Sunday, 20 May 2012

Not yet

Today has consisted of planning for my trip, watching Thor, and hanging out with my family. Having a Sunday off is a really weird feeling. I have decided that I really don't like annoys me.
Planning everything I will need for my trip to America, which includes visa stuff, travel insurance, gifts, getting dollars, and lots of other stuff on my giant check list.
Plus watching Thor again. Gah, I love Loki so much it hurts. So mis-understood.
And then looking forward to a lovely roast dinner with the family and a few episodes of the big bang theory. I love that my parents love the show now.
Now I need to wrap Dad's birthday presents while watching Thor...then sleep. I really need some sleep.

Friday, 18 May 2012

the waiting

I am currently sitting in the car. Mum has just nipped into the gardening centre to buy some bits and pieces. Jason mrzas is currently playing on the radio. The sun is super shinning. I am wearing my uniform, and all I wanna do is go home and get changed. Currently hoping I don't have a headache coming on as I am going to the cinema later. Seeing the avengers...for the 2nd time. It's brilliant. Such a perfect movie. Oh now JLS are on the radio. Anyway, the avengers...mostly wanting to see it again for Tom Hiddleson. Too much love for Loki.
Oh thats so funny. I wrote that last week, and forgot about it. It's funny reading that again...I guess that's the same with my whole blog.
Anyway, life has been confusing recently. I have been questioning everything at the moment..and lots needs to change.
Currently I am just focusing on July. I need it to be July already. I can't wait to go to a convention, meet friends and have so much nerdy fun.
And, my trip. I cannot wait to get on that plane and fly away. I can't wait to meet Lina. I can't wait to have lots of adventures. I can't wait to meet the blogger family. I can't wait to meet my friends for the first time.
So excited.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blogger family questions

Ok, these are the questions my lovely blogger family members asked me.
Tell me of a time you felt you were exactly where you were supposed to be?
When I was at Glastonbury 2010. I was on the hill with my friends listening to Muse play on the pyramid stage. Dancing in candle light, and the light from the stage. Singing and dancing, and I knew that's exactly where I was supposed to be.
If you could only recommend one book to the world, what would it be and why?
um, I think it would be Yes Man by Danny Wallace. Its the kinda book that makes you think to yourself, what am I doing with my life? I am I just sailing through, and not really doing anything interesting? The book is not anything really like the movie, apart from the action of saying yes to things, plus its set in England. Danny is just a wonderful person, and to read his antics is such a joy. It just makes you think about life alot, and what you are doing.
What movie always makes you cry?
I think that would be Milk. Its the scene where Harvey gets shot. I remember watching that movie in the cinema, I think I was in there by myself, it was an early showing, and I just remember crying out loud. Looking back, I am glad no one was around to see me cry. Other than that, every time I am watching any Harry Potter movie I seem to cry.
What is your ideal career?
Well, anything arty would be a start. Life just seems to be stuck at the moment on the job front. To be perfectly honest I have never really known what I wanted to do for a career. I always loved art, and that was that. Although, working with celebrates would be rather interesting...or working in a comic book shop.
What do you think of when you hear 'America'?
What is your favourite stereotypical British phase or saying?
I like the word 'bloody'. But other than that I love saying 'bitter', as in 'oh, its bitter outside today'.
Why do guys that play stringed instruments have nice hands?
Well, its because they need to take care of their hands. Plus they need to make sure they have nails. Seth Green has perfect hands.
What would you do if a duck clucked?
I would probably laugh and then run away. As birds creep me out, and I mean if this duck can cluck, whats it gonna do next!??
Boxers or briefs?
How does one make curly fries?
I have no idea. EDIT* I googled, you use an apple peeler to make the fries, and then fry them.
What does 'tea time' mean?
Well, some times for me it means dinner is ready. Like we would say 'tea is ready'--when we mean dinner.
Do you like Nutella?
Yes, I think I do. I used to like it as a kid, but wasn't allowed too much of it. My friend CJ randomly gave me some little packets of it the other day.
What was the funniest thing that happened while I (Lina) was visiting you in England?
I think the funniest thing was when Lina was unpacking, and she was showing/telling me what she had brought with her. She said I only brought 2 pairs of pants. I stopped and looked at her, then remembered she called trousers pants. Whereas we call underwear pants. We both laughed, a lot.

25...oh dear

I had a really nice birthday. My friends from uni came to visit. We went on lots of little trips to different places. Stayed up last the night before my birthday and watched Scott Pilgrim...and then it was my birthday. Had birthday wishes from friends, watched more Scott Pilgrim and then went to sleep.
Then on my birthday we went into town and painted different pieces of pottery, which was lots of fun. It was really relaxing, and it was cute seeing what everyone wanted to paint.

After painting we went for lunch, then went back to my house, I opened more presents from friends. Then some of my other awesome friends came round and we had drinks and food, and then went out for a little dance. I had such a lovely birthday, I still wish I wasn't 25...god, that sounds so freaking old.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour...aka..THE BEST DAY EVER

So on the Wednesday of my birthday week, i went to the Harry Potter Studio tour with mum, dad and my sister Victoria. oh my goodness, i had the best day EVER. Honesty, if you are a Harry Potter fan you must go! you walk around and it takes a little while for it all to settle in that its all real! well all the stuff they actually used in the films, and not fake stuff.
I actaully cried quite a few times, just because it was all so beautiful, and being a hard core harry potter fan it was a dream to see everything. its so wonderful to look at the sets and all the props. I also loved the backlot part where you can look at the knightbus, 4 Privet Drive, and the giant chess pieces. ITS ALL TOO BEAUTIFUL TO EXPLAIN. PLUS I TOOK TOO MANY PHOTOS TO TRY AND GET THEM INTO THIS POST, I REALLY WISH I COULD POST THEM ALL....BUT I CANT. It all so wonderful to try and put into words. so much joy indeed.
And walking up Diagon Alley is just awesome...actually walking...awesome. you had to walk up it, instead of walking down it. also going into Dumbledore's office was pretty neat too. Also drinking Butterbear was interesting...they only thing is i have always thought it would be warm. there was so much to look at...kinda spent like 3 hours looking around. PLUS THE GIANT HOGWARTS...ITS BEAUTIFUL, AND SO BREATHTAKING. It was so much fun. Any blogger family members reading this, you must come stay with me and then I can take you.

It's been a while

So a lot has happened recently...and I have been a really bad blogger. I got told off by my friend, so this is the reason I am blogging...and of course its because I want to. I miss it. I have not even been reading other blogs..gah..bad blogger. Anyway. I had a week off for my birthday, and I did so much. at the start of the week I went to London to see Damien Hirst's show at the Tate Modern with my friends Charlotte and Mandy. It was brilliant. I wish I could post photos, but no camera's were allowed. I remember seeing alot of his work when I was younger, and thinking it was so out there, and loving it. now looking at it again, many years later I am not so sure. i understand how amazing it was for the art world when it first came about...but now I am really not that sure. my favourite part of the show was walking through live butterflies. that was a pretty interesting experience indeed.
On the Tuesday I went to Brighton for the day with my friend Sarah. We did lots of shopping, including spending so much time in the comic book shop, and coming out with a giant pile each. totally into the new DC 52 comics, and I am totally addicted to Batwoman. we also found this amazing American diner, and had pancakes and milkshakes by the sea. it was perfect.