Monday, 25 April 2011


so its my 300th post...nothing really super amazing is gonna happen in this post, and i guess that makes me sad. i wanted to do something fantastic, but really couldn't think what to say or do. but i do wanna say that i love all my blogging friends, love you all.went back to work today, after my birthday week off. i felt really weird this morning. i felt ill, sick, and really worried. i have never felt like that before about going to kinda reminded me of how i used to feel about going to school sometimes when i was weird. but when i got to work, it was great. people at work said they missed me, so that was extra birthday presents. oh, and having the new doctor who episode chats with lots of different people at work.

in other news, i need to start writing and sending out my thank your cards.

Saturday, 23 April 2011



ok, im not. but i feel like i am. even though i don't really feel any different. yesterday morning, the day after my birthday, i woke up and though, man i am old. however i was on a busy train yesterday, and in front of me was a group of girls. it was one of the girls birthday. all they were doing was moaning about guys, talking about how much alcohol they were gonna drink tonight, being mean to one of the girls, more talking about guys. they were 14. i am glad i am old, i couldn't handle being 14 again.

anyway, my birthday was rather nice. i am not a fan of my birthday, but my awesome friends made it fab. i went for lunch with my friend charlotte. and then charlotte and my awesome friend sarah came round for dinner with my family. my gdad was super funny like normal, it was just a really nice evening. then met some friends out, and we all went bowling. the most awesome surprise of my birthday was my present from lina. it was a beautiful print, from the movie submarine. lovelovelove. it came on my birthday, plus the stamp used to send it was of david tennant.yesterday i went to brighton (again) for the day with sarah. we went shopping and other bits and pieces, spent ages in the comicbook shop, walked to the pier, sat in cafe Nero with simon callow opposite us, and other stuff.
Doctor who is back tonight...oh my goodness. bring on 6pm.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


so this weekend, was pretty awesome. on friday night i was waiting at the train station with a sign saying Stevens and friend Laura has always joked that she would love to have someone waiting to pick her up with a sign with her name therefore i made one for her and Lucy. after the laughs, and me jumping up and down and making my friends embarrassed, we went home. many chats were had. then sleep was needed. then next morning we met up with our other friends Claire and Charlotte and went to Canterbury for shopping and lunch at wagamamma's. the weather was so lovely.we had chats about adventures we had been on, old times, new times, new people in our lives, jobs, Glastonbury--it was just really nice to hang out with them again.then saturday evening we had a little joint birthday party at Charlotte's house. me and charlotte opened presents from our friends, i got some crazy funny, i got a peanut shaped rubber. love it. we had nibbles, drinks and we gave our party bags out----which contained sweets, seeds for the garden, plastic rings, stickers and other super awesome random stuff. we had a really good night out, crazy dancing times were had. on sunday it was sad to say goodbye, next time i see most of them will be at Glastonbury. however, as i have this week off from work for my birthday, i decided to go back with Claire to Brighton. we had a couple of really chilled out days, playing crazy golf, having lunch on the beach, visiting art galleries, going to the cinema to see your highness, going out for drinks and a dance with our friend Mandy. oh also we went for a lovely walk around where she lives. the woods were beautiful. Claire was taking photos of flowers, whereas i thought it was more fun to take photos of her. after lunch i thought it was time to go catch my train....which when i got on the train i sat on the floor for most of the time...then got a seat, then to give it up for then sit on the floor again. it didn't matter because the sun was shinning, and all i could think about was the awesome adventures i have had the past 5 days. life feels good.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

oh take me back to the start

tidy..tidy. my friends are coming down tomorrow for mine and my awesome friend charlie's joint birthday party. i cannot wait for lots of fun. my room is tidy...well apart from my desk, because lets be honest, its never gonna be tidy.i found a note that i wrote someone a long time ago, which i never gave out..i told that person, then that person started to talk about old times...i hate the past. the past should just stay there...why does it need to come back.

bring on an awesome weekend full of fun and laughs...and such good friends.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

long time

so, i haven't blogged in a while, and i wish i could say that i have been having so many adventures that i really haven't had the time to blog....but sadly that's not the case. my life just feels like one long work day. however i have this weekend to look forward to. its my birthday in a couple of weeks and its my friend Charlotte's birthday this week, so we are having a joint party. so lots of party times ahead. i always seem to love other peoples birthdays, but hate my own...hmmm, anyone else feel like this?well in my spare time have been meeting up with my lovely friend Charlotte, going round her house for dinner, planning birthday bits and pieces, nearly using up the last couple of shots from my last polaroid film, getting colourful presents from my mum and dad, getting mail from far away friends, going to the cinema to see submarine (movie is good, but book is better), oh and playing around with my newwwwww camera. when i went into the shop, the cute--well hot camera guy helped me pick one out...he was lovely...he had awesome hair, and spoke really quietly...which was kinda cute.
currently always singing, all day and all night...."a loser like meeeeee".