Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sunday, funday

So woke up on Sunday at the weekend, and it was raining. So much rain. Got ready, then me and Tom headed to the flower market. On the way we picked up breakfast and coffee. We found the coolest cash machine where you could set the language to Cockney. Needless to say we were laughing so much we couldn't even concentrate on getting money out.
We wandered around the flower market and the beautiful shops. Shops filled with prints, crockery, stationary, necklaces, art, cards and prints. 
We then went for tea in a little coffee shop. And then we waited for Kaylie and Ted. I was so excited to see Kaylie again, and meet Ted for the first time. We had a little trouble finding each other, but I ran out in the rain and found them. We then all chatted over tea and toast.
We went to Brick Lane, wandered the shops, markets, streets and had bagels. It was so lovely to see Kaylie again, and also very weird. Felt odd seeing her in London, not America. But it was great. She's super happy and cute like she always is. And Ted is the best. So jolly. I feel like Ted and Tom are gonna be super buddies. After saying goodbye to Kaylie and Ted, me and Tom went and brought more frozen yogurt from the shop near his house. Same lady from the day before, so that so funny. Then we just hung out in the afternoon, and then it was time to go home. I had a super weekend, and love being in London. It always feels like home. I really wish it was my home. Tom talked about how cool our flat would be if I moved to London, and that makes me want to move even more. Just need a job in London, and then it could happen.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Adventure calling my name

This weekend I went to London to stay with my friend Tom. An adventure filled weekend was planned. We went to Broadway market first thing. So many super treasures were to be found. Beautiful crafts and super looking food. We purchased the cutest meringues. Lemon for Tom and pistachio for me. The art all around London always makes me smile, and so did a tiled wall. It's so cute what a guy must have done to ask his girlfriend to marry him.
After the market we went for a wander and a spotted a strange looking shop from across the road.
We then went to see what The Last Tuesday Society was. In the window were tiny stuffed mice having dinner at a table. I pulled Tom into the shop. We were greeted by the strangest guy. Very friendly, told us it was free to roam around upstairs, but it was £2 to go downstairs. We looked around, and this shop was filled with taxidermy, bugs and butterflies in glass cases, and other strange items.
The guy then found a tiny stuffed kitten and decided to put in on Tom's shoulder. Then he started talking about downstairs again. I decided we should pay the money and go and check it out. Anyway, we get downstairs and I don't think I can ever fully explain what it was like. 2 rooms filled with jars, taxidermy, skeletons, sexual items, sexual photography all over the walls, curiosous items, animals sewn together, celebrity poo in jars...the list goes on. It started off really interesting and kinda fun in a weird way. And then it felt weird. I think we both freaked ourselves out because we were still talking about it till 3am. For a tiny moment it felt like he was gonna lock us down there. It was so much fun.
We also went to the V&A toy museum, and had lunch. Then we went to a moon art exhibition. It was in the OXO gallery. The building was so beautiful, old and creepy.
Afterwards it rained so hard. Crazy hard. We were trapped in a coffee shop, helping strangers find their way around London, so it wasn't all bad. I then dragged Tom around Forbidden Planet to pick up some comics. Then we were about to get the bus back to his flat when I saw Chipotle over the road. I then squealed outloud, because I had heard there was one in London! So we had to go in. It was the best. So good.
Then we just watched Wreck it Ralph and eat frozen yogurt. Such a super Saturday.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

For the love of Lego

So, I am a super giant fan of lego. Love the stuff. I had a little bit of it as a kid, but not much. Mostly probably because it was and is still so expensive. But in the last few years I have fallen back in love with it. The cute charm of the recent Harry Potter and superhero sets a few years ago started the collecting all over again.
Then came the mini figure packets. Mini figures are always the greatest part of the Lego sets. I mean, I had to buy certain Harry Potter sets to get certain characters, like Luna for example. So when Lego brought out their first series of mini figures it was so fun. Cute/random/crazy little characters to collect. Plus, I have always been a sucker for blind boxed or packets filled with the unknown. It's just so exciting. 
So jump forward a few years and many different series and you get to The Lego Movie series. When I first got told about a Lego movie, I actually thought it was a joke. Then watched the trailer and you have Will Arnett as Batman, and Chris Pratt as the lead Lego dude..and I was sold. The movie comes out in February in the UK, and I have been trying to find the new figures. Every toy shop I go in, always on the look out. I met David for lunch today, and we went in a toy shop, and he said, 'Hey, look, the Lego Movie figures!'.....I just laughed and said, 'Yeahhh, ok.' But they were there, right in front of us. I know it sounds stupid, but seeing so many people get ahold of them on Instagram and people selling them for crazy amounts of money on eBay, it's just nice to be able to get some! So that's what we did. Chatting to the shop assistants while feeling the packets, I nearly found all the ones we wanted. I am very happy. This Lego collector is super happy.
And also, I found a Lego character that looks just like David. This is just so funny.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Please just remember

