Wednesday, 23 February 2011

trip to the seaside

i went on a little trip at the weekend. i went to Brighton for my friend Mandy's birthday. i met up with friends from uni as well. it was a lovely trip, and it was nice to hang out, laugh, and share stories about were we are in our lives at the the whole work/guys/what the hell are you gonna do with your life?, kinda talks.we went for lunch, coffee, shopping, went out in the evening for drinks and a little dance, and late night chats, which included Mandy's crazy cat scaring everyone.
so work wise, i feel like i have alot more to do now, the pressure still feels like its there, but hopefully its getting better, which then makes me feel better and less stressed. i am currently planning lots of trips to happen this year and next, which is making me smile, and keeping me going.
also----Coldplay are going to be doing the Saturday night slot at Glastonbury! i cannot wait to be sat on the hill singing at the top of my voice, and listening to everyone around me sing as well. bring it on, i cannot wait for June.

Monday, 14 February 2011

where does time go?

so recently i have not been sleeping very well...i am not sure why. maybe stress? works been a bit crazy still...ah i don't know, it could be anything. first odd/weird dreams, now no sleep at all. so because i have not been sleeping much, i have been drawing, drawing characters from scott pilgrim, reading, playing my old gameboy, listening to alex day, looking at old photos, and writing letters.
i have a new sketch book, and want to fill it up, i just need some creative ideas.
blah...i think i have lost the arty part of my brain to normal everyday work stuff.
i want/need it back.