Wednesday, 30 November 2011

in the air

I went to London at the weekend with my family. we went to do a little Christmas shopping. London was so busy, and it felt just like christmas. we went to Covent garden, and the decorations were beautiful. I got most of my Christmas shopping done, with lots of cute/random/crazy gifts for friends brought.kinda fell in love with whoever put Matt Smith in this pose in the cabinet in forbidden planet. I couldn't stop laughing.this also made me smile while walking around drinking my eggnog latte wrapped up in my giant scarf.planning adventures with Lina recently has been booking where we are going to stay is Paris is making me very excited. ALSO...its the 1st of December as i write this!! going to get the Christmas songs out and finish making my blogger Christmas cards! :D

In other news, work has been rather stressful at the moment, i broke down a couple of times yesterday--purely because i feel like i work so hard and other people just come along and ruin it. its my day off tomorrow, and i feel like i need it.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

i feel like i have come home

so it was my lovely friend Laura's birthday weekend. i went all the way to Devon on the train, from Kent, to London, through London to Devon. the train journey wasn't perfect. i had to go after work, so it was rather busy. at on the floor for most of the journey. apart from when i was standing for a bit, but i had this lovely cute guy to talk to. he was nice. our relationship lasted 50mins. so after the insane journey, i finally got to Laura's lovely new flat. Laura made me and Claire dinner, and it was just felt like old times. like normal. so Saturday we went to a vintage fair, drank Starbucks, went for a drive to the seaside, had the most amazing soup and cream teas in a cute little restaurant--in which we drew pictures with pencils and left them there, walked by the sea, looked in cute shops, and then drove back to Laura's to then go out in the evening with her friends. we went to some awesome places, one bar i had mulled cider, which by the way was wonderful especially when you are sitting in the outside of the bar in the freezing cold.Sunday was sad. its the only part that i hate about trips, the waiting to leave, saying goodbye, getting on the train by yourself. journey home was better. although there seemed to be a lot of really rude people on the train. it was really foggy when we were pulling into London. it kinda felt like dementors were going to appear at the windows of the train. once i got to London, i grabbed a red cup, and ran to catch my train home. once i got home i was welcomed by my parents, which was really lovely. long chats about what everyone had been up to over the weekend were had, dad telling my about the children in need doctor who special/Xmas special trailer, and many many many cups of tea.

i am currently obsessed with Christmas---red cups, presents, music, making Christmas mix Cd's for friends, planning the work secret Santa, and making blogger Christmas cards for Amy's exchange...well trying to. i think i may just end up buying them.

also, Ed Sheeran is always on repeat, counting down until the last hp movie is out on DVD...hurry up Monday!!, aww-ing at the big bang theory with Sheldon and Amy--and coming to the conclusion Amy is my favourite tbbt character now, helping blogging friends when they ask...even though i felt like i didn't really help that much, planning mine and Lina's trip, planning Seattle, smiling, laughing, enjoying being me, drinking so much tea---dad has got me addicted again, and chilling in coffee shops and you all.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

i wish i was a pot ledom

it feels like winter now. having to get up at 5am to get ready for work, and then to start at 6am...makes it feel very winter-like. its dark....i feel half asleep. plus, its really cold at the moment. i know in my house we have always been put another jumper or cardigan on instead of turning up the heating...but its ever so cold. i feel my nose turning to ice as i write this.

recently i have mostly been going to work, coming home and watching programmes wrapped up in a giant blanket while drinking so much tea. my parents drink many many many cups of tea, therefore i am ending up drinking alot too. well, i also got my first egg nog latte of the season yesterday from starbucks. oh i love it so much.

i have been watching the new series of America's next top model...or all stars, as the new series has been called. last week they had to make up songs. i am in love with Allison's song. like, seriously, its on replete all day long! and its only 48secs long. its brilliant, plus its so catchy you end up singing it all day. i love Allison. i always wanted her to win her cycle.

off to wrap up in bed for a bit and watch a movie...maybe eagle vs shark, as i was gonna watch that the other day but didn't get round to it. off out tonight to see one of my best friends for a catch up, which will be lovely.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

why hello! wave please?

so i had the best weekend. i went with my awesome friend Sarah to Hallowhedon, which is a Joss Whedon convention. so much fun was had. in the beginning i kinda just wanted to go because Amber Benson was going, and she was one of my favourite characters from Buffy. however Adam Busch who plays Warren was brilliant. he was such an awesome guy, so funny and cute. i am obsessed with his band common rotation.

i am in love so much.


on replete.

all day.

every day.

all the time. they sing folk music, so therefore i love.other the weekend i met some wonderful people, had many chats and dances with people, laughed so much, took so many photos, dressed up quite a few times, eat so much food, went to many talks, quiz's, had photos taken, and honestly just had a good time. i met people from all over, and even other countries. there is something special about people from all over coming together for the same reason, because of something they love.coming back to normal everyday life isn't so much fun though. work is so busy, why, its like Christmas. all i need is some Christmas music and it would feel like Christmas. i am stocking up on Christmas music, with my old cd's and a few new ones i need to purchase. in other news i am planning the work Christmas party/meal with my manager, which is kinda fun...although i feel it might get a tad stressful nearer the time.