Saturday, 15 February 2014

Just you

Yesterday was mine and David's first valentines day. The night before we stayed up late watching Parks and Recreation and South Park. Then woke up in the morning, and David disappeared, and he came back with a bunch of red roses and surprised me in bed. He also had gifts of chocolate and lego. And of course the perfect card, with wonderful words that made my heart skip.
We went into town and had breakfast and then wandered around. The weather was rubbish, so we escaped the rain into another really cute cafe. I felt very English as I had a cream tea and David has coffee on this crazy rainy day.
I have never really felt a strong need to celebrate valentines day, however this year was different. David is so special to me. I feel so ridiculously happy to have him in my life. He is a great light. He pushes me to be better. He makes me smile all the time. Every time he holds my hand I get butterflies. The way he looks at me makes me melt. I can't believe I have found someone like him. 

Burning red

Waking up to this view is just the best. David was actually asleep and Gerri had jumped in the bed. She's a little sweetie, and David is ok too.
So I woke up that morning and got ready. Then David made me lunch and then I got on a train to London to go see Taylor Swift with Ella and Charlotte. Listening to her on the train made me even more excited! 
We all met up, and then decided to go to Drink, Shop, Do for tea and cake. I ended up with their homemade lemonade, which is perfect. So many candles and pretty furniture. Lots of pretty decorations hanging from the ceiling. Also a new frozen yogurt shop opened next door! And that makes me so happy.
Then we went off to see Taylor Swift! We were so excited. Lots of squealing on the tube. We had seats in the gods, but it was super. The atmosphere was great. She's was perfect, and it made me so emotional. Taylor is awesome live! It was the perfect evening, standing up dancing all evening till my feet and voice hurt.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hidden treasures

I love visting Herne Bay. I guess that's no surprise really, as that's where David lives. Hidden in the streets of Herne Bay is just the most perfect store; Pebble and Dash. Tiny fence and gate surround the perfect blue painted front store. Large windows let you peek at the treasures inside.
The first thing I spy when I walk through the door is a large collection of greeting cards. Of course I would be drawn to them, but they are displayed in a perfect way, on little shelves on a wall. Postcards are pegged on driftwood, and beautiful treasures adorn the shelves.
So many beautiful gifts are around the store, from local artists to well know artists like Lisa Jones and Tatty Devine. It's like a tiny memory box, filled with treasures that have been collected from all over. They have been placed on show together in a wonderful manner. Anyone that would walk through the door would find it really hard to leave empty handed. It's my go to store for presents for my family and friends from now on, oh and to pick up more cards for my ever growing collection.