Sunday, 19 September 2010


well, i am hopefully getting my adventure very soon. well to honest, i think i am getting a few! planning to meet up with my friends from uni very soon, which i am super happy about. its hard for us all to get together as we all live in different places, and have different jobs, but we have manged to set a date.
i am going on my woodland holiday with my family tomorrow, which is going to be really nice. i cannot wait to just escape for a little bit, have some time off work, chill out, and just have fun. i am looking forward to my holiday because i get to draw, swim, go on lovely walks, take photos, watch movies with my family, visit different places...eee, i cannot wait.
other than that, i have not really been up to much other than working...which is fine because i enjoy work, but on the other hand it isn't. my dad brought me a couple of old Sherlock Holmes books, which i have started to read. i love the way the books are written. for some reason i have gotten back into playing my really old Pokemon games, which is kinda awesome. i have just been reading lots and lots of magazines. oh and i have been getting my atc's ready for an exhibition. when i get back from holiday, i am a fun filled trip planned with my lovely friend---which i cannot wait for! plus extra night shifts, a trip to see my friend perform at a comedy club, and re-watching glee.

Monday, 13 September 2010