Saturday, 27 June 2009

the art of trading

so since i have been home i have been raiding my sister's book shelf, and started reading Betrayed by p.c . and Kristin cast. apart from reading i have been on trips with my sister, and since she now has a car, its more fun. the weather has not been very nice always looks so gloomy, every day!! it is starting to be annoying! but even though the weather has not been great, it was so nice to see some countryside...i have missed it very much, while i have been living in the city. apart from that i have recently got really into artist trading cards. this is all down to lina, she is amazing! now i am not sure if what i have done is right, but i have just been playing around at the moment :) i need to learn more about how to trade with other people, which always sounds fun! these are a few i have made.i have also been giving this award by I carry your heart aka beverley and Sophia :) i now need to list 10 Honest things about myself: 1. I love the smell of really really old know the ones with tons of dust on.
2. I hate the feel of sponges...yeah i know its really weird. although i am starting to get over my fear of them. i had to help clean our flat kitchen's floor the other day..and i had to use a sponge. haha.
3. Deep down inside of me I long to be an artist...and i know it is possible, but at this point in my life i am not sure.
4. I would rather drink fizzy pop than drink alcohol.
5. I LOVE the gameboy game Pokemon.
6. I keep wanting to cry when i think about David tennant leaving Doctor Who, even though i like Matt smith, who is going to replace him.
7. I want to go camping with friends, like they do in the movies...well maybe not like in horror movies..haha.
8. I want to run away and live in America..right now, without even telling anyone! although, lack of money is a major problem.
9. I wish to be on my 'old people's holiday' right now!
and 10. Right now i wish i was hanging out with my friends...who i miss so much at the moment.
i now tag.... Mandy, Suzannah, sara, Jess, Allison, Amy and charlotte
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Sunday, 21 June 2009

goodbye to the city i learnt to love

so it was time to say farewell to the city i have grown to love so much. ah man, it annoys me so much that i have to leave my wonderful flat full of memories, with my even more wonderful friends, who will be my life long friends for the rest of my life.
ah i didn't like to see my room so empty. it have recently been filled with all my stuff, photos and pictures stuck to the walls, i will miss it so much. i loved the view out of my window, looking out over into town, which i am sure you have seen in other posts. i wish uni didn't have to end, and that i did not have to move back home. but before i moved back home, we had the graduation ball, which was lots of fun. i went with my flatmates, but found many of my course friends out. lots of photos were taken. at the ball, feeder, Calvin Harris and pendulum played. it was amazing. i was right at the front, which was even more that i am at home, i have so much stuff to sort out. i need to fit all my uni room stuff into my room....and that is going to take some time. plus i need to find a job. aaah how annoying!!! i will miss my flatmates so much, we all wrote each other goodbye letters, mine are beautiful, and i will treasure them forever.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

hello mr spock

ah crazy crazy times! not long left in Nottingham, and i am going home, back to my little home town. my show is finally over, and we had to take down all the work. :( if you have not, and wanted to see my degree show website, with all of my fellow student's work, check out
while i have been doing random things all week, i have watched milk. i cried in the cinema when i first watched it. i love it so much. i have also been watching yes man and forgetting Sarah lovely friend Grainne came to stay with me, and we went out for tea with our lovely friend Kay. it was beautiful, we had the coolest cakes. at the moment i am packing up my room...and its very sad. i am scared about taking down my photos, pictures and memories :( i really don't want to leave my cute little flat.
today i got a lovely surprise!! i got post from the beautiful Lina! my lovely friend. lots of cute bits and bobs! :) she has got me into artist trading cards

Monday, 8 June 2009

lots of art....and a sweet burger

so i have been sitting in on my exhibition, smiling to viewers, talking about the work, and just sitting there, just taking it all in.
while being in the studios i have gotten lots of feedback about my work, well laughing, smiling and a few people saying that the love it, which has made me very happy. other work i love from the show includes Ant's and Ben's work, which can be found on the website. have a look at their beautiful work. apart from sitting in the studios over the past 4 days i have been up to not much...well one evening stayed up late and blew bubbles!to finish off my final year at uni, we had a final fine art party at a stealth, which is an amazing club. we had bands play. but before stealth i invited people round to my flat for pre-drinks. then we all set out to the club. fun was had, old friends danced with, hugs, and loud singing. then a few of us went to a house party, but by 4 we were too made our way home...(i love this picture, we were walking really slow compared to the other in front, so they turned around and took our picture...hehe)(my friend laura drinkinginthemorningsun is on the left) i havnt been up to speed on these bits and pieces, but i got tagged by from lina to talk about my favourite things about summer. i always love how light it is in the late evenings, sitting outside in the garden with family, the nosies that summer makes, the sun coming through the trees. i tag whoever writes on this post! :)i also got given an award by from lina . eek, thank you very much, its lovely!!

about the award: "these blogs are exceedingly charming. these kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. they are not interested in self-aggrandizement. our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. please give more attention to these writers. deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."i now would like to give this friends award to the following bloggers/blogs: a drawing journal, looking through mauve-colored glasses, from lina, Let nature be, Modern Marie, Art Music Fashion and Random-ness. i know some of these blogs already have the award, but i love these blogs, and believe them to be friends. :)

Saturday, 6 June 2009

art art all around

eeeek. my private view was last night. i had a beautiful time, lots of art, drink, friends and family. i was pleased with my work at the show, lots of people seemed to like it, which made me rather happy. lots of small children were laughing and getting exicted to see the birds and rats. for my final piece, i had a large cage full of birds that i had made. there was then two rats outside the cage trying to help the birds escape. the cage was locked, with the keys hanging on a hook on the wall.i was pleased by what people were saying about my work, as i wasnt really sure how i felt about it. oh and lots of people were taking my postcards i had made. :) my birds were made out of found and everyday objects, i wanted to use them in the creation of creatures. i love to create something new out of the old and used. i really felt like the 'bird' lady, because on the night i wore my red bird dress, with bird pins, and my feather head band. i think people looked at me, and then my work, and then back to me, and realised that they were looking at my work!! hehe. it made me laugh.
these are some close up photos of some of my 'creations'. they are rather odd, and all made out of found and everyday objects. i like the fact people have their own favourites.
after my show i felt rather sad that it was all over, and that i would not see my friends for much longer. my family also had to go back home today, and they took my whole room with them!!! i do not have that much stuff left in my room, all i have i now on my desk, which i need to clean and sort out!!hehe. i treated myself to some cute biscuits while i type on here. :)i am sitting in on my show tomorrow, to check everything is ok, and i will hopefully walk around and talk to people about what they think of the show. :) so i will take more photos of the whole show for you all to see!! :) speak soon!!