Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Recent trip to Tiger

The other day I visited Flying Tiger. I went in to pick up my normal art supplies that I always purchase regularly. I walked in the doors and of course I was greeted with lots of brand new colourful items staring back at me.

I was really surprised to see a notebook with a familiar drawing style on. I then picked up the notebook, turned it over and realised it was by David Shrigley. I couldn't quite believe it, then I saw that there was lots of different pieces around! I picked up the bright yellow notebook and carried on walking around the store. I then spotted some pencils with various quotes on by David Shrigley again! I instantly fell in love with them, so of course I added them to my basket. 

While I was paying I spotted a tote bag with the quote; "The greatest things and the worst things together in one bag." Of course I had to buy this, plus it was only £3! And it's HUGE, and it has two different straps. I definitely recommend buying as it's super strong and you can fit lots inside!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Coffee date for two

One morning I decided to take David out for breakfast at Stag Coffee in Ashford. I have been to Stag Coffee quite a few times and I have always enjoyed it. The staff have always been so lovely. We walked in and friendly smiles greeted us. We choose what we wanted and then waited for our coffee (which is always AMAZING). The food and coffee came and it was beautiful like always, and David loved it! So can't wait to take him again. We eat our food, chatted about our day ahead, caught up on stories, and browsed our social media sites of course. 

We then went for a wander around town. It always surprises me when I find pockets of cuteness in my home town. I found a mini library in a tiny wooden house box. I knew there was a few of these in various locations, but I was lovely to see this one! Plus I loved all the green plants growing around it.

I also picked up the new issue of Empire magazine. I knew there was going to be a lot about Rogue One in this issue. I was talking to David while looking for it, and a guy working overheard me. He then joined in our conversation, and said he had the new issue and went to go get them from out the back. He came back with two covers, and of course I went with the one with Jyn on, because Felicity Jones is everything. 

Then it was the afternoon and I had to look after the Made in Ashford shop. It was a lovely sunny day and lots of people came in and spoke to me, laughed, looked and purchased lots of items. I also got to play around with my new items and start to plan some new ones!