Saturday, 31 December 2011

goodbye 2011

ok, so i am spending nye's at home with the parents as i have work at 8am wont be out my friends who i just spoke to on the phone. they are having such a laugh...and i am wishing i was there. anyway, 2011 is drawing to a close. its been quite awesome really. some bad parts, but some really wonderful moments too.

2011 was the year for getting obsessed with taking photos of the sky, and the sky in general. at Glastonbury i was in my element...being outside all day seeing the sky change, and just seeing the sky in normal everyday life. i have like hundreds of sky photos on my memory cards.
2011 was the year of Doctor Who, and meeting some of the cast. i couldn't believe how lucky i was to meet Karen and Arthur this year, while they were still in the show. and to meet David Tennant as well, to be honest, it still feels like its all a dream. i finally met him. after all these crazy fan girl years. i have met him. i cant really explain how i feel about it. 2011 was the year of music, seeing Katy perry, coldplay, mumford and sons, two door cinema club, slow club, the glee cast, and just being at Glastonbury again. 2012 is going to be eventful. i really cant wait for Lina to get there. i have lots to look forward too. thank you guys so much. love you all. and have a wonderful new year!

Friday, 30 December 2011

totally awesome

so Christmas.

Christmas was nice. however, i feel that i have lost that Christmas feeling. don't get me wrong, i had an amazing time, laughed lots with family, got such super gifts, eat lots, watched Christmas telly...just don't have that excited nature anymore. i guess that's what happens when you grow up. i spent Christmas day with mum, dad, my sister Victoria, and nan and gdad. it was very chilled out. mum did an amazing job with lunch. best dinner ever. i got so many wonderful gifts from family and friends. my favourites included Neville's wand, harry potter Lego, a giant Tim Burton book, a giant harry potter behind the scenes book, and doctor who series 6 on DVD.

watched doctor who at 7pm on Christmas day. i waited all day for it, and to be honest....i was a little disappointed. part of me really wants to like it, just because we have to wait such a long time for it. i can see why people loved it, and things were good about it, but it didn't feel right. that's just my view of course. well to be honest, i think the problem was i was just waiting for Amy and Rory to be in it. the last 5mins very perfect. i cant believe the ponds are leaving...however i am really really looking forward to finding out who the next companion will be.
work had been stressful recently. but all i am thinking about is how i have two weeks off soon...that's keeping me going. i cant believe Lina will be here soon, it doesn't seem real. mega excited. its funny, because i forget for a sec, and then someone will say, 'so when is your friend getting here?' and i stop and thinking, 'oh my goodness! not long!'.
other news, my best friend got engaged, i met my other best friend's new boyfriend---who in fact is a really he lie, started planning birthday bits and pieces for my other other best friend, seriously started tidying my room and getting rid of things---new year and all that, watched nearly all the episodes of the big bang theory and how i met your mother for Christmas, watched all the harry potter movies again, got really annoyed with stupid friends, got a message from a really old friend, cried watching the 50 greatest harry potter moments, and got post from Maggie today...and its new year's eve tomorrow. staying in drinking lemonade and playing board games i think. i am so freaking cool.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Friday, 23 December 2011

what's your favourite colour?

Just finished watching elf. Mega Christmas spirit overload. Plus today when I finished work at 4.30am, once i finally got home at 5am, listened to Christmas music and just sat and watched tbbt. I really hope I get series 4 on DVD for Christmas, i need episodes with Amy in. as i love her. so much. Speaking of Amy..I was asleep and I heard my dad shout, Nicola's got a package!! He brought it up, and it was from Amy. And inside was a cute little letter and 3 American doctor who comics. It really made me smile. Plus she got me a Christmas one too. Such a wonderful early Christmas present. I love my blogging family. We are all there for each other, and will do anything for each other. I am working on a giant doctor who package to send to her..collecting Doctor Who stuff is ever so much fun.
Mum has been doing lots of baking for Christmas. The house smells so lovely. I am currently sitting downstairs surrounded by lots of Christmas decorations, lights, cards, sweets...just one more day at work to get through tomorrow and then I am able to chill out Christmas eve.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

forever yours

just watched Alex Day on the radio 1 web, hes so cute and awkward. i really want forever yours as the Christmas number 1...sadly, i know that's not going to happen.anyway, i am feeling the Christmas spirit at the moment. apart from being really ill this morning with throwing up and feeling like death..i have put on a brave face and got on with it.

finishing wrapping presents today for some work colleges. one of my friends loves opening presents. a good example of this would be that i have to wrap her birthday/Christmas card as well, so she has more to open. i was inspired by a wonderful package i got through the post from my friend Sophy which was full of tiny little presents wrapped up..therefore she has a box full of tiny individually wrapped gifts. i cant wait to see her face.

i have come to the conclusion either my friends know me really well, or i am just a giant nerd. i have received some wonderful presents from close friends recently, including hp and star wars Lego sets, doctor who mugs, a Starbucks mug, beautiful handmade necklaces, notebooks, and other crazy little things.

its one of my managers birthday today. we are working two night shifts this week, 6pm till 4am..the first one tonight. she is bringing birthday cake, and i have wrapped up some party hats for her, so we can wear them tonight. all night. that's my aim.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

it's been another year

so its December...and Christmas is very very very close. mega excited for Christmas. putting the tree up tonight. we had to wait, because mum and dad are always like, 12 days before Christmas..and all that stuff. and i have been working weird shifts, and have been out recently, so finally doing to decorations tonight. i am currently eating apple pie and custard while i type this...its making me feel all warm and trying not to get custard on the keyboard, as dad will yell at me.
i decorated my room a while ago with paper chains and snowflakes. my room is in such a mess, paper, wrapping paper, presents, bags all seem to be covering my bedroom floor. i guess that's Christmas for you. the weather has been rather odd recently. i have given up hope of it never will. maybe after Christmas, but never before. last night it rained so much. so much so, work flooded..and there was water everywhere. in other business, i have been surprised at work with an Xmas present from my old manager, wrote Christmas cards, had a lovely meal with close friends, exchanged some Christmas presents, watched movies, had dinner cooked by friends, watched HIMYM again from the start, wrapped presents, and have been listening to the Christmas song by the raveonettes. i am obsessed...its my new favourite Christmas song. ok my apple pie is cold now.