Sunday, 18 August 2013

Be cheerful

So things have been happening recently that have been kinda great. Crazy, but great. Life is funny.
Currently listening to Taylor Swift, wrapping presents, tweeting, catching up with friends today via voxer, and just enjoying my Sunday off work. Spent most of the day in my pjs, which is so awesome. And I even had a good nights sleep last night. 
Also thinking about how cool it would be if I could actually rap. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

One life, lets go

So last week I went on a trip with my friends Charlotte, Mel and Ellie. We went to Margate to visit the Turner Contempory. I was really excited about visiting this gallery. It's been here for ages, but just never got the chance, until now. The gallery was a beautiful space. Small, but just perfect.
The exhibition on at the moment was all about cabinets of wonder. So that was kinda neat. So many odd and unusual treasures to be looked at.

After looking at the gallery we decided to go for a little walk around the town. I haven't been to Margate in years, but I have fallen in love. It's perfect. So many cute shops and tea rooms, and SO MANY ART GALLERIES. It's perfect. 

We went to a gallery my friend told me about and the show didn't even open until that evening. But the artist, was wonderful. She told us around the whole show. She was so passionate about her work. It did make me think to myself, what am I doing?! This is someone standing in front of me with so much love and passion for their work...where did mine go? I left the gallery feeling happy. Things have to change. Margate was a lovely place. And chats, tea, cake, art, and friends make the best kinda day.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Lets fly away, just you and me.

Ended up getting on a train after work on Saturday. I went to see my awesome friend Mandy. She's just moved into her new house, and it was lovely to visit her new home. It's so lovely. So very happy for Mandy.
We went to the movies, and I finally saw The World's End. Now as a Pegg/Frost/Wright fan I was so ready for this movie. I couldn't believe they were finally making another movie. I loved the beginning of the movie, then it was a little slow, but boom!! The movie was so brilliant, and funny. So many in jokes and so many familiar faces, which all fit together in a wonderful way. So go see it. The Cornetto part....oh that was worth the wait.
So on Sunday I had a lovely day in Brighton, shopping and enjoying lunch. It was so sunny and warm. We went down by the sea and had drinks, it was super. 

I then had to catch the train home. AND IT WAS PACKED. I had to get on the train. AND I WAS GOING TO GET ON THE TRAIN. I got on, and got a seat. However the train was packed. Far too many people on the train. It was so hot people fainted. Ugh. It's was awful. Once I was finally home if was time for more madness! THE 12TH DOCTOR WAS TO BE ANNOUCNED. I felt so nervous and sick. I am very happy with the idea of Peter. It's something new, and a contrast to Matt. I look forward to the change, and to see where Peter takes the role.
Back to work today, that was fun. Ugh. Anyway, need to keep going. Currently watching Spaced and actually laughing out loud in my room. Like you do.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Lets make art from paper

Being back at work super sucks at the moment. I am craving adventure all the time. Anyway, went to London today to met up with my friend Tom, and his girlfriend. This was really nice. We then went to Camden to meet an instagrammer we all love, yellowfi. She's brilliant, I love her art work so much. And have many of her pieces of work. So it was super to see her today! She seemed very happy to see us too, which was nice.
After that we went to the Saatchi Gallery for the Paper exhibition. My favourite part of the whole show were these bags with laser cut trees. They were so clever, and really interesting and intricate to look at. They must've taken a long time to create. 

The detail was what I found most interesting and how long it must have taken to put these together was mind boggling. I admire artists who can create something like this. The artist was Yuken Teruya. 
Then in the afternoon I met my friend Claire for drinks and dinner. Catching up is always fun. Now sleep is needed, although I am watching Penelope right now. On my laptop might I add, and it keeps over heating. Also, I can't find my tv remote, so I can't turn my tv. Super, I know. Who knows where that remote actually is!!?