My moleskines are me. My memory is so bad. So a few years ago, while I was blogging I thought to myself I need to write all this down on paper too. I needed a place. Then my friend Sarah brought me my first as a present. Ever since then, carrying a moleskine around with me has been normal. It's always with me. Its ready for me to write everything down. When I look back through them, words, photos, notes, items, bring back the actual memories. I need things to trigger the memories. That's why I take photos of everything, I am just so scared of forgetting. I think that's why Instagram is a love of mine. It's so easy to document things that happen. Re-reading these moleskines can be quite hard. Lots of things have changed, adventures have been had, and new people have been met. I hope I can continue to carry my moleskine with me, and document everything.

Friday, 17 January 2014

"I can't relate to 99% of humanity."

I have always wanted to watch Ghost World. I have the graphic novel, and love that, but never watched the movie. Jump forward a really really long time, to tonight in fact. Really can't sleep, so let's watch this movie.
I think it's an odd movie. I really enjoyed it. I just wanted Enid's wardrobe and green hair, oh and also her artistic style. However it made me feel sad. Sad for Enid, she never felt like she knew what she wanted to do. I feel like that sometimes, and it's really hard. The feel of the film made me relaxed. The perfect movie to watch when in that sleepy yet can't sleep mood.
The ending made me feel lots of things. However I have the strong urge to fill up sketchbooks with drawings and words, like I used to. I miss those days. When the smell of a new sketchbook was pure joy. Looking at those blank pages, anything could jump onto the page. Life could appear. The noise when you opened a worked in sketchbook, the crackle of the pages, paint and glue stuck together, pulling them apart, I miss that.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Let's go to the sea

Waking up today relaxed felt so good. Knowing I didn't have to go to work felt so wonderful. Yesterday was my grandad's 81st birthday. Went round for dinner with David, my parents, my sister Victoria and her boyfriend Dan. Nan had lots of yummy buffet food waiting. Too good. It was lovely to all be together.
So today I went to Ramsgate with David. The aim was to go comicbook shopping and wander around the cute thrift shops. Comicbook shopping was good. The Groovy Frog in Ramsgate is perfect, it even has a cafe inside it. And it's giant. So many gems were found in that store.
The weather was funny today, one minute it was sunny and then it was raining so hard. There was no point washing and straighting my hair this morning, the sea air does crazy things to it.
We had sushi then chips, went to the arcade, brought David a Spider-Man bin, took Polaroids, brought heart shaped chocolate coins that taste horrid, brought a cat plate, had Chinese for dinner, played around with a lightsaber, and just enjoyed my day off work. I love days like this.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

With you

So I have drank millions of cups of tea recently. Whether it's at home, work, in cute tearooms or David's mum feeding me lots of cups. Tea is calling me. I guess it's partly because of the English inside of me. I remember when I was in America in the summer, and I craved tea like crazy. So making tea for my American friends meant I could get a perfect cup. And that cup was good. I remember the colour. Mmmmm.
Went to the cutest tearoom with David and my parents. They had the best teacups. I think the place was haunted. I liked that. Creaky old place.
It's been quite cold recently. Wrap up warm kinda weather. And I seem to keep going out in the cold. Only problem is, the wind can give me a super headache. So wrapping up with my giant bobble scarf is the way to go.
I love being by the sea now. Even though it's so cold, it makes me feel so alive. Going on walks, hand in hand, hair blowing in the wind, taking photos, and seeing birds with a giant piece of ham on the beach (don't ask, we don't even understand it) today was lovely.