Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Oh Austin, you were wonderful.

So Austin. How can I even begin to sum up this trip...well, it was bloody good. Seriously though, I had the best time. It's crazy how you end up becoming friends with people. The Internet and blogging gave me some of the most brilliant and most wonderful people/friends I know. I will always be grateful for this.
Seeing everyone again was just a dream come true. We all couldn't believe that it had been a whole year. And also meeting new bloggers was great too!! This was another highlight.
As I arrived in Austin a bit before everyone else, Maggie was kind enough to take me on adventures. She took me to the biggest comic book store...WHICH WAS GREAT. The hulk was there too! Well, a giant sculpture. 
We also went to the beach. That was an adventure! Rain, 4 hour drive each way, KaCee and her bikini shirt, rock candy, listening to the girls rap, seeing a parrot nearly get run over, and a small child being thrown out of the way.
America, to me, is so beautiful. Austin was no different. Such an arty, free spirited place.

Uncommon objects was my favourite store in Austin. It was like heaven on earth. So many treasures waiting to be found. Drawers and cabinets filled with all different treasures and wonders. It kinda reminded of a giant cabinet of wonder.

One of my favourite parts of the whole trip was going all the way to the top of Mount Bonnell. The view was breathtaking, and the image of Shelby lying on the floor will always be in my memory. 

While in Austin we all eat so many meals together, laughed so much, shared stories and took millions of photographs.

Other wonderful moments of the trip included;
- seeing the ice man at the museum of the weird.
- all the cute waiters, including the one Shelby left my number for.
- eating fruity pebbles and Captain crunch.
- seeing the cereal aisle at Walmart.
- seeing Maggie catch her ice cream in Amy's.
- all of Miguel's jokes.
- the photo booth in urban outfitters.
- Maggie taking us to the capital, and seeing it in all it's beauty.
- all the waiting at the airport.
- eating such good food.
- everyone getting dressed up for the fancy dinner.
- listening to Die Antwoord, and getting addicted.
-seeing Maggie getting her ear pierced.
- seeing the city at night, and our late night chat on the hill.
- Natalie's crazy faces.
-seeing the bats.
Getting on that plane was so hard. I cried far too much. I did get some strange looks. Saying goodbye always is so hard. 
But there is always next year, and it's Shelby and Sam's wedding. The plan ride home wasn't too bad. Made a new friend. Meeting people on transport is always fun. Back to normal life at the moment. I am craving adventure like crazy, and missing everyone dearly.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Back home to my normal life

I am back from my trip. I honestly don't really know how to sum up my whole time away. But I will. I will soon. And then I will get back to blogging like normal people do. I had the best time away, and feel so grateful for the friends I have. More soon. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

A rather sunny day

I am finally on holiday! Just finished work, and sitting at home drinking a lovely cup of tea. Just a little relax time before I have to go catch a train to London this evening. I can't believe I am flying out to Austin tomorrow.
The weather is insane at the moment! It's crazy hot! Getting through London and going on the tube in this heat is gonna be very interesting. Ugh.
Last minute packing to do in a bit. I think I have everything sorted...well, I hope I do.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

LFCC---oh yes.

So last weekend was LFCC, London Film and Comic Con. The best con of the summer. Last year I had the best weekend. Met some of the most amazing people, who are now my dear friends. There wasn't lots of famous people I wanted to met, but just went to see friends and meet new friends. After work, I caught the train to London and got straight on the tube to mine, Sarah and Elspeth's hotel. It was very small, but perfect for the centre of London! And price wise too! Lovely area as well! 
We got on the tube to Earls Court to meet Joe and Stephen. The queue was giant. Had an awesome pre-view evening meeting the Hoff and lots of faces off of Instagram. It was nice people coming up to me in the queue congratulating me on winning a signed Much Ado poster by Joss Whedon on twitter....that was strange and nice.
Saturday morning was insane. Giant queues. But the day was fun. Lots of videos were taken of my friend Joe. He's such a show off. He's awesome. After the con we decided to go see Much Ado. This made me happy as I hadn't even seen it yet! No cinemas near me were showing it. 
The cinema was wonderful, and the movie was beautiful. Alexis and Amy were complete stars. Fran was perfect. And Nathan and Tom made me laugh far too much. I am so excited to meet Alexis and Amy at HW5 now. After a perfect evening, it was time to get the tube back to the hotel, at which a Rolling Stones gig had just finished...crazy tube mayhem. 
The last day was sad, mostly because people had to leave and I was so tired from the weekend. Met lots of awesome people, and made many new friends. Sunday was chilled out until it was time to go home. On the train home I was following the tennis on my phone, until we went through a tunnel. When we came out there were giant screams on the train. Knew Andy had won then. Also coming home to my poster signed by Joss was a perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Glastonbury 2013

