Wednesday, 28 April 2010

gosh, indeed

so i am now 23...hmm its doesn't feel and different, but when i think about it it kinda does. odd---ness. i had a fun chilled out birthday. two of my lovely friends from uni, laura and claire, came to visit, and stayed. it was really nice to see them and hang out. i got lots of really cool presents and cards from family and friends. lots of books and dvds to read and watch.the past few days have consisted of trips out with friends, meeting my sister's boyfriend, hanging out with friends, roast dinners, late night shifts at work, late night shopping for books on amazon, writing postcards for a friend, falling in love with characters from glee, eating lots of birthday cake, getting tickets for gigs, partying with friends charlotte and mandy and reading.
i need to make more art, write more letters, read more books, cut out more pictures, send more letters/packages, meet more people...that's a few things i need to do.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

only a few more hours of being 22

....and so its just gone half 9 at night. tomorrow i turn, that seems so old. well, i guess it is kinda old. life is passing by, i need to sort my life out, do things that i really wanna do, go places, meet the people, live more. i am getting to the stage where i don't really like my birthday, i love other peoples, its just mine...its weird i know. i am looking forward to eating cake tomorrow.

Friday, 16 April 2010

its friday

man, i have not posted in such a long time. well its feels like a long time.
i am currently; enjoying sorting out stuff in my room and moving things around, waiting for my garden state poster to be ready by the framers, eating orange tictacs, watching the office, giving presents to friends, and thinking about how i am going to be another year older.
i watched whip it the other day, and loved it. i know ellen page and ali shawkat are two of the coolest people in the planet, but they were both EVEN cooler in this movie. i loved how much ellen page's character made me really think about life, and doing something that you love so much, and if you don't or can't, how bad it hurts. awesome film. nearly made me cry too. ellen page looked amazing..i have the same calculator watch...i just need to work out how to use it.
the Glastonbury line up was released yesterday...eek! broken bells are playing!---if i get to see
James mercer i think i may faint...or be really really really happy.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

you know how i feel

today has been a funny old day. my head seems to be up in the clouds at the moment, not really thinking about anything to much...i am not sure if that is a good thing. lots of really random and weird things have been happening to me lately....its kinda odd and its kinda neat. its been such a wonderful day today, lovely and sunny...and i spent all day at work. blah! normally i would start at 7 and then be out by lunch time. today i started at 11ish and didn't get out until 6. it was a lovely evening out on the way home, so i did get to enjoy some of the sun.
i am now off to write fan letters to Matt smith and Karen you do! :)

Friday, 2 April 2010

a new era starts soon...

its good to be home. you know when you go away, and you have the best time...buts its always really nice when you do come home. i had the most fun with my uni pal Laura. we did so many things, went to a book-cycle, went to antique shops, went out for lovely meals, watched movies, went dancing, watched dancing, met Brian fortuna---he high fived me..(squeal), went on train rides, eat sweets, cakes, peanuts, crisps, met dear friends, talked about summer adventures, had a roast dinner, watched the final of dancing on ice, took photos, shared stories, got random late night voicemail message, listened to old stories, and filled more pages in my moleskin.
now i am back home i am not thinking about the adventures that lie in store for April. doctor who starts tomorrow evening, plus my birthday is on the 21st of April---and i am really looking forward to having lots of birthday fun...but at the same time i don't like my birthday...its weird.