Saturday, 30 October 2010

"..and how are you today?"

i am obsessed with Lego at the moment. love it! :)
last week i went to London with my friends..aka my 'fanboys' friends. we went to Simon pegg's book signing at forbidden planet...we queued in the freezing cold for hours. my feet were super cold. while we waited, Mr pegg went past the queue in his car, with his head out the window shouting hello to everyone, which was kinda nice. in the queue you had super nerds--a few of which were very clever indeed with ideas such as bringing a cricket bat for Mr pegg to sign...(awesome idea...why didn't i think of that!!). he was super nice, lots of random conversation was had, he asked if i wanted a jaffa cake, and that i had to eat it in front of him, he came up with a pub quiz name for our team---and other random things..some of which i cannot really talk about!--haha, awesome stuff. afterwards we went to a pub in London for a few drinks...awesome day indeed.
back to work now, new role at work...its more of a challenge, but that's always a really good thing. loving work at the moment, even though its a little stressful with some bits and pieces, i still love my job, which is good. on Monday i am helping put up the Xmas decorations!--a little bit early, but that's retail. i guess i will need to start with Christmas shopping...oh dear...i have no idea what to get head isn't in Xmas mood yet! :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ever since

so, i have been on a couple of adventures recently. one to London to see daleks and one to Bristol to see old friends. both were super fun. and really nice to just get away from normal life, and escape...which i did. not sure if i really like staying in hotels though, i love the adventure of it...just there is some reason, which i cant really put my finger on why it feels so odd for me. my London adventure was very fun filled, and a very geeky weekend away. we went to forbidden planet, brought comicbooks, American candy, saw Matt smith on a giant screen, watched late night tv, started planning a trip to America and other awesome bits and, next to Bristol. another weekend away and travelling on a train. games and a good companion is needed when going on a LONG train journey, and i had my good friend Charlotte, so that helped. we went to our friend Laura's house first, and stayed the night. i love Laura's house, as i have been there a few times, i always feel really at home and welcomed. so early next morning, we caught another train. when we got to Bristol we met the first of our dear friends. the weekend consisted of meals out, long catch up chats, boy chats, old times chats, Glastonbury chats, drinks, partying, dancing in a jazz bar, shopping, laughing, photo taking, and just fun times. it was really sad to leave everyone, and the journey home was horrible...bah, it was really bad. and then when i get in, i just find out that i missed Katy perry on the xfactor!---oh well, it doesn't really matter, as i am going to see her next year on her tour!!! eeek, i really cannot wait!
back to normal life now...well, i have a few days off which are gonna be nice, and then back to work, and then looking forward to Christmas.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

You gotta find your Death Star...

the sky was beautiful this evening.

today has been quite nice. i have been working pretty non stop at work recently, and its been quite good. it was nice to come home this afternoon and just chill out. sat in my tidy room and watched a few dvds out of my 'must watch very soon' pile. i watched fanboys yesterday, which i re-watched today, i am in love with it, made me happy to be a star wars fan, it was such an emotional movie, very funny and just really cool. Kristen bell was a genius as always, and jay baruchel turned out to be the cutest nerd on the planet. and i have fallen in love with Dan fogler after this movie, i wasn't a fan of his before, but i am he has awesome hair. nerdy guys driving around quoting star wars, now that's my kinda movie.
the other movie i watched today was gentlemen broncos. i have waited such a long time for this movie, as they never showed this movie in my cinema as well. and, it was a tad odd, but my kinda odd. its from the same people as Napoleon dynamite, so you can guess what type of movie it is. Michael angarano was really good, he plays such a sad character, with a lot of heart. the ending to this movie made me shout yes out loud, its a good movie, go watch it if you haven't already. i eat mint and vanilla ice cream today. it tasted like toothpaste...and i cant work out if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Friday, 1 October 2010

oh well

hello----i had a lovely chilled out time away. being in the woods was very twilight like, which me and my sister quite liked. the weather was nice. went for walks, went swimming late night, painted a plate Scott pilgrim style, brought gifts for friends, visited a cute town, watched movies, had log fires, and took photos...which i sadly lost to a rubbish new memory card, that i had to take back to the shop the other day, so bye bye photos...bah..bad times.
anyways, now back home, back to normal life, although fun filled adventures await with old friends and new.
still obsessed with Lea...she is awesome. currently wanted to go see Jonathan Geoff in deathtrap in London, taking photos all the time with my plastic cameras, wanting to meet simon pegg at his book signing on the 23rd in london, reading so many magazines, drawing with my spirograph, jumping around because strictly come dancing is back---(loving Matt so much, Matt to win!) and watching my big bang theory season 3 DVD. any ideas of anything fun to read or listen to???