Thursday, 19 June 2008

...going on a, summer dum de de de dee dee

ah it come round to that time pack!! that's all i seem to being doing at the being stuck in my room!!

i am looking forward to going away, and i am hoping it will be as good as last year. i had so much fun with my family. I am going to Spain with family and i am hoping to win another t-shirt like last year...but i don't think i will. You win prizes in different games you can take part in, within the hotel. Packing is so stressful...should i take this, should i take that..half of it will not use or wear!! one thing i will be taking is a new necklace i brought, i love the beads.
i went into town very quickly today just to pick up the last bits i needed for holiday when i found these sweets my sister and i used to have. i got some for use to have on the plane.
i will try to update while i am away, if not speak to you in a couple of weeks!

Monday, 16 June 2008

May the force be with you

ah what a funny old day it has been.
got up early..potted around the dad and sister were both at home today so hung out with them. we then went into town to meet my mum after work...and i ended up buying a game for my new Nintendo ds...(which i have waited such a long time for...i had the old one) that i got the other day. i got the star wars Lego game, which i must say is lots of fun! i got the Indy Lego game with my ds which is great too.
I was going to have a nice night in watching one of my dvds i brought back from uni, but ended up going to the cinema with pals to see the Happening. a very old movie i must say! you think you know what kinda movie this is half way through, and then it completely changes! Zooey Deschanel was stunning though!! wonderful blue eyes!!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

finds of the day

Had a really nice fathers day...although my dad's present (doctor who graphic novels) did not come in time. the lady in the comic shop said that they had not come in dad did not mind. We went to Maidstone and had a look around some of the shops. Then later my nan and grandad came round for a bit which was nice.

Afterwards i started looking in my room, as i had just got back i seemed to find lots of odd things. These are my finds of the day....a really cool hair band with a plastic ram/sheep on
a woody sheriff badge..which went straight on my cardigan
a piece of art my friend gave me last yeara jumper off my EDD the duck doll...hmm not sure where EDD is..
a board piece from a really old Disney Board game my Nan gave me when i was small
the marshmallow man figure from Ghostbusters

on the way back home

ah so i packed up my uni room and left for summer. i felt really sad leaving my friends behind, but also felt happy as i was to see my old friends at home. so it was Saturday morning, i was in a bit oh a rush to get ready. i hugged my friends goodbye..i came 4th this year in big brother..(the last one in the flat is the winner) i came second last year, and then was out the door.

got my train with time to spare..and then the train left...bye bye Nottingham, home of the great Robin Hood. the train i was on was a fast one, so the time went really fast. and then i was in London. by this point i could not wait to get home and see my family and friends. then catch the London train to Kent. i read a really cool graphic novel that i picked up the other day, its worth a read. its called the plain janes by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg. Its about 4 girls called Jane and how they want to get art into their town.
ah while on the train home i was listening to my new fave Coconut Records...
"Don’t talk to me that way, Don’t talk to me that way, I don’t ever want to hear you say, Anything, Cause you’ve been nighttiming baby, It’s starting to show, Cause you’ve been nighttiming baby, It’s out of control, Yeah you’ve been nighttiming baby, And you ought to get home, Yeah you’ve been nighttiming baby, Uh huh." oh i love it so much! i must find a way to get the cd!
then i was home...from the dullness of London to the bright greenness of Kent..i knew i was home.

i was going out for drinks to catch up with friends when i got back. and it was so much fun, and i really felt happy that i was home.

Thursday, 12 June 2008 dance

ah last night was so much fun. we made over £200 on the little bar at the degree show closing night! which is good news for our degree fund! the party was at stealth afterwards, and there was 5 live bands, and 5 djs. they had booked the place out, just for the party. the music was so fun, the smiths, and other re-mixes...lots to dance too!!

ah its packing time!! trying to think of what i should take with me back home. books, clothes, dvds, arty stuff...sometimes i really hate packing!! while i am packing tho, i am listening and watching Flight of the Conchords. i am singing away..its one of my favourite tv shows at the moment. They are formerly known as New Zealand’s fourth-most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo. Flight of the Conchords follows the meta-trials and tribulations of the guys as they try to survive New York City. It is the kinda show that makes you laugh out loud everytime you watch it! Brilliant, worth a watch if you have not already seen it! Plus i kinda have a crush on Bret McKenzieis.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

...and eat cake

Today had a lecture about going into my final year at uni...eep very scared..but looking forward to it. Can't wait to get back to working and try lots of new ideas.

