Wednesday, 29 July 2009


apart from loving my new mint tin, all i have done today is sit in my room......At the moment all i can think about is Adventureland. I really wanna see it, but i have to wait until September!! that's when it arrives in UK cinemas!! how annoying! :(went out for dinner with old school friends last night. it was really nice, and rather nice.I was given this pretty cool award by aka Sophia..(my paste thing will not work at the moment, its so annoying!!!) Thank you very much! I think you rock my lovely!!! This award requires the blogger to list 7 interesting things about their self, and then pass on to 7 other 'Kreativ bloggers'. on with the questions, and show.
1. I want to be a full time artist or tearoom owner.
2. I can't wear contacts because i hate anything to do with eyes, and can't touch my eye.3. Garden State is my favourite movie..some people do not understand why, they always imagine it should be something comic-book/superhero-ish.
4. ..........(it speaks for itself)
5. My biggest famous crushes include Zachary Quinto and Seth Rogen.
6. I have always wanted a 'real' sock monkey, but have yet to find one. So I have a 'dogs toy'..its rubbish! :(
and 7. I want to leave Britain behind and live in America. I have always wanted to since I was very little, and I have not changed my mind. I want to walk home with my shopping in brown paper bags.
i was also given this beautiful award by thank you ever so much, its so wonderful! :) i will past it on to whoever comments on this post. :)
i was also given this cute award again, but this time from
also another thing i am thinking about is whether or not i should get my fringe grew out, well i grew it out for graduation, and now i think i miss it....hmmmm.

also a quick thank you for reading my blog, and commenting! i love you all so much! it means alot! :)

Monday, 27 July 2009

my fun filled weekend

So I am back from my friends lovely house in Brighton. and i had such a wonderful time. it was nice to see my friends again and just hang out. when i first got to Brighton, it was raining and did not look very nice. however the sun came out later on. over the weekend we did so much! on Friday once we had all met up we went to the pavilion, down the lanes (which are streets full of the most amazing shops), went on the pier, saw an art exhibition, had drinks on the beach, and went to an amazing cake shop.i loved waking up to green all around me. just looking out the window, and all is green! on Claire's birthday, which was Saturday went for lunch in a cool cafe/restaurant where i had pink lemonade, visited the castle in Lewes, went to a beautiful park, watching the sun go down, going out to a club on the sea front, and eating chips on the way home.on Sunday just before we went to catch over trains home, we had orange squash with the ice cube teeth mould i got Claire for her birthday, explored her garden..WHICH IS GIANT. :)I had a wonderful time, and its nice to be home now. I got a couple of treasures with some money my grandparents gave me for graduating. they consist of the coolest plate i have EVER seen!! and a cute bird brooch, which i cannot stop wearing! :)

Thursday, 23 July 2009

i heart you

so the post arrived today, and so did my amazing necklace! it was a graduation presents from my folks. i am in love with it. its by Laura of Glueandglitter you can get anything custom made! my necklace consists of a few of my favourite things, books, notebook, Polaroid camera, converse, cassette tape, 3d glasses, hello my name is sticker and a 'N' scrabble tile. you should check her shop and blog out!! thank you very much Laura.
my bean is still growing...well its grown really fast! i am going to plant it in the garden now!at the moment i am reading 'join me' by Danny Wallace. its about how Danny created a 'cult' by accident, and he doesn't really know what, as he calls it; 'the collective' is, or what join me means. its rather funny, and its good to read more by Danny Wallace.i went to see my grandparents today. and also sat in the garden with my mum, as the weather has been wonderful today. very sunny and warm.i am in love with this badge.

off to Brighton for my friends birthday tomorrow! i cannot wait! it should be loads of fun. hopefully i will be back after the weekend with lots of photos!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

why the rain? why today?

so my weekend begins going to my film and comic convention in London. it was a lovely day. the train journey could have been better. but once we got there the sun was shinning! the only sad point of the day was that Peter Facinelli forgot his passport so could not be there on the Saturday!! :( however i did get to meet Justin Chon- who plays Eric. he was so lovely! and rather funny! i couldn't stop laughing. i also met Alex Meraz- who plays Paul in new moon. oh he was rather hot in real life! :)i spent a little money..hehe. and found wonderful gifts for my sister and my friend.on Monday it was time to head back up to Nottingham to graduate! eeek. all day and night i was so scared. but in the end it was ok, and rather sad, fun...and a little more sad. i will miss my favourite city and my beautiful friends. the journey home, wasn't very nice. lots of traffic...and even more rain....its nice to be home.