Tuesday, 29 September 2009

soda...soda...and even more soda

so the funniest thing has happened. while away on holiday, when i went to the tiny little supermarket, i came across the coolest soda drinks in the world! Jones Soda. i think its the funniest thing in the world because i have never heard of these drinks at all, and when i get back and start researching them i see that the lovely Let nature be has just done a post on them! well like i just said, i have never had Jones Soda before, and i think they are great! they flavours are amazing. however i could only get my hands on a few of the giant list of flavours. they are simply amazing. i fell in love with the photos on the bottles, and the soda is amazing. i have also entered some of my photos on their website.i am addicted, the only problem i have now is, i have a few bottles left, and that's that. i cannot find them anywhere over here in the UK, i will not give up hope. i will keep looking. update..i think i have found a website..however still looking into it. :)i am missing taking photos of the woods and the sky...i miss being outside.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

away i went

i had a lovely time away on holiday. i loved being in the woods surrounded by giant trees, green-ness, quiet noise, earth, animals and even more trees. i am deeply in love with trees at the moment.my days away consisted of; swimming, bike riding, walking, crazy golf, trees, late nights, early mornings, long car drives, pick n mix sweets, toy shops, movie nights, home made pop corn, my mother's pancakes, chalk boards, giant cookies, walking on the sand, messing around with my sister, painting pottery, singing, eating 'weirds', buying presents for friends, Polaroid photos, filling in my drawing journal, buying cool stuff, reading twilight again, and taking photos.
i had such a wonderful time away..and didn't want to come back home...back to normal life. ah i wish i could go back into the woods. i really do miss it. i am fully in love with the views..oh how i miss it already...i had to add this photo in somewhere...my dad was washing up (even though we had a dishwasher at our Villa?!?!..and it was his holiday..) and he shouted, 'Nicola, come look at this, you will want to bring your camera..". and it was this little face in the sink, i couldn't stop smiling.i enjoyed drawing and writing in my drawing journal, i just need to keep it up.my wonderful bag of holiday goodies! including the lovely bag. :)i am now off to read your lovely blogs! and then after to watch the office, an American workplace, while eating holiday chocolates, and maybe read a little too.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

the start

the other day i went for a trip of great importance.
i am going away for a few days, which should be really nice. i need to get away for a bit. clear my head and stuff. i am starting a drawing journal..so i can try and get my head out onto paper...hopefully it will work.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

where do we go?

aaaaaaah...sorry...just need to scream for a little bit. ah my head seems to be all over the place at the moment..and i don't know what to say or do. i feel completely empty..with no way out. maybe i miss my old life, maybe i miss my really close friends...or maybe its the fact i am trying so hard to make my life move..but its not working. everyones lives seem to be moving on..and i feel stuck. i am trying my hardest to do something and get on with my life....but its not going anywhere...i still feel like a little kid. sorry for the stupid ramble...i just needed to get it out. i do feel a bit better now. :) after a very very very long wait, i finally got to see adventureland, tonight at the cinema. ah it was amazing. i was a little worried that i had built it up in my head, and it wasn't gonna be as good as i had hoped, but it was better. i really liked the characters, and the tone of the movie. Martin Starr, really stood out for me. i have loved him in so many movies before, but he love mega cute, and rather funny...and his glasses were to die for. Kristen Stewart, of course was amazing, and always brilliant. she oozes coolness...fab!my sister brought me a kinder egg, which was very very lovely of her....my weakness is Kinder eggs!!! hahaha.
as i finish typing this, i have been joined by a spider who keeps walking up and down the wall, so he can say hello to me..ah you random little fella you!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sunday, 13 September 2009

How do I feel?

life feels rather 'random' at the moment.....

Friday, 11 September 2009

your views on ringo starr?

so went out with my sister on her day off on Wednesday. which was really nice. she is always so busy..i never really get to send much time with her..which is rubbish. we had these cool milkshakes...however my sister decided it would be more fun to spill hers all over the floor...i couldn't stop laughing.
she brought an amazing skirt! its so beautiful, i wish i could show you. i got a few little bits and bobs.on Thursday i went out with my friend Sarah. it was really nice. we got to go to comic book shops, and other geeky stuff like that. :) i got myself a star wars comic, and a second hand book from oxfam. i got are you Dave gorman? which is about Dave gorman and Danny Wallace, who go on this crazy trip to see how many people they can find with the same name as Dave gorman..haha. i have only read a few pages, but i can't stop laughing already!this morning i got up and was very very excited! i was going to see (500) days of summer today!!! eek. while i waited to be picked up, i sat outside. it was quite windy..but also really warm. oh the film was simply beautiful. it made me feel happy, sad, angry, upset. and also alone. but it was wonderful. my favourite part of the movie was the 2 screen parts. for example at the beginning when she was blowing a dandelion and he was catching bubbles. but also the expectations and reality part. i left the cinema feeling happy but also a little sad.
ps, i love Ringo Starr.
i got given these BEAUTIFUL awards from the lovely lovely Tic-Tac-Tomato. thank you very much Sophia!!! :)
ok, so I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself...hmm i have done quite alot of these recently. erm...go here goes.
1. I collect magazines.
2. I hate strawberries.
3. I love headphones..they can keep your wonderful music, just for your ears only. and people can only here little bits, and they just have to wonder what goes on in your head, and never know.
4. When i walk into a comic book shop, i feel at home.
5. 5 is my lucky number...mainly because when i was little it was my dads..and i believed it was mine too.
6. Currently watching Ashes to Ashes because i am currently obsessed with Stephen Campbell Moore...again.
7. I love bread.
i would now like to pass both of these awards on to;
honey bees and cherry trees