Saturday, 31 October 2009

London Baby

ah London baby! went to London with my best friends yesterday; Mandy and Charlotte. so much fun was had. i miss them ever so much, and it was so nice to hang out. it was a fun day filled with laughs and art. i went to see the Pop Life show at the Tate modern, and wow, that was amazing! i lived and breathed that show.i really couldn't get enough of it. wow. amazing. the only annoying thing was i couldn't take any photos. the show made me feel sad, happy and over blown by art...and that hasn't happened in a while. my super favorite part of the show was a video by Takashi Murakami of Kirsten Dunst singing Turning Japanese. it was beautiful, such a amazing video, (even though the song has another meaning). i watched it like 6-7 times. Kirsten looked wonderful, i think blue hair suits her.while in London, i got a little excited when i was greeted by a poster in the tube..ah it reminds me of a post i did a long time ago.after the Tate we went to the Saatchi gallery. ah i love it. its in such a lovely place, and the gallery is giant, with lots of room to breath. wonderful. my favourite piece in the show was Mr clock face, aka; Watchman by Ryan Johnson.i hope everyone is well, and super fun things are happening. peace to you all.
ps, if anyone wants any names of the artist's work in the photos, just let me know.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

2..and all is well

After work i walked into town. a rather odd walk, which can be summed up in these photos. after a quick look around town, after i picked up my magazine, went and visited an old place, listened to some music, walked past shelves filled with books, got myself some ultra cool crisps, i then got a rather odd bus which took me all over the place. life is weird at the moment, but i like it.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

the middle of the floor

all i seem to be doing at the moment is working, coming home, watching the office, doing a puzzle and reading. that's my life. granted, its not what i am used to doing, but its life at the moment. some would say boring, i would say, i am too tired to do much else. i am going on a course next week with some other of my work friends, we are going to learn about dressing the new mannequins we will be getting in our store soon. it all sounds rather fun. we get to go for a trip in one of my managers car.
i cannot wait until Christmas. as i am not going back to uni, i feel its all i have got to look forward to at the moment...well apart from certain movie releases, aka; New Moon, Paper Heart, Where the wild things are, An Education, Jennifer's body, Taking Woodstock, Cracks, Nowhere boy...and lots more. i still cannot get over the fact i did not see Away we go at the cinema... :(

Sunday, 25 October 2009

if you spend over £15...

the last few days have consisted of late night working, chats with friends, my nan's and mum's birthdays, cake, too many cups of tea, planning trips, wishing, new friends, and the inside of my room.
i feel so drained at the moment, i have no idea whats going on. life is rather odd. i am having so much fun with life, yet i feel there is something missing. i need to figure it out.

Monday, 19 October 2009

is life...

Yay, after a hard long week, i have finally got a day off tomorrow...and i get paid! hurray! ah i am super sleepy, and really need to go to bed and chill out. i have not had anytime recently, so i have so much to do on my day off...i was going to post letters to my friends far far away...but the post is so bad at the moment, i am going to have to wait for a little while. thank you for your kind words for putting up with rubbish customers, tomorrow when i get paid will make it seem worth all the hassle. i am looking forward to having fun tomorrow...hopefully i will find some. :)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

see the sights...

all i can say is, that i am in love....and really want a Gnome friend.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

a house on a hill

aah all i seem to be doing is working! i am working in a clothes/and other bits and pieces shop, and i am getting feed up of people throwing stuff all over the floor! why can't people just pick the stuff up they drop...someone has to buy it in the end. and when i have to be on the fitting rooms, why do customers hand me clothes that are inside out, back to front, in a ball....!???!! ah i don't know. i just have to smile. keeping smiling. think of the day..ah i am counting down the days...only 5 days to go.
thank you for all your lovely comments, and thank you for having a look at my other blog. love you all. sorry if i have not commented back to you yet, i will hopefully be able to do that tonight, if not i will very very soon. i seem to live at work at the moment.
PS...why when i want a peanut butter sandwich, am i greeted by this??? man, it makes me sad.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

my 200th post

So this is it, my 200th post, on the 14th of October, 2009. I cannot believe it! :) Thank you very much for all of you lovely people who still read my blog. And thank you to followers, people that comment, and my blog friends. you are all amazing. I am so happy I started this blog. Its great to meet such wonderful people.
ps, i have started another blog for random stuff...hello my name is nicola.

