Thursday, 31 December 2009

the adventures to come

new year, its not all what its cracked up to be. while i type this people are out having fun, drinking, singing, dancing, being with friends and family---new year is a time to think about the past year, what wonderful, happy, sad, odd, not so great or amazing moments that have happened over the year. and of course new year is also a time to think about all the new adventures that wait in store in the new year, all the new places you will go, the new people you will meet, and how they will affect your life, how your life will change--whether it be for the good or bad. my brain feels rather confused about what lies ahead in 2010..choices and hopes, and life---you never know where it is going to take you. I wish you all a wonderful fun filled night--whatever you are doing. Be happy, have fun, and look forward to the new year--i know that this is gonna be the year!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

...and all is well

Merry Christmas!! i hope you all had a lovely time. i got some beautiful camera's before Christmas, so lots of photos were taken, and i cannot wait to get them Christmas lunch, i rather liked being max from where the wild things are----well i felt like him with my crown. i am going to see it on Tuesday with J. it looks amazing, i have already seen a really cool puzzle book i want from the movie. i love Christmas because i always get to spend time with my sister, who always seems to be mega busy all the and laughs were had. PLUS-----its not Christmas without the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which was amazing...a little sad because you know the 10th doctor's time is drawing to a close, but exciting all the same.
i got some wonderful Christmas presents, i got a Polaroid printer from my sister---which i can't stop using at the moment!!!he he. i got a fab suitcase handbag and a 'Nicola' name necklace from my nan and gdad. and i got some amazing DVDs and books, and my office bobble heads from my parents.
the coolest presents i got this year, have to be from my bestest friends in the whole planet---Charlotte and Mandy. from Charlotte i got the coolest salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup--picnic set!----its supper duper cute! and a ultra cool popcorn cup and a cute headband--which i love, because of the bird-ness...if that's even a word.aha. Mandy got me two cute tatty devine bird rings, a rather odd bird decoration, a lovely photo frame--(which will be filled with an amazing photo from our latest adventure)-----AND, some rather twilight rice decorations for the tops of cup cakes!!!!!!!!!!-------i cannot wait to make cakes and put them on the top!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

all through the house

its the night before Christmas, and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even a mouse........hmmmm well that's not true. my sister is pumping some random dance music out of her room, my mum is washing her hair, and my dad is singing while washing up, and me?...well just waiting, waiting quietly..waiting for us all to come together so we can watch our Christmas film, jingle all the way. i heart it so much. i wish you a wonderful Christmas eve!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

"It doesn't often snow at Christmas, The way it's meant to do, But I'll still have a glow at christmas, Because I'll be with you."- the Pet Shop Boys

mad times have been had. its so nice to come home from a long day at work, and just chill out. we have had super amounts of snow recently, which has been rather super!----however getting to work wise, its not been that great!..or falling over on the ice, which i haven't done yet! but now its raining and the snow is being washed away...i really wanted snow on Christmas day. i went to see the pet shop boys with J on Monday night in London--as he had a spare ticket. it was amazing, i have always loved the pet shop boys, and to go see them live was FAB. their show was so visual--cube walls, dancers with cubes for heads, and of course their outfits. it was amazing.apart from that i have been wrapping presents, watching Nick and Norah, taking photos, reading old comics, reading mail from my pen pal Jane, listening to my merry making Xmas cd, going out to dinner with my best friends, going for cups of tea in town, a busy shop at Christmas time, getting my rock paper scissors necklace in the post, and growing my very own Christmas tree.aah also, me and the wonderful lina, have started our very own blog together, its all for fun, a mini project. please check it out!---i hope you enjoy, we have only just started, but hope to get updating as much as we can! here--and--there. peace to you all.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

...are no longer filled with good times

(my very messy room...which I really need to sort out)
Life feels a little fragmented at the moment, i seem to be running around in different places at the moment. nothing seems set. i got the most coolest package in the post, its from my lovely friend Kay. she has sent me my Xmas present, but i am waiting for Xmas before i open it. but she sent me the coolest card in the planet..hehe..she picked it just for me, an atc, Jon Burgerman stickers and a really old favorite part of the letter is the following words;
"I will miss living in the city, I always look up at the windows to your flat whenever I am in town, it fills me with sadness that the rooms inside are no longer filled with good times and laughter."i had the most fun day ever with one of my really good friends, we exchanged Xmas presents...i couldn't wait, and said that we should open them now. S got me a new moon mug, and a moleskine...i have always wanted one, i have always had cheaper versions of them, and now i have a proper one! i cannot wait to fill it up!

Monday, 14 December 2009

hang on, i am on my hamburger phone....

ah its cold outside..Christmas is coming. i wish for snow! it would be lovely if it would snow on Christmas day. its sad fact that i cannot remember seeing it snow on Christmas snowed when i was rather little, but i cannot remember that. i want a snowy was ever so fun filled, after starting very early this morning at work, i was finished by 1, and took a train to London to meet some of my friends from uni. it was amazing to see them. we went for dinner which was lovely. i didn't want the time to end, but in the end i had to say goodbye. i miss living with my friends, i had kinda forgot about it, but its all i can think about now. my trip was even extra special, as i found a hamburger phone! eek! i have wanted one for such a long time, i am over the moon at the moment.

just a quick note;----thank you ever so much for reading my blog. i am in need of some time so i can sit and surf your amazing blogs. you are all fab! i have made some great friends because of this blog, thank you so much for reading it. love you all.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

where is my american boy?

(my view out of my old uni flat window)
just got in from work, and i feel super creative..and i have no idea why! i guess spending all day looking at clothes and deciding what looks good with what, and then putting them on mannequins has made me rather creative today. i have a couple of out of day Polaroid films, which i need to use, (i do wanna save some for Christmas) so i think some Polaroid photos need to be taken.
i hope life is treating you all well. i am counting down the days until Xmas! aha fun times with the family are needed. it will be nice to watch Xmas movies and play board games.

*update; i am so upset Ali and Brian have been knocked out of strictly come dancing, they were the true winners, and should have made the final..i love you too so much!!! i really need to get my tour tickets as soon as i can.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

wishing for wonderland

ah its getting colder outside, and my current obsessions includes trying to track down some eggnog...which is proving quite hard. ever since when i was a little kid, watching all the cool American Christmas movies, i have always wanted to try eggnog, and this year i want to find it...but my search isn't going well. any ideas? if i cannot find it, i think i am going to try and make my own. apart from that, i am currently looking forward to listening to my Starbucks winter wonderland CD while i wrap Christmas gifts...eek not long until Christmas!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

street life

today was good. i think.