So it was that time again. All that waiting back in October to see if we could get tickets...and now it was time to go. I crossed my fingers and toes for glorious sunshine like my first Glastonbury. Last time was horrible. All the rain and mud: I know that's what makes a festival, but when you get wet, and can't get dry, after a while it kinda gets annoying. Anyway, the sun was shining on the Wednesday morning. Loaded up with giant rucksacks, we trekked across the fields to get a camping space. Got the tent up, then went for a wander. 

I love this festival so much. It's such a friendly and happy festival. We ran into a lovely lady playing the piano and a giant crowd of people singing along. That made me smile so much. Posted postcards to friends while I was there too. Went to the silent disco and made lots of new friends. I lived in the Acoustic tent again this year. It's my favourite. Rainy Boy Sleep was wonderful, and even got to chat to him after his set which was lovely. 
Queued and waited 3hrs to be at the front of the Other stage to see Two Door Cinema Club. And it was worth it. I love this band so much, since I saw them at my first Glastonbury. I listen to them everyday. Dancer and cried a little. And also saw myself on tv when I got home...that was weird. Noah and the Whale were perfect, as where Mumford and Sons. I just had a brilliant time.
Also, managed to get into heaven one night. Queued for ages, then got to a booth, in which you were asked if you had a tattoo. If not you were given a temporary one. Then you go to another booth, 'the desk of judgment' at the desk you are then asked my you should be allowed on heaven. I can't even remember what myself and Laura rambled on about. We had to tell secrets and other odd stories. And then we were let in. You get given a bag, and you can take your shoes off. And inside heaven is all carpeted. So you can party in all these little clubs on carpet. And they are prover flushing toilets, with mirrors, hand soap, and they are cleaned after each person has used them. Pure joy. Oh and apparently Prince Harry was dancing around in heaven. Looking in a proper mirror was horrible because its then you find out how bad you actually look, plus I was sunburnt too. Double ugh. 
But I had a super time, and was very sad to leave the farm, but very happy at the idea of a warm shower. 

Stuff that happened ages ago

So, blogging hasn't really been happening recently. And to be honest it should. I have been quite busy, but I should of really made the time. 
Anyway, interesting things to talk about, I got new glasses, I got a new phone, I queued for like 12hrs to see Joss Whedon talk about his new movie.
Ok, let's talk about that. So my friend Elspeth found out that Joss was doing a free talk in the Apple Store in London. So we decided to all go. Really didn't know what time to get there, in the end we went early because we really wanted to go. So got to the store just after 7am...the event didn't start till 7.30pm...couldn't quite believe I was doing this, but it's Joss. Got to the store and there were already some people there. The next 11hrs were perfect. Real bonding with fellow Whedon fans, who are now my friends. It was a crazy long day, however I was sat in the front row, and listened to Joss, Alexis, and Amy talk about Much Ado About Nothing. It was so perfect. Joss means a lot to me. He gave me Buffy. And because of Buffy and his other work, I now have some of the greatest friends anybody could ever want. It was very emotional and very awesome to have seen him. I didn't meet him, but that didn't matter. Joss is boss. And it's one of the greatest things I have ever done. Listening to him talk about his work was perfect.