Saturday, 23 November 2013


So I am far too excited for Christmas this year. I convinced David to watch elf one evening, and then we went Christmas crazy. 
David made some mulled cider, which was simply delicious. This made me feel so Christmassy. The smell was wonderful.

I also caved and brought the eggnog, and we had homemade Starbucks style eggnog coffees. So good. So many treats.
It's been so cold recently. I really do need a super cute pair of gloves. My hands are always cold. Also I really need to start my Christmas shopping. I mean, I have started, but I need to get going! It's going to be so stressful nearer the time.
All I can think about at the moment is the fact we got tickets to see Katy Perry, looking forward to see The secret life of Walter Mitty, snuggles, redcups, my new gingerbread man jumper, and that Doctor Who is 50th today! Didn't get tickets to go see it in the cinema, mostly because Dad went on and on about how 50 years ago today he watched it behind the sofa, and 50 years later he would be watching it on the sofa. Oh Dad, haha. Very excited to be watching that tonight, just wish and hope Moffat will surprise us with more Doctors. I can hope.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Will you

Having time to stop and think sometimes can be a good thing. It also can be a bad thing. 
have been listening to Lana Del Ray on repeat for the last couple of days, I haven't seen Friday's episode of shield, I need a good cup of tea, I need to write letters, I had to eat roast dinner yesterday, and Charlie didn't rejoin with Busted. But that's life. Sometimes it's tricky, but you carry on. These tiny little things don't change me, they just effect me. I take it in, and move on.
Seeing friends this week has been perfect. So many catch ups with dear friends. Laughs and mulled cider out of the biggest pint glass I have ever seen. Starbucks red cups with laughs and serious talks. It's getting colder, and I really need a good pair of gloves.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Making our own way

I will miss Autumn when it's gone. The crunchy leaves, the fresh smell in the air, the sun shinning through the orange trees, the beautiful rich colours of the leaves, and walking home watching the leaves fall.
This post is just to stop and take a minute to appreciate the seasons. How they change, moving us forward, keeping us going, taking us to the next chapter in our lives. Seeing what awaits, and jumping in.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Follow that road

Today was super. I didn't have work until this evening so went to town to meet Charlotte for Christmas drinks. It was such a super sunny day. It was cold, but it was so pretty. The bright blue sky with the rich oranges and greens all around. We had white hot chocolate in cute Christmas themed cups. 
Caught up and planned more adventures. Also while in town we heard Christmas songs being played in the shops. This was the first time this year, and the first song was Wham, last Christmas. I turned to Charlotte with my mouth open. It's her favourite. We then went in another shop, and it's Band Aid's Do they know it's Christmas, my favorite song. Started looked at all the Christmassy themed gifts in the shops, I really need to start planning.
I am wide awake after finishing work, so Netflix's is calling me. Wishing someone could make me a cup of tea. I need tea.
Also, super shout out to my blogger family. Missing you all quite a lot today. "USA, USA." -----Such good memories of being squashed by a large family while being stuck in a giant rubber ring.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

So strange, never change

This is my new little friend. Tiny little gift, which will go on many adventures before Christmas. He needs a name, I really need to think of the perfect name.
Lists are basically how I get through my life. Planning, writing lists and then ticking off. That's how I work. My memory is just terrible, so writing everything down really helps. Plus spending lots of time on trains always gives me time to think. I spend most of my time on a train, or drinking tea. It's probably kinda equal.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Wandering through the avenues of time

I love this weather so much. Although, it's cold it makes me happy. It's snuggle weather. Stay inside look outside weather. Watch movies with hot chocolate. Go for walks through the crunchy orange leaves. Stay in bed and pjs for the day. Warm up in lots of layers. Enjoy wearing scarfs and bobble hats.

I just want to be listening to Christmas music. I know it's way to early, but the thought of Christmas makes me so happy. But let's enjoy autumn first, winter can wait just a little.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Life is good

Just had crumpets and tea. It's currently Friday morning. I am lying in bed listening to Kevin Smith talk just about anything. Gonna go on a mini adventure today. Adventures are the best. Currently wanting a red cup. Sadly the place we are off to today doesn't have a Starbucks....THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE. Quirky tea shops it is, and hopefully a cute cupcake will be purchased. Questioning stuff at work a lot recently, let's see what happens tomorrow. Things might change, or they might just stay the same. My fortune from my fortune cookie mad me wonder. I am going to carry on drinking my tea, and then I really should get up.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

London calls my name

So just got through the door and a roast dinner was waiting for me. Now, for a normal person that's a perfect Sunday evening. I really don't like roast dinner. I know, crazy. However, after a long day in London it was quite a nice thing to come home to.
So yesterday I jumped on a train after work to London to see some buddies. I love London, and it was nice to be back. An evening of mulled wine, nibbles and fireworks was ahead. The fireworks were pretty, but the music was lame. I wanted really cheesy songs, but alas no. Anyway, lots of oooooh and ahhhhh-ing later was had. Then ended up in the most packed pub. Everyone seemed jolly and merry. And we found a light up light saber, so you know, good things happen.

