Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Adventure ahead

I had a super awesome weekend with my uni gal pals recently. It was one of my oldest friends 30th birthday. Her boyfriend organised a surprise party, even though she knew it was happening. If you know Mandy you would know why! It was a great chance to see my uni friends. Since we all live in different parts of the country it's an amazing thing when we all get together. 

I got the train early on the Saturday and headed to London. I really do love a good train journey. It always gives me a chance to relax and take time for myself. Katy Perry had just released a new track so that song was on repeat on my long journey. I got to London, and as i had a little time to kill I jumped on a tube and headed to forbidden planet. I'm pretty sure you all know that its my favourite shop, and I could honestly spend all day wandering up and down the aisles looking at everything. I love looking at everything I can't afford also. I picked up the new Batwoman comic book, a beauty and the beast Funko blind book and Lady Thor in pop form.

Once I got to Brighton I hopped off the train and wandered down the lanes. Brighton really is a magical place. I was walking down one street and spotted lots of street art straight away. I love when walls are always changing and art pops up everywhere you go. I couldn't wait to catch up with everyone and celebrate Mandy's birthday!

More stories and photos on this adventure coming soon!