Saturday, 27 February 2010

ride like the wind

right!----i am sitting eating my breakfast, reading the paper, waiting for Mandy to come pick me up, road trip to Nottingham today! its my friends birthday, so Mandy, Charlotte and me are going in the car up to Nottingham. ah it will be really weird to go back to that city, i am kinda wondering if it will be all i hope. i am armed with my mix CD, hopefully people will love it haha. i hope you all have wonderful weekends!

Monday, 22 February 2010

always knew our fate

the past few days have been rather odd. i got post everyday for 5 days in a row. i thought that was kinda cool. i am currently working on replies, i am trying to be as fast as i can with the replies, so you know who you are, won't be long! i received some amazing gifts this week, which included a doctor pepper decoration made from a can from sophia---which is fab! and a little green dude called 'Bernard III' from amy, she makes these ultra cool little creatures! he feels right at home in my room with all my other odd creatures. and jane sent me the coolest letter filled with her very own zine--which was genius, she is a wonderful artist.
the week just gone consisted of letters, rock cakes, glitter party, dancing, seeing friends, work. plus, happy 23rd birthday mandy!!! after such a controversial day about style and dress sense at work it nice to come home and chill out. i am in the mood for watching more buffy. at the moment i am watching the all the seasons from the start. i am currently on 5. ah, it makes me feel like a little kid again. i used/still have a mega crush on nicholas brendon aka xander harris and oz aka seth green. man, they are both super hot!---yay for nerdy boys. i am going to sit and draw and finish you letters. enjoy the rest of this rainy day. image from here

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

"An Awful Lot of Running..."

Thank you all for your lovely comments, i am feeling much better now! which is good, i don't like being ill...well i don't think anyone does, silly statement. anyway, its not nice being ill, you feel useless, a tad bored, wishing to go outside and see people, go and do things...well i had to stay at home. it wasn't all bad as a cornflake cake and magazine were given as 'get well soon' gifts. another good thing was that i ordered paper heart on dvd, and it came on Saturday and i finally got to watch it! after all of last year going on and on about wanted my cinema to show it, and then the fact they never did, i now got the chance to actually watch it!----and my, it was amazing. it was odd, beautiful, and sad in places. it was funny because i fell in love. i feel as if i can relate to charlyne yi..because i don't know if i believe in love...its a hard thing to call. its a special gift you really wanna get, but only certain people do. i thought michael cera was rather good in the movie, he seemed so real.i also got AMAZING post!!!!----i got letters and gifts from lina and kait. i love you two so much! i am so happy to have such amazing blog friends! you are fab! i got a rather package from lina, which included lots of rather cool bits and pieces. and from kait i got a cool sketchbook to fill up and a giant 'n'. thank you both again. it means alot. with the rest of my time i have been; watching buffy, writing reply letters, doodling/drawing, drinking far too much tea, filling in my moleskin, thanks to the wonderful amy, i have been introduced to the 'coolest-geekiest band' in the planet! the band is called chameleon circuit----who sing about doctor who. aaaah its genius, its geeky, but not in a typical way. a time lord rock band...i am in heaven. they are my current obsession, and being on repeat..and i ordered their cd..hehe being a geek never felt so good.

ps, if you have some spare time, you should check out my friend mandy's new blog. its rather cool! she is so artistic and beautiful. shimmering vomit of crystals

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Cybertron is a fictional planet

i am not very well. i feel so sucks.

Friday, 5 February 2010

i heart

i am so happy to be typing these words into this post. i really need to get back into the swing of blogging, its kinda gone out of the window recently, and that makes me sad. life feels all over the place at the moment, i miss my best friends, i miss just hanging out and talking, i miss going to the cinema, i miss making art...and that's the thing that hurts most of all.
anyway, you know that feeling you get when you really miss something, and it feels odd that you miss it?---that's how i am feeling. its driving me crazy. i heart...comic books.