Monday, 27 February 2012


ITS NEARLY MARCH THE 1ST. GAH. so excited. i was googling flights early, and thinking, i will be buying them very soon.
anyway, things have been average recently. interesting things have happen, and not so interesting things. i have been walking alot, and its been really good for me. its the time where i have been claering my head. going for a walk with your earphones in and blasting a super awesome powerful song in your ears (not too loud though) just makes everything feel so much better.

i finished the family tree for work. everyone really liked it, which was really nice. i wasnt sure it was that great, but people loved it.
hanging out with friends has been nice, various nights out---which include having my photo taken for a close friends project and answering life questions, which made me worry about the future...and what the hell i am doing with my life.

i invted other friends round for dinner, and i made dinner. we eat so much food, took polaoirds, watched harry potter, laughed, spoke about old times, moving out, spoke about up-coming advenures, and just life.
work has been hard work recently. working until crazy times in the morning, really isnt helping me sleep.
other news, i got tickets for me and my friend ella to see keane in june, which i am really looking forward. the gig is now sold out, so i think we were very lucky. keane are beautiful, and i have always loved them, and seeing them live again will be perfect. so as you can guess, i am re-listening to their albums over and over, aswell as the shins new single.
a gift. i need to fill it. which things that show who i am. i think this is gonna be a mini mission.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sleep please

Me, last night----reading instead of sleeping.
So I seem to like being awake instead of sleeping. Something in my mind is making me need to stay awake, keep busy, do bits an pieces and not sleep. Twitter stops me from sleeping as well.
Currently I am eating cereal, while watching tv, in the dark. And it's 1.55. Got in from work, and can't sleep...again. So watching crappy tv is what I am currently doing.
I am tomorrow off, which is just as well, as my brain will not be in a good functioning mood. This whole post just seems like silly ramblings of someone sitting in the dark with only the tv to light up the room.
*Also, I have starkid songs in my head....they just won't go away. Its a good thing. I end up laughing to myself and out loud.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


life had been rather interesting at late. i took on the challenge of making the work family tree for a competition...i am starting to feel the pressure now, as everyone is like, 'well, Nicola is the artist." cos that makes me feel no pressure at all. enjoying the task though. work has been getting better, i am just getting fed up with having so much work to do, and others not doing anything. bah.
my friend Charlotte made me Valentine's day cookies, which mega made me super lots. how cute are they, right?? love them.
other news, enjoyed nights and days out with best friends, planned LFCC and Hallowhedon. i am getting rather excited for those, even though they are months my trip to America. feels such a long way away.
my awesome friend Mandy came home for a couple of days and hung out with me and Charlotte. catch ups, lunch at wagamama, presents, shopping, and laughs were had. i should really go and finish this family tree thingy. just need to find my paints.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

so, this is my room

this post is dedicated to my blogging family, and Amy and Maggie. for Amy because she started the room pictures, and Maggie because she wanted us all to post photos of our rooms, and to my blogging family because you are all awesome.
so this is my room.
my bookcase is my love. its full of books, picture frames, gifts from friends, odd little creatures, magazines and more books.
my desk..which used the wall used to be covered in lots of pictures and bits and pieces. which after seeing Amy's room, i have decided i need to add stuff to the wall. which i will be doing.
life is good, i feel happy. certain things about work can make me feel down, but i am strong, i can get through it. fun times with friends are making me smile so much.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

is that ok?

So back to normal blogging....hopefully. I need to get back into blogging. One of my cute friends had just started up a blog, go check Charlotte's blog out.
Anyway, I am currently watching Made in Chelsea over and over and over, wishing I had money so I could go out and purchase Sherlock on DVD, drinking far to much hot chocolate, watching the snow fall, writing in my moleskin, planning trips/adventures with friends, watching movies, researching movies to go see, and drawing.
it snowed last night. crazy amount of snow. I had to get my wellies out this morning, to get through the snow to work. A few snowballs and snow angels at work, then time to work. crazy customers were banging on the doors asking to come in, half an hour before we insane. If it was me, and I didn't have to work, I would be at home, playing outside, taking photos, sitting indoors watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, not banging on the doors of a clothes shop...gah.
In other news I am planning my trip to America to visit Lina in July...and of course the amazing Seattle trip.