Lots of catching up with friends was had. Going to university was great because I have made life long friends, that I will always keep in contact with. When we are back together it seems like we have gone back in time, and everything is normal. There was one point in the evening I just thought to myself how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends in my life. And that's everyone, all of my friends. I have collected a lovely bunch of people all across the world.
Of course I woke up at 6ish this morning, and hoped people were awake. I then stay there for about a couple of hours waiting for people to wake up, and then realising people were awake, and had been awake for ages. Stupid body clock. We then went for brunch, because Claire is always at brunch. She always is. She lives the dream in London. Went to the coolest place, and very Instagram-worthy....and the other said that would be ok for me. I had pancakes with bacon. And tea. Tea in a glass. I liked that. Then we just wandered. Claire brought the lightest pair of running shoes, we had Starbucks red cups, saw Christmas decorations, we went in Paperchase, danced around in the street, and just talked. It was a good day.

then had the joy of hanging out with my super friend Tom too. He took me to this weird art exhibition. We still don't really understand it, but we liked it. It was super to see him. Lots of giant beardy faces...who wouldn't wanna see that?!
Anyway, back to work tomorrow. 9-5 shift. Wish me luck, I need it.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Week off: Part 2

So on the Monday, the con was over. And a giant storm had hit Britain. All the trains had stopped, and you couldn't get anywhere. And of course I was stuck in Birmingham. Finally managed to get a train from Birmingham to London. But there were no trains to the south east. However, by the time I got to London the trains were ok. I then had to get to David's, and waited ages for a train. Finally got there, and was looking forward to a few days with David.
We had lots of adventures, drank so much tea, watched movies, made pumpkin pie, and went to see Thor 2. I had a lot of fun.

However, back to work tomorrow, and then off to London after work. 

Week off: Part 1

So my week off has finally come to an end. This time last week I had just finished the Gold pass meet and great at Hallowhedon. So last weekend I went to Birmingham for HW5. The best thing about this con is seeing all my friends. All of which I have meet through this con, and that makes me smile. 
So many wonderful and random things happened during the weekend, from Amy's video message, Alexis doing the Wesley dance and then leading the conga, winning a spot at the writers workshop with Brad and Jane, all the sweets Immy brought over, all the meals with friends, that awesome moment when I screamed at Stephen in the lift, when Marie and Jeanne arrived, star trekkin' 3 times, getting my much ado poster signed by Alexis and Tom, Jeff running around the stage, Jeff and Sarah's talk, listening to Brad and Jane talk about their work, dancing all night, and that time we got Brad Bell to Joe's hotel room.
That's probably the best story. So months ago my friend joe had tweeted Brad asking him if he wanted to play Pop-Up's a kids game if you didn't know. It was all jokes and stuff, until Brad tweeted him back saying sure thing! Then on the Saturday of the event he tweeted about the game. I then spoke to him at the workshop and explained what the game was, and showed him photos. He was totally up for it still. Then at the party that evening he was talking and dancing with us, he said he would still play later. It was then about 1:50am, and Brad came up to us and said, 'We gonna play Pop-Up pirate then?!' And my friend Stephen turned to me and said, 'where's joe?!' Joe had gone to bed. Brad then replied that his boyfriend had wanted to leave the party ages ago, but Brad had said no because of the game. Stephen then joked we could go to his hotel room and wake him up. Brad paused for a moment and then said let's go. We ended up grabbing friends on the way, Jeanne was ringing Joe to wake him up. We get to his hotel room door and Brad is standing spread out in front of the door. Joe takes ages to answer, and when he does we all scream and clap. Seeing the look on Joe's face was brilliant. And then Brad and Joe played the game, and then we all did. We then all talked about old movies and tv shoes for ages. It was the best night, so random and wonderful.

The whole weekend was great. Spending time with my best friends, dancing the nights away, and celebrating the work of Joss Whedon, is the best way to spend a weekend.