Monday, 29 August 2011

much for you

i went to London on Thursday and Friday. i met my friend Claire from uni in London because we were going to see much ado about nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. we went up in the morning so we could go to the Tracy emin exhibition. the show was really interesting, however i found videos of her talking about herself and the things she had gone through, and also letters and stories she had written to be more interesting than her normal art. we also went for lunch down at the southbank centre, sat on a giant chair made of grass, looked at little huts full of different types of artlater one we then went to the show. it was so funny. i have not laughed that much in such a long time! i forgot how much i love David Tennant! it was just brilliant. after the show, we went to the stage door maybe hoping to see them...but when we got round the back of the building there was a giant crowd. so many people. i pushed a little and got my programme in the air, they both signed it. however once these girls in front of me got a photo with David, and another woman gave him tuna sandwiches...yeah..i said tuna sandwiches, they moved out the way he had gone past, so i didn't get to meet him, which sucks so bad, but got to meet Catherine and she was lovely. there were so many people behind me that didn't get anything, so both of their autographs and the fact i got to meet Catherine was very good. i know deep down, the only time i think i might get to meet him will be when hes very old and grey at a convention. haha. you have to dream don't you?he day after we went for a cupcake at the hummingbird bakery, which was so cute. then we went shopping in Camden. i had such a lovely time with Claire.i got a cute necklace from Camden, and some crazy socks. while i was away i also got some mail from Amy. it was all so very cute! lots of wonderful stickers, and little bits and pieces.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

for me

so today was one of those days. you know when you are in a really bad mood, but you really don't know why? was one of those days. although when i got home, i had packages from friends waiting for me to open and for them to cheer me up.i got a package from my friend Charlotte, which included her cute drawings, pictures, a little book she made me, and a wonderful drawing of other packages were from my friend Laura from uni. her package was filled with postcards, letters, pictures, and a little Lego lady of herself.i also got a package from Sophia, which included cute jewellery and a awesome corn necklace, a mix cd, drawings, stickers, and other crafty little bits and pieces. i love getting mail. i brought these for myself the other day...although, i think i am too scared to eat them.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

play me a little song

it was my sister's birthday yesterday. she had to get me out of bed so she could open her presents...i was still tired from these night shifts..i hope my body goes back to normal soon. she loved all her random gifts, and loved her t-shirt so much.
after she opened her presents we then we went to Canterbury for lunch, and maybe a little look around some shops. ah..Lego. my love. i am wanting a giant stars wars set..but that's gonna cost like £ money for Lego like that. after lunch, and a quick look around some shops, a SUPER WONDERFUL ice cream, we then nipped into this guitar shop my dad wanted to go in. he wanted another guitar to add to his collection, and he saw the one he wanted in the window..we went in and sat in the store while he played. my dad is pretty awesome. he used to be in a band when he was younger, just for fun and gigs around where he lived. i always think that its awesome. he doesn't think so. anyway, after long chats with the guy who owned the shop, and many many songs later, he got it. so i know have this really loud guitar waking me up in the morning. lovely. its not all bad..he plays songs i love.

Friday, 19 August 2011

kinda awesome

so my night shifts have finished. which, i am really happy about. and we did get a few good words from our boss, which was really nice. although, i am so tired now...and getting back to normal sleeping pattern is going to be hard.

went to Brighton yesterday with mum, dad, and Victoria. the weather was a little sunny..but also a little rainy. went on the train, we went for lunch, went shopping down the lanes into all the little cute shops, and went in the indoor market and looked in the cabinets at all the treasures.i got the most amazing ring. i am in love with it. i was looking in the indoor market, and i saw these cute little rings in one cabinet, and one was a chewbacca one!!! and it fit! so getting the train back was eventful. we were on the train, and a cow had got on the tracks. we then had to get out at a different station and wait for this bus to pick us up. so there are loads of us waiting in the rain for this bus to show up, which it never does! after a very very long wait, the trains were running again. even though all of that happened, i still had such a lovely day.

Monday, 15 August 2011

good morning...and hello

so when i got in at 7.10 this morning, the sky was kinda awesome. i really couldn't sleep after a long night of working..night shifts..they are the best. you are so tired when you are at work, but as soon as you get home, you can't sleep. so when i got in i watched the office and wrapped my sister's birthday presents, while drinking lemonade. i hope she likes all her random gifts. i asked her what she wanted, and she replied, 'random please'. she likes my odd and random present giving.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


the house can be a very creepy place when its dark and quiet. i think i have watched far too many scary movies...and watching them before bed is always a really bad idea. now i have to try and sleep...great. i don't really need i?

Thursday, 11 August 2011


i love making packages to send to my blogging friends.

so today i met up with my awesome friend Charlotte. i had to get a few more little presents for my sisters birthday next week, and as i had the day off, and she did as well, we hung was really nice. i got little gifts for my sister Victoria, and we also looked at local art as well. some of the art was really interesting, other pieces really didn't make me feel anything. we then went for lunch in the local pub. there are lots of books in this pub, and its nice to just grab one and flick though and see what random book you can find.afterwards we went back to Charlotte's cute little flat in town where we watched scary movies with the curtains drawn...and it was like daylight outside. she has the cutest flat, which she shares with her boyfriend...its so awesome, and makes me want to move out even more...just wish i had the money to do so.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

on my way

i had both drinks at lunch today...because i can.

the UK isn't a happy place at the moment. so much is going on. its alot to take. all i seem to be doing is watching the news. and worrying a little, as there has been lots of rumours about things that might be happening where i live. arghh, it horrible. went out to dinner tonight with friends, and it as really nice to just chill out and have a laugh. had a giant ice cream...which was the best. and met one of my friends new boyfriend, who seems really lovely. random chats about old times, and times to come were had.