Sunday, 30 May 2010

geronimo indeed

i have been packing today, and sorting out stuff i need to take for my work trip to bridgwater, i am really looking forward to it...but also a little worried, and that i hope i make friends and have a good time.i got the coolest thing in the post yesterday, i got a signed photo from karen gillan! its awesome! and made my morning. last night i had a few friends round and we watched the eurovision, it was such a fun filled night. laughing, making flags, it was nice to just chill out and have some fun. after my friends went home i ended up catching up with doctor who...oh dear...oh rory!! made me upset and brain is a little crazy at the moment with late night phone calls, and odd messages...just need sometime to think. i am looking forward to escaping for a while.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

nicola is rambling through the avenues of time

i had the coolest past couple of days. went to London with my sister to see flight of the conchords, and they were amazing. i think the best every show i have ever seen. it was so funny, and made me so happy to actually see them live. i love Bret and Jermaine. Arj barker was one of the support acts..aka Dave. and oh my goodness he is so funny, just by shouting he can make you laugh. he is touring and i wouldn't mind seeing him and Victoria went shopping during the day, and it was such a lovely sunny, hot day! we got lots of lovely goodies, and spotted a few elephants around London, i wanted to find more but we just ran out of time.i got the most beautiful bag from topshop, i am in love, like really really in love. i also got the satchel that i wanted from urban outfitters, and a bowl---that i fell in love with after seeing it on lina's blog, and then other stuff included a couple of tops, some fairy light tape, a heart necklace, napoleon dynamite face mask---just cos, and my fotc merch---a baseball world tour shirt, a tea towel and set of badges...awesome.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

smile like you wish you meant it..

you know how one bad thing can then turn into lots of bad things, or maybe just because you feel upset about something, you then feel as if everything else is kinda rubbish?? maybe this is all random rubbish i am talking about. when you have a stressed evening at work, miss your favourite programme in the world because are at work, friends cancel plans, and then you feel bad because you could have gone out with your other friends but let them down to go out with the first friends, and then when you get home you get messages asking to come out from other friends you feel bad because it too late now, and you wished you had just gone out with them in the first place....and then after all this you now have a giant headache from all the messing around. i am sorry how boring this post is...i needed to let it out. i think all i needed was a evening out with my friends to relax...instead i have done this post, and will go watch some amazing dvd to cheer me up. in other happy news, i got my Glastonbury ticket in the post yesterday, watched the last ever ashes to ashes--and thought it was the most amazing ending, eat birthday cake yesterday as it was dad's birthday, had a chat with one of my best friends tonight, got random drunken 'please come out texts and phone calls', changed into my colour pjs, looking forward to meeting up with a wonderful uni friend tomorrow, and plus looking forward to fotc on Tuesday evening. sorry about the angry rant....i am sorry.
*update, i have now watched doctor who, thanks to my sisters amazing catch up tv box in her room. i love Matt smith, i do. it was awesome, and kinda cheered me up.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

i wanna be jesse's girl....

i had an odd weekend filled with random chats, people getting upset, feeling angry, feeling sad, late night walks home, watching the sun rise, doctor who filled Saturday and other things. the sky photo was taken very early Sunday morning, and the sky was beautiful. on Tuesday i brought the coolest book in a charity shop, its a guide to old Kodak camera's---its really old, and the photos are at work i was given my train tickets and hotel information for my trip to bridgwater. i am really looking forward to meeting lots of new people. plus i will be helping put all the new mannequins and other visual bits and pieces together, plus setting up the new store. its gonna be hard work, ten days straight work, but i do think it will be good experience and i will have fun...well hopefully! at the moment i am also getting excited because next week i am going to see flight of the conchords in London with my sister! i cannot wait! plus also i have Glastonbury to look forward to next month. i have got most of my stuff for it, we brought a tent the other day, but i am trying to work out who i really wanna see. i think i have come to the conclusion that we will wing it, and just see whats on, when they are on, but i must must see broken bells. oh also currently all i am listening to are songs from joey run is my favorite, plus Jessie's girl. i love Jesse, aka Jonathan groff so much! he is awesome.

Friday, 14 May 2010

hello mr friday

today was a normal day really. went to work today. found out more information about the fact i am going away on the 1st of june to help open a new store with work. head office said they are very happy because that means me and 2 other vm staff from different stores are going. i am looking forward to meeting new people and having a good time learning more about vm bits and pieces. by the end of my shift at work, i felt a little drained, and looking forward to my weekend, as i have got if off. so my friday night tonight, consists of hanging out at home, writing letters, drawing, tidying my room, watching glee on repeat, watching ashes to ashes, maybe watching some movies tonight, and chilling out with my mum and dad.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

i have post

after work, a hard day at work, while i was in the car, i turned to my mum and said, "did i get any post?" all week i have been asking that question. my mum said, YES! i eeked really loud in the car. i got a wonderful package, well a birthday package, from lina!! i jumped around in happiness! i got the coolest bits and pieces. i also wrote letters to a few celebrities and i got a signed photo back from James Buckley..aka jay from the inbetweeners.i cannot wait for doctor who tonight, vampire themed episode tonight. i think i am falling in love with matt smith..haha. hes pretty awesome. plus i think karen gillan is amazing. i am currently: writing letters, making up a package, sending postcards, waiting for doctor who, looking forward to art and doctor who chats tonight, listening to the fruit bats, and catching up with the tv i have missed. i want to exchange art, or do something like that, any ideas??

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

its too late to change your mind

so today i went for a little car ride with my friend Mandy. but wished my dear friend Charlotte could have come as well. i got so ultra cool bits and pieces today. i hunted through boxes of records in charity shops, got served by a rather hot waiter in a cute cafe, had the best sandwich ever, got a text from a friend saying that they had seen me...but didn't come over and say hello..(very weird), brought a giant backpack for Glastonbury, brought a giant sock monkey, brought doctor who stickers, brought sweets from a amazing sweet shop, had a giant cup of tea, got a text saying we have a tent, and now getting confused by certain people.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

may the 4th be with you

so today was wonderful, because i finally got a day off. hurray!---so today was filled with watching birthday dvds, finally getting round to listening to the new broken bells album, writing thank you cards, writing letters to people, walking around in the garden, watching the birds, reading, planning trips and nights out, being a geek and playing my new pokemon game, and writing random notes.
currently listening to: sean lennon, two door cinema club, broken bells.
last dvd watched: away we go.
currently reading: i <3 geeks.
currently wanting: a satchel, fruit loops,
loving: saturday nights, matt smith and karen gillan, my tidy room, writing letters and postcards.
hating: being confused....
missing: hanging out with my sister.