they sang don't stop believing' again...they all sounded amazing.it was weird going back to work...i had missed everyone and it was lovely to see everyone again...but i found out yesterday that they wanna send me to waterlooville in a couple of weeks!---and that will be for two weeks...more hotel food!
ooooh Keane have been added to the Glastonbury line up!!! i have always loved Keane, and it kinda of a dream to see them! i cannot wait for their acoustic set on the Sunday. the high light for me is gonna be broken bells...oh James mercer i love you. plus i kinda wanna see Rolf Harris so i can sing along and dance to 'court of king caractacus'.
i have a couple of days off, so fun times and relaxing, and sleep will be had.