Friday, 30 March 2012

you ready yet?

The weather has been beautiful recently, and has really put me in a good mood. All week, i wanted to go for a walk in the sunshine, to you readywear my sunnies and have an ice cold cider in a pub garden.
Also this week i have had a few rather long shifts, and have been working quite hard...night shifts and all that. coming home really early in the morning has been really nice. listening to the birds and the fact its really light out now in the mornings is lovely. anyway, after a long night shift i came home and slept for a little bit, and then I went to Canterbury with my friend Sarah. it was time to get our comic books. I really need a new comic book to get into...and i think i have found it. Although i am feeling the need to start up a batman or something. Any recommendations?
I found these beauties. Jane Austen in comic book form?!? and they are made by marvel. I hope they do more of her stories.

The whole week has been super sunny. i think went on a picnic yesterday with Charlotte and Mel. So many types of random foods and lots of sun. Charlotte took these photos. I love her.
I cant wait for my birthday, purely just because i really need a week off work...and also because my friends are coming to stay. Plus, i have the Harry Potter Studio Tour that week too. GAH. too excited. getting freaked out about turning 25 though. same age as Darren Criss. i really dont know why i wrote that last line...i really can't think of a reason.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

all new indeed

ok, so a few things have been happening recently. i seem to be spending far too much time with my friends Ella and Charlotte. they are crazy, and we like to go out to eat and sing along to Taylor swift really loud. ah, its great.

i went to London the other night to meet up with my friend Claire. we went for dinner and then went to see Zach braff's new play 'all new people'. I was rather excited as you can guess.

Zach is the genius behind my favourite film 'garden state' so to see him perform live was going to be amazing. the show was fab, and eve miles was brilliant too. while i was on the train up to London, Zach had tweeted that he was going a Q&A session after. So it was super-mega awesome to listen to him talk about his work, the way he writes, garden state, scrubs, being Jewish, and just silly little things. he is simply awesome. after the show, i went outside to this giant crowd waiting for him to come out the stage doors. tried to get near, and two lovely people let me go in front of them, so i got to the barrier, spoke to him, had a photo, and he signed my programme...he smile at me, and spoke to me. gah...pure love. it was annoying, because i had so much i wanted to say to him, but i really couldn't. the guy wrote and stared in my favourite movie...i just smiled and said thank you very much, because i meant it.

other than all that fun, i have been working really hard, and questioning the plans for the future---after i feel like a lot of people are pushing me in to certain things, sleeping, drinking pink lemonade, saving money, tweeting, hanging out in cute coffee shops, eating too much food, and planning.

plus, wanting this guy to be my boyfriend. he looks so cute, and happy...and not at all the type to screw you over. this guy has made me smile alot...and HES A PICTURE ON A TRAIN...what's wrong with me?!?! gah.