We have the studio party tomorrow, so we can make up some money for our degree show, and i have my normal cakes to bring in. Got to help out on the bar too. Ah its gonna be scary because 4-5 we have the new first years having a look round and we have to serve them 'juice' hehe. and then the real party starts at 5-7, with booze!! it will be sad to see the 3rd years leave...
....i also ended up making a JUNO cake...yum.

Monday, 9 June 2008

sun fun

ah yay, the sun came out today..and it was so hot!! lovely lovely weather!!we went to the park for a chill out and a ice lolly.

...also having a JUNO night tonight with friends.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

....sunshine and fun

ah the sun has come out today, and it was lovely! nice sunday sunshine.
had friends round for tea...and watched a movie.
eeeeep...not long until juno!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

missing a lovely friend..

ah today was a weird one!! was very sleepy this morning.
I watched Doctor Who tonight, and was amazed by the story...Steven will be good. Plus I really think David Tennant is going to leave at the end of this series or someone like Donna, Martha, Rose might die....oh dear.
Made some cakes tonight..and did a crossword puzzle, with friends, which was fun. but i am missing by best friend so much.

the night before..

ah went to a cool house party last night, and was lots of fun. and even played play your cards right "getting drunk" version. it was horrible!! you had to guess higher or lower...and if you were wrong you had to drink this pint glasses filled with everyones drink.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

...yay its thursday

yay, its thursday and i am bored still. i need to start writing my review of the 3rd Fine Art Show...and will get straight down to that. I started sorting out my room the other day..and moving bits and pieces around. My indy lego got put on my shelf with my dvds, and they are now on show.

i have been doing lots of doodles at the moment...


on Wednesday i was so happy because i got these lovely little creatures. they are called Bonnie and Clyde, oil and vinegar set. they are so sweet, and made by Pepe and Friends. The go well with the salt and pepper set i got the other day.

also today i started reading my book; Fluffy- by Simone Lia. Fluffy is a baby rabbit who is being looked after by an anxious, single man called Michael Pulcino. Michael tries to make it clear to Fluffy that he is not his daddy, but Fluffy seems to be in denial. It so sweet and sad at the same time..i have just started and enjoying it so far.


ah...i got kinda bored while making pizza for dinner with friends..and ended up using the pizza board and making a few little houses. random i know...
woops, kinda did not get round to getting on here. however I have finished Heroes..i ended up giving in and watching it on the internet! oh how amazing, it ended so well, and i now have different ideas what is going to happen in the next volume...."Villians"...or "Billians" as Hiro would say. I love the new heroes..I am just wondering if they will add any more new people in.
I am looking forward to going to the LondonFilm and ComicCon. There is going to be a Heroes talk. And Sendhil Ramamurthy aka Mohinder and David Anders aka Adam are going to it!! I can't wait!! I also hope that there will be more Heroes added very soon!
Oh my goodness how hot does Zachary Quinto Look here!!! love his glasses.

Monday, 2 June 2008 JUNO??

ah just popped along to tesco's to get some bits like milk, newspaper, and a yummy pizza for dinner with my lovely friend. while on the way i was very happy to see these lovely posters/stickers/I WANT THEM!.....these posters/stickers are on lift doors in the centre. ah it makes me wanna cry!!! i have been waiting for this movie to come out dvd since feb...and now...a week before it comes out...the lack of funds starts to hit me in the face.....i must find some money...i must!!
*just listening to the Heroes soundtrack...ah i am in love with Nada Surf and The New Pornographers*

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Poetic, Haunting, Bizarre, Touching, Funny, Surreal...WONDERFUL!

Today has been another lovely chilled out day. although tomorrow I have quite a few jobs to do. have just been hanging out with my flat mates.

I finally got around to watching a film today, that I have wanted to see for a long time. Paris, je t'aime tells stories of love from the City of Love. Eighteen renowned filmmakers have created their won vignette based in different areas of Paris to form a collection of short films which will embrace you to fall in love with the world's most romantic city.

It was lovely, it made me feel sad, happy, made me laugh and nearly cry. It is great because you never know what is going to pop up next. All super films in their own way. I really cannot wait until the New York one comes out!!!