Monday, 8 October 2012

Nice to meet you after all this time!

So I just had the greatest weekend. I went to London on the Saturday for EMS, where Matt Smith was there signing for the day. He was so lovey. He greeted everyone with the same giant 'hello' and smile. When queuing up for my photo shoot with him, when the queue got into the room, a kinda squealed out loud. He is so cute/hot in real life. Plus, he kept playing with his hair. He is lovely. I love him lots.

It was fun to hang out with my friends too. Lots of laughs, seeing people, catching up was had. Plus meeting new friends...which was very good indeed. More on this sometime soon.

Then yesterday the tickets for Glastonbury went on sale. I got a ticket! They sold out in a record 1hr 40mins this year! It was crazy. Last year the website was much better, it felt like it couldn't handle the demand this year. So I have that to look forward to next year. I missed not going this year. Super happy right now.