Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring is in the air

Myself and David went to see the new Captain America movie the other night. We really enjoyed the movie in the super tiny movie theatre. Chris Evans is the bees knees, he's awesome as Cap. The next morning we chilled out and had cupcakes for breakfast. Then in the afternoon we ventured out into Canterbury for the afternoon and evening. We purchased pretty treats and Mother's Day gifts. 
We also wandered outside the cathedral where we had our first kiss. It was a lovely evening. I love spring, pretty pastel skies and fresh evenings.
Then we decided to try this new Burrito place that just opened up. Super friendly staff, super loud music, and super yummy food made for a perfect evening. And the burritos were SOOOOO GOOD. We will defiantly be going back.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Here comes the Bride

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to my friend Claire's wedding. It was wonderful to be invited to the whole ceremony and evening do. It was a cloudy dark day when I arrived at the venue. Walked up to Sam, and he greeted me with a smile and a hug. He looked nervous, but you could tell he was so excited to see Claire. Found a seat and waited. Claire was 10mins late, and then the sun came out so bright, and then Claire appeared. She walked over a bridge, up this beautiful garden, into the ceremony room. She looked so beautiful. Breathtaking. Her dress was wonderful, beautiful lace with a vintage feel.
They said their vows, exchanged rings, and then they were married. It was so lovely, and I felt so lucky to be there. Being at weddings makes you think about your one of course, and who you would invite. So lucky to be part of their special day.
All the decorations were so cute and very vintage. Lots of bird cages and wonderful flowers. The food was perfect too, and lots of wine.
The speeches and first dance were all so lovely. The first dance had dialogue from About Time. Weddings just make me so happy, all the positive and happy energy within everyone. Such a perfect day.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Strike a match

Recently I have said I am working a lot more on my art. When I met David for a spontaneous coffee date, we went for a wander around Canterbury. We found this beautiful exhibition by Andrew Malone. I have seen his work around Kent for sale, but it was really nice to finally see a mini show of his work, a collection together.
The main piece in his show was a giant frame filled with old matchboxes that had old pictures of birds coming out of them. Plus some were filled with shells and plants. Each one was carefully created and then mounted together in a beautiful fashion. I love collections. This collection was wonderful. I was truly inspired, and I wrote that in the comments book. Just made me want to create more, and I need that drive. The afternoon was perfect.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Seaside breeze

The weather is starting to get better now. Which is really good. I love winter and everything that comes with it, but the sun shining makes me so happy. Leaving the house in a hoodie rather than a giant coat, finding my sunglasses, walking along the sea front, all so perfect.
Finally saw Wes Anderson's new movie the other day. Oh my it was super. Ralph Fiennes was on top form. His character and the way he played him was brilliant. The style of the movie was Wes at his best. The colours, layout and music. So perfect.
So the weekend rolled around, and it was Saturday. I finished work and I jumped on a train to see David. We went for a walk to the sea. The sky was beautiful, and so quiet.
Went to Whitstable on Sunday. But first we went to a boot sale super early. I brought stamps and a book to cut up and use to make art. It was hard getting up early, but it made the day super long. It was a beautiful sunny day.
I had a lovely weekend, and it felt really long. But back to work now, and normal life. Can't wait till I get some more time off work, I really need it.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Seeing you again

Working in retail is a up and down journey. Currently finally home after my shift today. Sitting down with a super nice cup of tea. In retail you end up seeing so many people you know from years ago, even more so when you live in a small town. Today someone who used to bully me in school was yelling at one of my colleges and my manager. For a tiny moment I flashed back into school. That girl made my life hell, she made me feel so small, and worthless. Then after that tiny flashback, I just stood there and smiled. She is worthless to me. Maybe she did make my life hell, but my life now is wonderful. I am happy. She clearly isn't. 
I think the problem is when I was at school I was quiet. Being quiet in class meant you were classed as super clever. Which I still don't understand. That feeling of dread about going to school in the morning, that feeling you have knots in your stomach, that feeling just waiting to see that person, it's awful. 
However, I am strong. I know that. I am happy. I have wonderful friends and family in my life that love me for me. I can be myself now without worrying. My friends celebrate the things I like, my interests, my personality. It's ok to like the things I like. I do think that's something you do take a while to realise. It's taken a few years, but I am happy to be me. When I left school and went to art college I realised it's ok to be different. You don't have to be like everyone else. Art college helped me be the real me. Going to college and seeing everyone's bright personalities out there, meeting new people that could get to know the real you. College was back in 2006, so since then, I have felt better about life. Having my friends Charlotte and Mandy with me, my best friends who always liked me for who I am. Then going to university and meeting friends that will be my friends for the rest of my life, being creative, expressing myself, being me. Meeting all my wonderful friends on the internet. Flying to another country and spending time with my wonderful blogger family, and the fact they like me, the real me. Taking me, the person I am, and excepting me. Meeting my twitter friends with the same love for conventions and Joss Whedon. 
Life is crazy, my life has been crazy. I have wonderful people in my life. Some are close to me, and some are far far away, but they will always be close in my heart. I wasn't sure about this post, but I needed to get all this out, and blogging is the only way that seemed right. I am a strong person called Nicola who is happy to be Nicola.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My life recently in a list

Each day I wake up and go to work. I wish away the time at work, and then it's time to go home and then soon enough it's time to sleep. Recently I have thought that I wish away too much time. I need to take life slowly and enjoy each super moment and the not so super moments.

Lots has been happening recently;
-I have been doing a lot more art. That's mostly down to a super awesome guy who keeps pushing me to do what I love.
-Pokemon is now on netflix, so that's making my life.
-Myself and David rented DVDs from a really old fashioned video store. It was so creepy, the guy who worked there was creepy, it was great.
-I'm drinking more coffee now. Tea seems to be a distant memory. Not sure how I feel about this. But we shall see.
-A couple of weeks ago I visited the same art gallery 3 times in a week. And each time I looked at the same art, I felt something different. I'm glad my mind can think like that.
-Looking for Marvel Kinder Eggs became my life for a week.
-I finally put my Hogwarts Express Lego set together. It took a few hours. It's beautiful. Only took me a couple of years to get round to.
-One of my best friends had some bad news. She and her family are strong. I hate how I am in these circumstances. I'm trying to be better. All I can do is be there for her. She knows I love her.
-I have been craving adventure. I want a holiday so bad.
-I got paid yesterday and brought a bunch of cards, so far away friends can expect mail. I found some beautiful cards yesterday. I even brought a thank you card for myself because I loved the artwork.
-I have new pjs. They have pizza, hotdogs, fries, burgers, donuts and soda cups on.
-And a shoe shop opened up on my animal crossing game.
And that's what I have been up to recently.