Monday, 21 March 2011

look at the stars camera stopped working. blah. stupid camera, i have had it for like nearly 3 years and now it stops working. the flash won't work. i have researched the problem on the web, and most people seem to say that 'thats what happens with this camera, one day it just stops working...' why didn't i know this before?!?!?!?! currently using my sisters olddddd one. hmmm...rant over.
so, this weekend just gone, my dad took me to the new doctor who experience in london, OMG, it was amazing!!! the tardis appeared before my eyes, and then you walked through the doors and stepped inside. walking around the console, hearing the noise and you walked over the grates on the floor, being able to fly the tardis!!!---and feeling like its actually happening, well lets say that it was the best day ever! and i got to go see katy perry that night too in london....BEST DAY EVER.
i eat this cake today...i felt like i was gonna be sick was awesome, how cool is are these sinks!!?!?!?!?!?

Monday, 7 March 2011

kinda awesome day

today has been kinda awesome.
first, a lay-in, which was lovely. listening to stupid birds making crazy nosies, was pretty nice this morning.
so mr postman brought me my new 'oh comely magazine'. i ripped over the envelope and pulled out the magazine, turned to the letter page, and there in the top left hand corner was my letter that i sent in. i sent a letter in a while ago, and they printed it! i eeeked out loud. well to be honest i flicked to the page and had a quick look and thought oh they didn't, then i looked closer and saw that they had. the letter was about me and lina, and how awesome she is a good day.
at the moment i am thinking about whether i should eat these crazy blue chick marshmallows i got in Brighton or keep them...what to do..what to do.