Thursday, 26 August 2010

it was EPIC

oooook!!!----so i finally got to see scott pilgrim vs the world, after such a long wait! so it was a rainy wednesday evening, i met up with my friends emma, charlotte and mandy. we went out for dinner, which was really nice to just chill and catch up. and as they love me so much, they came with me to go watch the movie. ah, i don't really know how to sum it up, but i thought it was really good. they missed out lots but of course they had to for time. i liked the fact i was a fan of the graphic novels, and have read they before i saw the movie, because i knew all the important back stories that were not really told on screen. cera did an amazing performance. cera tends to play the same sort of role, (i do love him anyway), however, he seemed different, and played scott well. the cast were awesome, and all really fitted their characters. i loved it! :) plus hanging out with your bestest friends makes for a fun filled night. oh and one more thing, alison pill as kim after work i nipped out with my mum and dad, and did a little bit of shopping. a cool bag, a couple of cheap cds, and a PILE of awesome magazines were brought.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

me in the corner

so life at the moment consists of work. i have been doing crazy shifts at work, and working until 12 at night moving the store around getting ready for the new season. its really interesting, and i have been having a go at vm stuff, and learning lots and lots. i am really enjoying it. apart from work, my spare time has consisted of making mix cds. my lovely friend charlotte has got me into making them, i am also having a go at making cases and cover art, so that's what i have been doing in my spare time. making a mix cd is really hard, the songs need to fit together just right to work. other than that, i have been getting ready for my sister's birthday, which is today. present buying and decorating the house for her bbq today. hopefully the sun will come out to play, and we can all have a drink in the garden in the sun.