Friday, 9 October 2009

inside the bottle

Today was filled with an amazing postcard from onic aka gimme smoothies..thank you ever so much, it brightened up my rainy day and made me smile so much. :) today also consisted of a chocolate frog, a chocolate goldfish, my last green apple Jones soda, lots of heavy rain, getting a book in the mail, laughs, car rides, a few hours at work, new pj's, pizza..and i think an early night.... have an early start at work tomorrow and need sleep. i will catch up on peoples lovely blogs tomorrow or Sunday..ah or maybe even Monday...working 3 full days in a row, and super long hours. i send love to you! :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


so it rained all day today...and didn't stop. ah normally i like the rain, but for some reason it put me in a bad mood, and made me unhappy. i have been cold all day. and have not stopped drinking hot tea. my sister came back last night, i was super happy to see her. She got me some lovely gifts. She got me a snow globe for my "collection"..(if you can call it that..haha i only have a few). I don't know what it is, i find them really tacky, but i think that's why I like them..its become a 'thing' now to collect them. She also got me an ultra cool clock! and some cute hello kitty biscuits and a chocolate umbrella! :)
i got given an award by the lovely anything-floral. thank you very muchNic awarded me the "5 Current Obsessions" award. The rules for this tag + award are to list 5 of your current obsessions, pass the award on to 5 fabulous bloggers, mention the blogger who tagged you, and let the other bloggers know you've tagged them. ok here goes...
1. The Lonely Island---Consist of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone. They are amazing. I have always liked Andy since the first time I watched Hot Rod..he is rather lovely. :) I cannot stop listening to their cd. Pure comedy genius. 2. My Polaroid Camera---I am deeply in love with my camera.
3. The Office---I cannot get enough of this show at the is taking over my life.
The Office Cast
4. The Office Bobble Heads---ahhh i think they are fab! I need to get one! Hehe, still trying to get a hold of one, but not having much luck! hopefully ebay will be able to help me! but how amazing are they? simply FAB. 5. True Blood---Like I said in my last post, I watched the first episode the other day and was completely drawn in by it. Its rather odd, but in a good way. I am looking forward to watching more. oh and if i could add one more would be 6.---Jones Soda. :)
ok i now award/tag; *Felinofelice, Beneath The Crystal Stars, Daisy Lane, My Pointe Of View, and Wonderlander. enjoy.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

"Dammit, he put my stapler in jello again!"

i stepped out of the door today and was greeted by the rain, dark clouds, wind, beautiful coloured orange leaves, and an amazing spider web covered in droplets of rain. went to do the weekly food shop with my dad which was a laugh, other highlights include getting a pint of milk with a hole in the times. for lunch, as it was rather cold outside i had hot soup with the most wonderful i am sitting at home, now waiting for my sister to get in from her trip to Barcelona. i have missed her alot, and its only been a few days. i miss going on adventures, and hanging out with new people. hopefully something will come up soon. the nights are drawing in, and its getting colder. i do like Autumn/Winter time. i always love sitting on the sofa with hot tea, watching old movies or TV programmes. i have to admit i did not watch true blood when it first came out, the first series is being aired over here at the moment, and i watched the first episode the other day, and really liked it. its rather odd, but i am still getting used to it. i really like Anna Paquin, i think she is amazing. i am also still completely in love with the office; an American workplace. ah i think its fab. i am in love with Jim and Pam. i love John Krasinski so much, and it breaks my heart i couldn't see Away we go at my cinema as they have stopped showing it...ah how i hate waiting for DVDs to come out. ah and also in the Autumn/Winter its time to wrap up and keep warm. i am truly in love with the gap ad with john in.