Friday, 29 January 2010

live long and prosper

yay for having time to blog!---i feel like i have been running around all week! haha. crazy times! sorry about the lack of posting, i wanted to post more this year..hmmm that's going well! i have been to London looking at art, taking photos, reading, having long and really important chats, looking at things i wanna spend next months wages on, getting tickets, buying comics with my lovely geeky friend S, drawing--filling up my moleskin that i got for Xmas, checking out hot-beardy men, and working. I love my job, i love the people i work with, but sometimes i have no faith in myself at all!----the lovely lady that trained me in my vm stuff was coming in to do the whole store check and i just got so worried i was doing everything wrong, i freaked myself out. when i saw her, she said i was doing a good job...aaah stupid me!wanting: mail/post. looking forward to: bowling night on sunday. need: my hair cut and dyed.
i hope everyone is wonderful!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


inside. today was interesting. i have not been feeling that great at the moment. today has consisted of drawings, surprise, singing to myself, writing thank you cards, sad moments, accidents, packing up letters and gifts to send friends in the post, texts, planning trips, work, laughs, Seth Rogen, the office, my room. full stop.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


"Love is a feeling an emotion, it leaves you without care in the world and makes you feel on top of the world. The best part about it is its mutual between two people. A way to share your feelings, your troubles with one you really like in many ways. It controls life, think about it, you can't go anywhere without seeing it. A couple walking holding hands or love items being sold in shops, etc etc."---M

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

play me a song to set me free

any ideas of any music i must listen to??---i am in need of some new music. i have just discovered the fruit bats, i like them alot. i need music. if you have any suggestions, send them my way!today started out like any other day, up at 5.45, get ready for work, get picked up, get to work, start work, be at work, do work, take lunch break, eat brown seed roll filled with cheese, drink orange tango, go back to work, finish work, meet parents, go food shopping, buy a dvd, buy a book, buy some flowers, visit nan and gdad, give nan flowers, laugh at gdad's old jumper, leave nan and gdad's house, send texts, get home, tidy room, read magazine, change into pj's, watch telly, read book, chat to my sister for 5mins, take photos...and then think.

Monday, 11 January 2010

be the first time

sometimes, i question myself far too much. i know this will sound rather odd, but i have always wished i had grown up in America. i always seem to get obsessed with things from America...i know that's a bit odd. but things like 'hello my name is stickers', milk in cartons, and something that i love so much is the labels on American cd's!--i think they are bloody fab, and such a good idea! (American readers will probably think i am very odd, as this is probably normal for them). oreos are another love for me. somethings at the moment are making me sad, my favourite band in the whole planet is the shins, and i hope that one day i will be able to see them live..things like that makes living in the UK annoying!----plus!----my godparents when you Boston for new year, and asked my parents if i wanted anything from the, music, and my parents forgot to tell me!---aaah i really need coconut records' 2nd album!! they got me the first one, as they are not on sale in the that has made me sad. hehe.HOWEVER, i did get a wonderful card in the post today. after a long morning of work, to be greeted by a letter is one of the best things in the world. it was from the beauiful amy from thank you ever so much amy! it was a lovely suprise!--ooh and thank you for the tea! yum! this is why i love having a blog, you get to meet such amazing people.

Friday, 8 January 2010

falling & falling

so after a crazy day at work, (why do people want to go out in the snow, when they could be at home in the warm with a cup of tea??--- fair enough if you nip to get some food, but why go to a clothes shop?? stay at home! hehe)...i get home to a full back garden of whats a girl to do???---of course the answer to that is make a snowman! and man, was it cool outside. just as i have finished my sister came home after being sent home early from work. so of course fun in the snow was then had. after the snow adventures, a hot cup of tea was in order.hopefully tonight will be filled with a hot meal, lots of cups of tea, maybe some biscuits, and hopefully a game of monopoly.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

1, 2, 3----pens down!

after work today, once i had got in from the little flakes of snow falling, i was greeted by a beautiful package, all for me. it was from my lovely friend Lina!---it was my Christmas present! and oh my, it was amazing. inside the wonderful box, was a cute pair of stamps!---two little faces with moustaches!---and i lovely note, doesn't she have the most beautiful handwriting! thank you very much Lina! doodle city, at the moment-----two girls have just appeared, not sure why and what they want, but they have just appeared.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

in a house on a hill

new year, new start. i feel the need to have a sort out. in life as well. a few things have been making me rather confused, you know when you are not sure about something. a few people tell you one thing and a few more people tell you something else...but deep down inside you feel bad because you don't know yourself, and you really should know. ah my head hurts. i don't know what to do.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

snap, snap. click, click.

what has the new year got in store for me?? 2010...hmm. its amazing not to know what will happen this year, life is full of surprises---i do need to do lots of things this year. i need to take more photos, i need to laugh more, i need to go to many random places, i need to see my uni friends as much as i can this year..and i need to make art. i am trying to make lists, lists of things to do, things to see, things to experience. i am getting more and more excited about the next series of doctor who, that starts in the spring. aah it looks amazing. i have fallen in love with Matt smiths costume, i was a little unsure to start with, but how cool does he look?? and i love how i have seen a few pictures of Karen Gillan and she seems to have lots of different pairs of converse shoes! keeping the converse alive in doctor who still after the 10th doctor has left. I am loving her giant jumpers too.---she seems rather cool. they look perfect together. bring on spring 2010!!

Friday, 1 January 2010

11----is the new number

sitting in your room, sometimes can be rather odd.----i am writing letters, and sorting stuff out to send, throw away, store...and so on. i need a calm room. today was weird, man, its 2010...odd stuff!---i keep looking at my watch, and thinking is that right? time flies...i wish it would fly a little more as i am waiting for Away we go to be released on dvd..anyway, the main memories i will remember from 2009 will be graduating, my fine art degree show, going to Rome, the new friends i made, my favourite movies of the year--adventureland, 500 days of summer, nick and Norah's infinite play list, milk, Star Trek, and of course new moon. i am looking forward to the new year, i hope it will be full of surprises.
i have just watched the series final of Doctor Who, and said goodbye to David Tennant. how i will miss him! he was simply fab. although, even though i am sad, i am super duper excited about the next series with Matt Smith---i am in love with his catch phase already!