Monday, 27 April 2009

party party..arty arty

eeeep...i am trying to be busy as a bee at the moment!!! and trying to get lots of work done for uni. ahhh i don't have much more time left at uni. during my busy few days i have had lots of fun. we had a roof top bar-b-q in our flat, it was amazing, and it was my idea!! hehe. we had yummy food, and a drink. very summer-like. with lots of fun summer music playing.yay happy birthday to me...again!!! i had a mini party and we all went out on saturday night to a really cool club. lots of fun music!studio fun fun fun fun fun.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

08.55..and still waiting

i had a wonderful and fun birthday. i woke up very early on my birthday morning at like 7!!..and i was surprised, still waking up early like i am a little kid..he he. crazy stuff. while i waited for my flatmates to wake up i opened presents from my parents (that they had given to me to take back to uni) and yay i got a Polaroid camera!! so early morning i was taking lots of pictures.once i heard that everyone was up i when into our living room/kitchen and there was an amazing banner of my name with lots of drawings of Seth rogen (i heart him). And i also had a Dora balloon!! :) i opened presents from my housemates and i got a watchmen figure, twilight director. book, a twilight keyring and a beautiful parrot pin. then we went out for ice cream. and two of my friends needed to give me my birthday present...and it was A GOLDFISH!!! was mega weird walking to the pet shop..i was wondering what the hell was going on, and then i picked out the coolest fish, i think i have called him Sheldon. i went out for dinner with my close friends who i love so much. and it was so yummy. and we all wore party hats. we also went out for drinks. :)i had some lovely cakes on my birthday too. :) the little purple hippo cake is from my friend Claire..its so cool!! the hippo is a plastic ring!!! and a giant chocolate cake from my flatmates.
and so my birthday is over for another year. onwards and upwards, lots and lots of work to be doing. my desk in the studio is so messy and full of bits and pieces. i finally got my lovely friend Kay to draw me an amazing piece of work, that will be hanging on my wall very very soon. i had to keep asking her all day long, but she finally drew me a picture. and isn't it amazing??!?!?! check her cool blog out! secret ginger

Monday, 20 April 2009


ah, only a couple of hours i am officially 22!!! eek. ah it seems so old. but onwards and upwards. i am going on a fun surprise adventure with my lovely friends tomorrow, and i cannot wait!!! i don't really like my own birthdays, i love other peoples birthdays. but i am hoping fun will be had tomorrow!! :)
i think i will go to bed in a bit, and watch twilight, so i can drift off to sleep thinking of wonderful things.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

through the window

so i am back at uni!! and i had some wonderful post waiting for me. thank you very much!!! :)
its odd being back in my room..with my bits and bobs and trying to get on with lots of work. i will hopefully have some photos very soon.
i went to the cattle market very early this morning, in search of some wonderful finds. and i did find some treats. :) i am currently on the look out for lots of different plates. any odd, cool, pretty, weird plates. all i can imagine is having a collection of all different plates and when friends come round they don't know what plate they will get to eat off of..he he. i also found an old video camera, which is amazing. and some sheets of music..which i like even more because they have been drawn on and added to. i am in love with old things.....oh i also have some 'hello my name is...' stickers!!!!!! eek.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

shes got a ticket to ride...

just a tiny post before i head off to catch my train back to uni. ah its so weird thinking this will be the last time i go up there before i finish. but i do have company on my train journey and lots of heavy bags!! its my birthday this time next i have had to take my presents with me!! oh cute story, as i was writing this post in my computer/study room at home, i saw these tiny tiny bears which my lovely nan got me when we all went on holiday when i was younger. it has made me smile. :)

Monday, 13 April 2009

a day in the shed

so a fun a odd weekend was had. meeting up with my dearest and most wonderful friend..and also meeting up with a very old one. fun times were had sitting in the sun on the grass, watching the world go by and talking about the fun times.
i had a lovely cute Easter filled with 2 chocolate eggs, my mum's wonderful chocolate Easter cake, and still listening to my twilight soundtrack on repeat while writing my essay..which i am glad to say is all complete. :)
i went to my grandparents house today to hang out and to visit them before i go back to uni tomorrow for the last time! eek. its weird thinking about that. anyway fun times were had with gdad hanging out in his cute shed, while nan brought us cups of tea. then having lunch on nan's old plates, i used to have as a child visiting nan and grandads house.i am kinda scared at the fact when i get back to Nottingham tomorrow i only have 5 weeks until all my work is due in!!! i need to start getting scared! and its even more scary thinking my uni life will be over so very soon.

Monday, 6 April 2009

standing under the pink magic trees

my friends have sadly gone home now..i was very sad this morning. :( but then i realised that it was a beautiful sunny and happy day. i went for a little walk, and i was so happy to see a pretty little tree with pink blossom, and to make it even more magical the wind was blowing and the petals off the tree. oh and i also found a cool tree, which looked like an eye..well i thought it did anyway!eek, also today was a wonderful day because twilight came out on dvd today!! yay happy happy times! although..i can't watch it until tomorrow as i said i would watch it with my sister who also loves it, and she is in London at the moment. oh also this photo was inspired by the lovely lina. I love her dvd/face/photos!! you are awesome lina!! ah i should be doing essay writing at the moment...but i just do not feel like doing it. i think tomorrow will be a good day to start planning out what i need to write. i have written a little...but i need to write more. so i have been drawing again and eating my mums home made orange cake. drawing again has been wonderful. i don't really draw that much now...and i miss it so much. my drawing skills are what got me into uni..well that's what i think anyway, because my portfolio was all drawing. i am not saying i am amazing at drawing..but at that time i didn't do sculpture. so yay...drawing with the most wonderful art material!!!