Thursday, 30 December 2010

christmas 2010

on Christmas morning, i awoke to my phone ringing...i turn to answer it, and its my sister calling me from downstairs telling me to wake up...gone have the days when i used to wake my sister up on Christmas morning just so she could help me get mum and dad out of bed. Christmas was odd this year. i love Christmas so much...but i couldn't help getting that weird feeling, like something wasn't right...maybe its just the fact im a not a kid anymore...but i never thought i would feel like that..ever. my parents got me such awesome gifts, which made me smile so much. star wars Lego?!?!?!?!---how awesome, right? plus books and dvds to keep me entertained from them and my its new years eve tomorrow. what will the new year hold? it makes you think though, doesn't it? i am not really a new years eve kinda person...its always such a let down. i have been invited out, but to be honest, i think i am gonna stay in, drink fizzy lemonade, hang out with my grandparents, mum and dad, play some old board games and see the new year in. i kinda don't want this year to end..but at the same time i do---i want new adventures, but i don't wanna say goodbye to the old ones.

i hope 2011 is simply awesome for you.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

greeting cards

hello. i feel lots better now. thank you for your well wishes. they made me smile. i am getting super excited about christmas now. its not that long away now! i have been getting in the xmas mood by singing awesome christmas songs, drinking eggnog, wrapping presents, watching people run around trying to buy christmas gifts..hehe, writing letters to far away friends, and of course watching christmas movies. jingle all the way, is my all time top favourite xmas film.
(just waking up, early in the morning...hehe)
felt rather christmasy last night, as we went to buy all our christmas food. it was super crazy!!!---people buying so much, the shelves were bare! i do think people are panic buying at the moment because of the really bad snow...i just hope there is enough to go round.
i cannot wait for christmas just because it will nice to spend some time with my family. i never hardly see my sister anymore as we both work, so i am looking forward to hanging out and being stupid on christmas again with her like the good old days.
i have been singing along to rachel from glee singing her versions of last christmas and merry christmas daring. love her. and i loved the christmas episode so much. glee images via---- rachelberrywmhs

not long until christmas!-----eeeeeeeee.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


i feel so ill. i need to feel better soon, i mean, its nearly christmas.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

you say hello

so work is getting kinda crazy at the moment! everyone seems to be out buying their Christmas gifts and party clothes to wear. i have a new job role at work, and its alot more work, but being challenged is always a good thing. so i have been counting down the days until Christmas---ooh there is so much to look forward to. 1. Being together at Christmas with my family, 2. Doctor Who Christmas special, 3. presents, they are always a good thing, 4. Mum's awesome Christmas dinner, 5. watching Christmas films and listening to Christmas songs, 6. working Christmas eve..i love it, i always get such a buzz...and always wonder why so many people leave it so late and 7. the late night Christmas walk we have in the evening--its always really nice to go for a walk, and see everyone Christmas lights. *hmm, how many times did i end up saying 'Christmas'!!?!?! haha*
i have been getting together little Christmas packages for my lovely far away blogger friends. i love sending mail, its so much fun to put together, but its awesome pretty awesome to get mail from others. i have tomorrow off, so off into town i go to post my little packages destined for far away lands.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

want to be a rock star

so went on a mini adventure at the weekend. went to Devon for my lovely friend Laura's birthday. my other lovely friend Claire went as well, which was really nice. the train journeys were not very nice though...everyone seemed to be rushing around at the weekend, trying to get home or to different places. on the Saturday we went laser questing in the woods, it was freezing cold, so cold i thought it would be breathing ice and my hands would crack in to a million pieces. but after a few games we all warmed up. after a lovely chinese takeaway and a little bit of strictly come dancing, like the good old days, we then went out dancing and visiting cute little pubs and cocktail bars.ah the journey home wasn't the best either. had to stand up all the way home...well, i say stand up. after an hour into the journey once this guy got off, i took his space, and sat on the floor playing the gameboy...Lego batman...and kinda zoned out. it was so nice to get home, because it had been such a cold day. then of course, the next day it snows!! and hasn't really stopped since. works been kinda odd with people that can't get in, and why are people still coming shopping in the giant snow!! i guess its because its Christmas soon. one of my friends has just lost their father. its such a sad time. but sometimes i feel like a rubbish friend because i never know what to say in these situations. all i could say was that i was there if they needed me. it was my day off today, which was a rather good thing because the snow is super thick today and still falling! i wrapped Christmas presents, listened to Christmas songs, laughed at Michael buble as Justin bieber, wished friends good luck, heard about a few friends being snowed in, wrote letters, and have enjoyed being inside on such a horrible cold day.

Monday, 22 November 2010

with love

so work is kinda crazy at the moment. i am working so hard, and i feel as if i am learning alot. but its alot of pressure. some friends are really making me smile with talks of christmas get-togethers and others are really not making me feel that great, and some are just daft and funny.
one of my friends isn't feeling that great at the moment. his dad isn't very well, and hes going through a rough time. its really hard in situations like this because i never know the right way to act, and how to handle it. i guess all you can do is be there for the person if they need you. he did say that having random silly sci-fi chats with him have helped him, so that's a plus.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

adventure sometime soon?

i feel quite contained at the moment. as if nothing seems to be happening, and i am watching people past by. so my room is filling up with bags of xmas presents for friends and family, and going to start listening to my collection of awesome xmas cds. i cannot wait for xmas because its a time when you can see your old friends and family and just have such a lovely time together.
so going on a work-road trip to London tomorrow with Ashley. we need to go to a London store and sort out some stock, so road trip!!
oh!!!---also, i got a little mini-zine in the post with an atc that me and Lina did together printed inside, do you like?

