Sunday, 31 May 2009

flick flick, write write

today was filled with sorting out my room. while it was sunny outside. i was stuck inside. other than tidying my room i collected Spock pictures, flicked through my polaroids, and started writing back to pen pals, now that i have the time.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

summer dreaming in the sun

hello all!! just a quick note, if you have time you should check out; its the official website for my fine art degree show! have a look at other wonderful artists on my course, and check me out! just look for nicola! :)
the sky was ever so blue today. it was so hot as well. i went to the park again with friends. after the sun we decided to have a roof top bar-b-q again. the weather was really warm and the sky was even more blue, with not a cloud to be seen.
while on the roof, i found a cute bird shell.
i am currently still dreaming about new ray-ban glasses..which i want and need so badly!! however i need to get a job, and save money..but i WILL get them...and i have also been dreaming about Robert...ray-ban photo from google, Robert pattinson photo from here:

Friday, 29 May 2009

mr sun and mr blue sky

today went for a lovey trip with my even more lovely pals to the park. the sun was out and it was so hot. it was beautiful. the sky was so blue. a fun time full of laughs and wonderful friends. on the way home we walked through town, and the sun was still beautiful. town always looks amazing in the sun. once we got back to our flat, i cracked open a box of these cute little chocolate biscuits. they have the coolest pictures on. i will have to start packing up my uni room very soon. it gonna be very sad. my family are coming up next weekend for my private view/show, so i need to pack quite a lot for mum and dad to take home. i only have a few weeks until i leave...its going to be weird...mega weird.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

fun filled day of nothing-ness...

it was a fun filled day of nothing-ness really. but it was nice, to take it easy. i got the 5th Scott pilgrim book today, and i am really looking forward to reading it tonight !i also treated myself to some beautiful jeweller---all bird themed!!! i have also got a 'love' necklace', which 5 of my friends have, its kinda like a friendship necklace.
today i went with friends to see coraline in was amazing!!! the animation was beautiful, and i really want blue hair now! :)
this is a happy childhood award from lina, it is part of a tag as well where you are to show photos of childhood memories. hmm i do not seem to remember much from my childhood, but a few certain things always come to mind. kinder eggs- the first time i had a kinder egg was back when i was little and i went on holiday with my family. we stayed in this cute flat in a seaside town. we found some small old toys on a shelf and we didn't know what they were. once we found out they were kinder eggs toys, my grandad brought me one every day while we were at the flat from the shop underneath. and i have loved them ever since. and i still have them now, and it will always. other memories are a viewmaster, Polly pockets, and video tapes. (first 3 images are from google, and the last one from Winklepower) i now tag Looking Through Mauve-Colored Glasses, The tea drinking english rose, Tic-Tac-Tomato, and secret ginger.
oh.. and lastly i needed to add this photo to the post....hotness. (sorry i am not sure where this photo is from!!)

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

final countdown is over!

hello all!!! i am finally finished! i have finished uni! eek!!! it is so scary. i finished yesterday at 4'o'clock..on the dot, while we played 'the final countdown'. friends that i had made in three years were all in the same room, shedding tears, hugs, photo taking, and one giant photo with the whole year, which back in year one was over 100...and now just 68 made it to the end. we all went out last night for drinks and fun. so my work will be marked soon, and then it will all be over. i should hopefully have some pictures up of my final work on my private view night which is the 5th! eek, hopefully it will be a lovely night with my family coming up to see all the now i am finished i can be on here now!!! yay yay!! i missed my blogs birthday, so i have had my blog for over a year now, and i love it so much. i didn't really know what i was doing when i started but i love it so much. and i am even more happy that people do like to read it, and want to speak to me. thank you all, you are beautiful, and you make me smile everyday. :D i have not really been up to anything at the moment because of work, so i probably don't have anything that interesting to say. although a funny thing happened to me the other day. at uni we have this section in the studios where people can put bits and bobs, materials, paper, and anything really that they do not need, that someone else could use. its an amazing place :) well i was looking through it the other day and found some Dazed and Confused magazines. these are really odd magazine like back to 2003, i found a Eva green cover and a Franz Ferdinand cover. i picked these up and went back to my space. i was then flicking through the magazines and saw the pictures of Franz. i thought i recognized some of the photos....and then i realised where i had seen these pictures before. in college i had looked through some magazines and found a picture of Alex (which i loved) and photo copied the photo. the photo copy has been on ever wall since college..which would be about 3 years! and now i have the original!!!! eeeek. now onwards and upwards.
i got tagged by my lovely pen pal from lina to write about my 5 current obsessions :)
1) Mr Zachary Quinto.....hmm...i have been a little obsessed with him since heroes, right at the start. and even more now. :)2) after weeks and weeks of waiting for my work to be due in, i got to go see Star Trek today! and yay yay, it was amazing. i loved it so much. funny, breath-taking, and amazing special affects!3) Kristen Stewart...I LOVE HER! she is beautiful. and i cannot wait to see adventureland! i really really need a games, games, games tshirt.4) Scott Pilgrim books. i have been re-reading them during spare mins while i have been trying to my work, it has been my salvation during my work. i am going to go buy/or order the 5th book tomorrow.5) Candy Corn....hmmm its all i can think about at the moment. but i have never ever tried it before. we don't have it over here in the UK. i am going to go to the cool American sweet shop in town tomorrow and buy some, if they have any. although it is so expensive in this shop...aaah. i now tag Let Nature Be, A Drawing Journal, my paper heart, The tea drinking english rose, and drinking in the morning sun- who is new to the blogging world!!! please please check her out! her cute illustrations/comics :)
while i have not been on here, i got an AMAZING award from The tea drinking english rose. i will now give this to secret ginger, from lina and drinking in the morning sun who i would love to drink lemonade with right now. :)
hopefully i will be back on here tomorrow, if i have something interesting to say that is! peace and love to you all. :)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

not long now..

hey everyone, just a quick update. i have so much work to be getting on with at the moment, i have just over 2 weeks until all my final work is due blogging doesn't seem to be something i will be able to do at the moment. however as soon as i have given it all in, i will be on here everyday!! just a few photos of me trying to get on with my work, and my messy desk in the studios!! hope you are all well, and things are wonderful! :)

Saturday, 2 May 2009

sun outside, sun inside

today has been rather odd. it was a lovely sunny, and beautiful day. i felt as if i was going to get so much work done..hmm..yeah. i went downstairs this morning to get a paper and some milk and what did i find on my door mat, but some lovely post..all for me, from Lina. i couldn't stop smiling. i love getting post from my pen pals, they are so wonderful. and every little note i get from them i will always keep lunchtime i went on a little walk with friends, just so we could go out in the sun. we found a brand new sweet shop filled with jars and jars and jars of old, new, fun, yummy sweets. it was amazing. i found some sweets me and my sister got on holiday last year!! so i got some and will be sending her some..i also got myself some. and they are so nice. today i found a cute bargain, i went into a charity shop today (as i couldn't go to the cattle market today) and found a cute pin, its an umbrella, it is so pretty. while we were out i wanted to get another ring, so my friends let me go into the cake shop and get another ring. i got another Dino ring..he is pretty cool.i forgot..a while ago i got vanity fair, and it was all about comedy's new legends..i am sure you have seen it. i have never laughed so much while reading a magazine. the photos were amazing!!! and so so so funny. all the photos can be found here. the photos consist of stars like Seth rogen, Jason segel, Jonah hill, Paul rudd, Bill hader, Anna faris, Jason bateman Leslie mann and many more. all of which i love. i should of wrote about this before, but i found myself picking up my copy today and having a look through. :) comedy is great. Seth rogen is my all time crush.