Thursday, 22 January 2009

my brain will work

ah sorry about the lack of posting!! i have been back at uni nearly a couple of weeks now. and i have had so much work to do!! hope everyone is good! and as soon as i got back, i went and saw twilight (again) with friends. and they loved it too!
my two big crushes still are rob and michael. i am looking forward to see nick and norah's infinite playlist at the end of the month! i cannot wait, i have waited so long. the book is amazing, and i am still a little confused at the trailer with norah asking nick to be her boyfriend, when it should be the other way around...but hey ho, i will let it play out and see what happens.we have got mid-point review coming up in the next few days. we are having an exhibition as well. its all good practice for our final degree show..eek. and we are having a party afterwards. so i have been really busy trying to do work and sort things out.
i have not really been doing much other than that. oh have been reading my moomin book i got for my birthday last year.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

and behind door number three...

i am trying to make something...but i have just got the materials. anyway...the sky again...i couldn't not take a photo of the sky today. i decided to take more because of my last post. i can't help know when you get these wonderful presents for christmas, and you end up having a little mini pile in your room..and you don't wanna take the items away from each other because that kinda means christmas is over...well i started today sorting them out. looking at what i had got and trying to find place for in my room. books and dvds went easily on my shelves, but i ended up playing around with my labbit for a bit.
a few presents i got for christmas included a couple of beautiful necklaces i got from my grandparents. they are simply wonderful. one of them is a small mark pawson, reversible necklace. its so sweet, it balances life and art together, as it should be. and the other necklace they got me was Pegasus' wings necklace.other gifts included; an odd star wars lego pen and 'mr toast' from my sister.and finally the 11th doctor was revelved the other night! matt smith will be taking over from david tennant!! i will be so sad to see david tennant leave, as i love him so much. however i do think the bbc have made a good choice! i really wanted someone younger and kinda unknown to take over. plus he has amazing hair! i can't wait to see what he will be like. oh i have also been tagged by beautiful Micaela to write 6 things that make me happy: i have done this before, so i am going to do what is making me happy at the moment...
1. reading
2. pepsi-max
3. alice-bands
4. new p.j's
5. hanging out with my grandparents
6. board games
....and now i tag anyone who has not been able to do this tag!! :) enjoy!!!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

games, games, games..

i have seen twilight 4 times now...oh dear! eek. ...the sky. i keep looking at it recently...i have no idea why. i just do.
i am so rubbish at lips/singstar/whatever its called!!! i like singing..well for fun anyway..i really cannot sing! but i suck at the game! my friend is amazing, she is a great singer i guess that helps!! :)ah so its that time again, that time that is meant to be fun, amazing, a new year!!! wahoo!! yay....NOT. new years is a horrible time. it is meant to be fun, but the night always seems to suck, whatever you do. i have never been a fan of new years eve...but i was invited to my friends house for a little party, which sounds fun...but i never have high hopes on new years. however, fun was had! and we did play monopoly..and what is new year without this amazing game! after snacks..more snacks and bits and pieces it was then time to count down.......and now its January...a whole new year. with lots to be getting on with!ah and i have just come across a movie....i really wanna see....Adventureland. it looks amazing. its from director Greg Mottola- who last project was superbad! and it stars The Squid and the Whale star Jesse Eisenberg. plus Kristen Stewart and Bill Hader are in it. also there are some amazing looking characters in the movie. it all takes place during the summer of 1987, recent college grad James Brennan takes what he thinks is a going-nowhere job at his local amusement park, only to discover it's a perfect opportunity to prepare himself for the real world. if you have not already seen a trailer, please try and find it and watch it!!! it doesn't come out in the states until i am guessing we English will not get it until the summer. :(
right, i am off to watch Into the Wild, which i have been wanting to watch for some time! hope everyone is well! :) and happy new year to you all! oooh wait, just found another movie i really wanna see!! Fanboys- "In 1998, five friends stole their way into history". Star Wars fans travel to Skywalker Ranch to steal an early copy of Episode I: The Phantom Menace....
what more can i say!!!! wahoo! plus kirsten bell is gonna be in it!- she looks wicked with dark hair!