Friday, 28 September 2012


So ever since I developed my disposable camera, so many memories have been floating around in my head. Shelby asking me to say certain words, Maggie repeating words I had said in a British accent, Mayte making me laugh all the time---like all the time, loving and really listening to Amy and Natalie's voices---because they are just so perfect, Dillion singing while driving his car, and the cute way Lina says my name.
I miss everyone too much. I know we are all so far away from each other...but I hate how far away I am. I can't just get on a short plane ride, or drive to see any of them. I live in another bloody county. It hurts to be away from your family, when all you wanna do it sit together and talk.

Monday, 24 September 2012

RCF London

So I went to London to the Renegade Craft Fair the other week with my wonderful friend Charlotte. It was just what we both needed. A little trip to London, to bring out our creative sides again. It was all so pretty.
I wanted so many bits and pieces. The one thing I loved was that everyone was in a wonderful mood, and really wanted to chat with you. Ended up talking with 2 lovely ladies about Harry Potter for a while, and the giant surprise at the end of the tour. Brilliant stuff.
It was just nice being in London. I miss it alot. I love my little home town, but a city is where I belong. I can feel it. I think I am just missing Uni life, and the freedom that comes with living in a big city, where there is so much to do. My town is far too small. Blah. Adventure is what I need.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Yup, start singing

Last weekend I went to my aunties house for my cousin's birthday. It was lovely to see everyone, and catch up. Lots of cute little cakes, glasses of pimms, old school sweets, and sunshine was had. Hearing stories about my uncle, looking at photos when I was a kid and a bridesmaid, and other stories were shared.

Plus, trying to watch Doctor Who. That didn't really go very well, as there were so many children...and they wouldn't be quiet. So gave up in the end. Ended up watching it later in the evening with my cousins when everyone had gone home. Perfect end to a lovely afternoon/evening.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Saying goodbye is always hard

Saying goodbye to friends who are moving away is always hard. But spending awesome days together makes it easier. I have those memories to keep me going.
Life needs to change for me. Taking steps in the right direction at the moment, it's makes me feel good. And I kinda need that.
Doctor who was brilliant. Saturday's are back to normal now. They feel right. Loved it so much. So many feelings for everyone. Perfect. Perfect.
Missing my far away friends like crazy at the moment. I keep thinking about my trip and a giant smile comes to my mind. So much love.