Sunday, 14 November 2010


so, i was back to work today after a lovely week off. hmm, it was weird. i really enjoy my job, but when i went back today it felt as if i had been away for ages, new people, new ways of working, new layouts..arggh, i felt like that new person all over again. although, one interesting thing i found out was that i am employee of the month!!!---hehe. how random huh?? i get a gold star badge! i cannot wait to wear it! ok, geeky moment over. ok certain people are making me rather confused. i have this old friend, who keeps texting me, which, no lie, really makes me smile..but the past wasn't too good, but people can change right? i know i have. argghh i don't know...the more i think about it, the more i feel like i am going crazy.
i need something arty to do...i feel like i need a project.

Friday, 12 November 2010

hurry hurry

arrggggghhhh trains!!!!!------blah. i used to love trains, not after yesterday. i know the weather was horrible yesterday, very horrible. well, on my way to visit my friends in Brighton yesterday the train was delayed, then the train hit a tree!!---we had to stop while the driver checked the train was alright, then stopped at Lewes, and had to get off at Lewes and wait for another train to get to Brighton...which was only one stop away! plus got super wet! and even more late! i felt super bad as one of my friends had come to the station to pick me up, and she waited for ages for me to get in! anyway, once i finally got there, it was lovely to see Mandy and Claire and their super happy faces. we did quite abit, went shopping down the lanes, had the most AMAZING burger in this awesome restaurant, went for hot chocolate, talked about good times, bad times, and up coming adventures, had pancakes, walked in the rain and super strong wind, it was great. just what i needed. so then, had to get the train home, which was also delayed...and took forever. you know when you are kinda in your own world on the train, listening to music, and writing/drawing in your journal, and after a while you look up and see that there is NO ONE AROUND AT ALL, you feel as if you are on your own on the train, alone, with the ticket guy coming around all the time trying to have a conversation with you because you are the only person in the carriage...yeah..thats creepy. well, before i was alone, there was such a super cute hot guy on the train, awesome beard, great giant hair, cute glasses, cute backpack, great trainers, make your knees-weak smile..yes, he did smile at me alot, which was rather nice...maybe he thought i was weird drawing in my journal...because the guy sitting opposite me did. although, i could smell alcohol on his breath, and thought he was gonna be sick on me at every bump the train went over.
train journeys always make me think, normally because i am on them on my own. i just need to get on with stuff, forget certain things and go with the flow. oh yeah, my 'find of the day' was 'eggnog bubblegum'...that screams awesome right?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

could do with a wish right now..

so i have been thinking alot about things this week. sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes that's a bad thing. contacting people from the past that maybe i shouldn't, because, i mean they are in the past right?--so maybe they should stay there. or should they? but then certain people in the present are not helping me at all, and not making me feel that great. its hard when your head tells you one thing, and your heart tells you other.

off to Brighton tomorrow to visit some good friends, i cannot wait.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

"..and how are you today?"

i am obsessed with Lego at the moment. love it! :)
last week i went to London with my friends..aka my 'fanboys' friends. we went to Simon pegg's book signing at forbidden planet...we queued in the freezing cold for hours. my feet were super cold. while we waited, Mr pegg went past the queue in his car, with his head out the window shouting hello to everyone, which was kinda nice. in the queue you had super nerds--a few of which were very clever indeed with ideas such as bringing a cricket bat for Mr pegg to sign...(awesome idea...why didn't i think of that!!). he was super nice, lots of random conversation was had, he asked if i wanted a jaffa cake, and that i had to eat it in front of him, he came up with a pub quiz name for our team---and other random things..some of which i cannot really talk about!--haha, awesome stuff. afterwards we went to a pub in London for a few drinks...awesome day indeed.
back to work now, new role at work...its more of a challenge, but that's always a really good thing. loving work at the moment, even though its a little stressful with some bits and pieces, i still love my job, which is good. on Monday i am helping put up the Xmas decorations!--a little bit early, but that's retail. i guess i will need to start with Christmas shopping...oh dear...i have no idea what to get head isn't in Xmas mood yet! :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ever since

so, i have been on a couple of adventures recently. one to London to see daleks and one to Bristol to see old friends. both were super fun. and really nice to just get away from normal life, and escape...which i did. not sure if i really like staying in hotels though, i love the adventure of it...just there is some reason, which i cant really put my finger on why it feels so odd for me. my London adventure was very fun filled, and a very geeky weekend away. we went to forbidden planet, brought comicbooks, American candy, saw Matt smith on a giant screen, watched late night tv, started planning a trip to America and other awesome bits and, next to Bristol. another weekend away and travelling on a train. games and a good companion is needed when going on a LONG train journey, and i had my good friend Charlotte, so that helped. we went to our friend Laura's house first, and stayed the night. i love Laura's house, as i have been there a few times, i always feel really at home and welcomed. so early next morning, we caught another train. when we got to Bristol we met the first of our dear friends. the weekend consisted of meals out, long catch up chats, boy chats, old times chats, Glastonbury chats, drinks, partying, dancing in a jazz bar, shopping, laughing, photo taking, and just fun times. it was really sad to leave everyone, and the journey home was horrible...bah, it was really bad. and then when i get in, i just find out that i missed Katy perry on the xfactor!---oh well, it doesn't really matter, as i am going to see her next year on her tour!!! eeek, i really cannot wait!
back to normal life now...well, i have a few days off which are gonna be nice, and then back to work, and then looking forward to Christmas.