Thursday, 25 March 2010

nicola is looking forward to her train journey

I am currently packing for my trip tomorrow. after an early start at work (7am), and finishing at half 1, i am then catching my train at 2ish to Devon to visit my lovely uni pal Laura. we have fun fulled days and nights planned, and the coolest thing is that we are going to see two dancers from strictly come dancing--Brian and Kristina, they are doing a show....if i actually get to meet Brian i think i might faint....eeek. tomorrow at work we have a fundraising day, we have to wear green for our charity NSPCC...hmmm...i thought i had green clothes, but i really don't. however, i found my old green converse (that have yet to be wore properly) in the back of my wardrobe..and i have a black, yellow, purple, green dress i can wear, so at least i will be a little green. next week we are having a bake sale at work to raise more money, so i am looking forward to making cakes. arrgghh i really need to get my sister to cut my fringe (shes a hairdresser) and then get some sleep.

Monday, 22 March 2010

comb your hair

my head feels like it spinning. in a good way, but also in a really really confused way. going to back to work very soon, and i am really looking forward to it. went to see Alice in wonderland in 3d and my last 5 girlfriends today. aaah i really really loved my last 5 girlfriends, it was an indie style movie, with amazing visual storytelling. i liked it alot. if you have not seen it, i really do think you should go out and watch it. i do wish i had more interesting things to say.....but i cannot really think of anything...hmmm that's not good. i feel i need more exciting things to talk about. if you have any ideas of anything you want me to post, let me know.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

knock, knock

today i went on a fun filled adventure. walked by the sea, went for an amazing cup of tea and giant slice of chocolate cake in the coolest cafe---which i will be going to all the time now, looked in cute vintage and charity shops, went in the most amazing sweet shop and got popping candy, a gummy burger and sour cables.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

mr blue sky

today seems like a funny day. woke up this morning, and i had such a pain in my eye and it hurt so much. went back to sleep to make myself feel better, and it did actually work. have not really done much today other than take my fish eye and Diana camera out in the sunshine to take some photos. oh i also did a little bit of drawing, i wanna start a drawing project..but i am a little short on ideas. if anyone has an idea or theme they have done before let me know. i am enjoying looking out of the window, while i type this, seeing such a beautiful blue sky and the sun shinning.

Friday, 12 March 2010

just look directly at them

if anyone is up for being part on an art exchange, let me know!..anyway, i went on a fun filled adventure to Brighton on Tuesday with my bestest friends. aaah i had so much fun, i miss them so much. we all are busy with work and other life stuff that we don't hang out as much as we did when we were at uni, as we were always together. just hanging out and chatting about silly random stuff was amazing. i and then went to London yesterday with my other bestest friend. yesterday was comic book fun. we went to forbidden planet in London, and i think we were in there for like over 2 hours...haha..i think it was due to the fact down stairs consists of a GIANT room filled with lots of beautiful books- comic books- art books- graphic novels- picture books---and so on. PLUS they had a giant sale section and i spent most of my time looking through the shelves. i found lots of really cool graphic novels from 50p to £ i got lots of amazing deals. it wasn't great however when i saw a few books i had brought a while ago at full price now between £1.99-£2.99. blah! i also got myself a few little treats.
today was fun, went out to lunch with friends from work. i am really missing work, i know that sounds kinda crazy, but i am. i cant wait to go back. i am currently really really really wanting broken bells new album, more doctor who chats, and a hand knitted cardigan.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

paint paint, chat chat

hmmm, random night last night. i am not sure how i can begin to explain. well maybe i can break it down into a few random words... get-together, doctor who, random people, guitar hero, cider..yeah i think that might sum it up. having random chats about doctor who is a great way to spend an evening.
i am trying to get back into drawing, and i have started creating some more artist trading cards, if anyone wants to trade, or knows any good ideas to help me trade with people, please please let me know.a great sadness happened still makes me want to cry when i look at it....hopefully it can be fixed. i hope.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

jump up and down...

i enjoyed my fun filled couple of days with my old friends and my city. it was so weird being back in the place where i had lived for 3 years, it felt odd. i had a weird feeling that i didn't like it, and that i didn't belong there anymore. it was wonderful to catch up. i loved it.
back home, back to work. then find out that i need to take a few days as holiday, so yay, i am on holiday!!!

i am currently: enjoying filling in my 'wreck this journal' book that was recommended by my pen pal Jane. its fab, and you have to basically do what the title says.

ps, i just started up twitter, i have no idea what i am doing, but here goes!!---hehe