Monday, 31 August 2009

the bells are ringing...and i am singing

over the past few days, life has been quite fun filled. went out with mum and dad on Friday, which was really nice. i found a wonderful tea pot, a little like one i have seen before. after we got back we went over to help my auntie and my cousins set up for my cousins wedding. lots of laughs and fun was had. sorting out the flowers and the village hall, with the tables, and decorations. my cousins wedding was on Saturday. i had such a lovely time. oh it was beautiful. they lit a candle for my uncle, (my cousins dad) in the church, oh i have never felt anything like that before...i can't put it in to words. the service was lovely. listening to church bells is one of those great feelings..its hard to explain. these photos sum up the day;well i have been tagged by some lovely lovely lovely blogs!!! :D i was tagged by ultra cool claire eloise for the 'honest scrap' blog award, whereby you share 10 true things no one else knows, then tag ten other bloggers. OK here goes..
1. I wish i was smart.
2. I will never eat chewing gum again.
3. My greatest regret is that I didn't get to know my grandad and my uncle really well, as they died when i was very young.
4. I feel as if i am the best friend in my own life, rather than the leading lady. It sucks..but i think i am getting used to it now.
5. When i go to bed, i try to set up stories in my head, in hope of dreaming about them.
6. I miss my old job.
7. I want a hug.
8. I wish i knew how to play the guitar.
9. I am starting to like who i am.
10. I enjoy having pen pals so much, words cannot explain.
i also got given an award by the fantastic Ines and the wonderful My Pointe Of View. this award requires me to tell you 10 useless facts about me/interesting. OK here goes..again...
1. I want a comic book loving boyfriend.
2. I like to write letters to famous people.
3. I enjoy sitting in the dark listening to music.
4. I collect ticket stubs.
5. I am obsessed with buying magazines...and keeping them in mint condition.
6. Series 2 of Flight of the Conchords is always playing in my room.
7. I love going to the cinema on my own.
8. I LOVE toys.
9. I take my tea with milk and no sugar.
10. I love to decorate cakes.
ah after that wonderful tagging-fest, just to leave you with something special. recently i have been rather obsessed with Ace of Cakes...really really bad. and my new crush is Geoff Manthorn from Ace of Cakes. eek hes fab. i just found this video of him..oh i love him!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

when i have a camera

the last couple of days have consisted of....
a mix and match of random stuff....i thought it was better to express in pictures than words.
i have been taged, but will do that in my next post. :)

Monday, 24 August 2009

dazed in the grass under the sun

this morning i went to the post office, and sent away my atc's for an exhibition. eek! i cannot wait to see what ones i get back in trade. i also sent pen pal letters.i had a lovely day hanging out with just my mum and dad. its really nice. my mum has the week off, so spending more time with her is really while in town i got the new dazed and confused magazine as Kristen was on the front. there are such wonderful photos of her inside. i also got some new twilight photo cards! they are pretty cool, and they brought the geek out in me..the shop assistant just looked at me really weird. the following set of photos are dedicated to my friend kay. she knows why! and good luck my dear. i love you!! yay for lots of adventures.i have also been given this AMAZING award from lina. thank you very much! it is simply pretty cool. love you lots lina! In this post, I want to hand out the "Better than ice cream" award to the 3 blogs that for whatever reasons has caught my attention lately. Someone who's blog is inspiring me, someone who has done an exceptional job with their blog or just made me think diffrently about something...
The whole point of the "Better than ice cream" award is for the bloggers who recieve it to then pay it forward to the 3 bloggers who have had that same impact on them. It can even be to the blogger giving it to you, as long as you also give to 2 other bloggers to keep it moving forward!
If you recieve this award more than once, just headline it xthe number of times.
(the purple text is to be included in the blog post when passing this on so it keeps moving).
i want to pass this award on to; the ultra cool- Jesus and his lawyer are coming back..., the beautiful- wonderlander and last but by no means least- from lina...i had to give it back to you! love love these blogs!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

rather long post..but fun filled!

Monday------ so on Monday i went for a trip in Mandy's little car. we went out and had lots of fun. we went for sushi for lunch. i have never had sushi before, and really wanted to go. oh it was simply wonderful! yum yum! i was quite excited when the little bowls/plates were going round.i did happen to buy myself something. i got a cute bag, and slow club's new album- yeah so. Tuesday------ i went out for dinner with old school friends, which was really nice. i also took some rather cool photos that night. the sky wanted to be different colours, just for me! hehe.Wednesday----- Yay its my sister's birthday today!! and its rather annoying that i had my induction day at my new job today! but its wasn't all day. got up early this morning, last night me and mum and dad decorated the living room with balloons, silly photos of Victoria, and my home made banner, which took me quite a long time.for her birthday i got her a rather cool present. i got her the new moon poster that was printed on canvas..oh i think its great! i wanted to get her something very special. i want it for myself! i cant wait to see where she puts it in her room. her cake was rather special too, i giant one and eight!
we had a lovely day. oh i am so happy my sister has a few days off work so we can hang out, watch movies, and do lots of sister stuff together. i miss her loads.