Monday, 2 December 2013

Sometimes you just need to make a list

So lots of random adventures have been happening. 
-Plus getting texts from Shelby telling me about this crazy "American food" package I will be getting. I am far too excited for that. Too excited indeed.
-We have to wear Xmas jumpers to work each weekend in December. So my new gingerbread jumper made an appearance this weekend. It's too cute. 
-Having a mini chocolate for breakfast each morning is one of the best things about December. Although today the chocolate snowman had a very rude nose today. Very rude indeed.
-I have so many cards/presents/gifts to buy and post, and I haven't had any time. I am rubbish.
-I watched 30mins of Jingle all the Way tonight. And them felt bad, so I stopped. Need to watch it with David.
-I have been listening to Christmas songs all afternoon.
-Making Christmas gift lists in my head while at work.
-Making friends with people on trains.
-Thinking about seeing Tom Hiddleston's play next Friday, and trying not to scream everytime I do.
-I need to take a trip to Paperchase. I need to buy a stack load of cards/postcards/stamps.
-Playing on an N64, and finally getting to play Pokemon Snap after years and years and years of waiting. It was really worth the wait.
-Getting cute cards from friends and special people.
-Watched the Doctor Who 50th special. I really liked it. Made me smile, although really thought I was gonna see the 9th Doctor. Ah well. Dad hated it. And I didn't hear the end of it. 
-Seeing a Bill Murray 'Murray Christmas' t-shirt online, and nearly fainting. America you rule, and have the best stuff...apart from your tea.
-Getting new gloves.
-And realising this list was far too long.