Sunday, 27 November 2016

Visting Dunham Massey

So while in Manchester I had rather a lot of fun. On the second day there Jenny took me to Dunham Massey. Which is a beautiful place, and I was very excited to go and visit. But before we ventured out we went to Moose to get their amazing pancakes for breakfast. While we sat there waiting, both our mouths were salivating at the view of the most yummy looking breakfasts passing us by.

Fuelled up for the day it was time to catch the tram to Dunham Massey. The National Trust's Dunham Massey is a Georgian House, which has beautiful gardens and an amazing deer park. The day before in Manchester had been so rainy, but the day we choose to visit Dunham Massey, the sun came out. It was the perfect Autumn day!

We wandered the grounds and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine. While there we thought it would be the perfect place to take some autumnal photos. We wandered through the trees and did so much walking. I loved seeing all the leaves on the ground. Autumn really was here.

We wandered through the house, and I felt like we had gone back in time. It was so magical. The decor was so beautiful and grand. The tiny details always stand out to me. I love that feeling you get when you wander around a grand house like that, it really does take your breathe away.

I had a pretty amazing time while visiting this beautiful place. The Autumn weather and fresh air made for such a great day. Long walks, soup for lunch, photoshoots among the trees, crunchy leaves, and then a long train journey home.