Monday, 27 June 2011

stupid computer

Ok, so 6 days ago my computer stopped working when i wanted to post that i was going to i couldn't do it. which, made me sad. although i had a super-duper awesome time. the weather went from rain and mud--getting stuck in the mud, feeling so very cold from the rain to the sun and the heat---burning my nose/face and feeling the sun shinning down on me. i will post of my adventures very soon when i have a little time.
i miss the field....and i miss my friends.

Monday, 20 June 2011

with your heart

this little fellow was a present from my friend Ben. he went to Brighton, and went to the Lego shop...therefore got me a gift. i love Lego. so went out with my guy friends on Saturday night, ah it was awesome. i love having guy friends. normally there is no drama and they come as they are. went to Canterbury with my sister yesterday. after we gave dad his father's dad presents of t-rex vinyl, (the story of this record seemed to go on and on and on and on...), guitar ice cube maker, socks (of course!!), a queen cd, and sweets we went out for the day. it was really nice, although the weather wasn't. i am off to finish packing! :)

Friday, 17 June 2011

hello mr rain cloud

so the weather has been horrible today...rain, rain, and more stupid rain. i had the best lie-in in ages!!! i feel so refreshed now! nipped out for a bit today and got a new waterproof jacket for glasto, new stationary and other bits and pieces. this time next week i will be in the middle of a giant field, super cold, wet, covered in mud, listening to music with my best friends.
today i also spent time putting together packages for far away friends. :) mail-making is so much fun. and drawing...i have not had the time to just sit down and draw. its a wonderful feeling just having time to myself to do what i want. today i have also been watching Pirates of the Caribbean in my room while listening to the rain...which was awesome.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


the weather keeps changing----its so annoying!!! i want it to be dry for Glastonbury next week, but it keeps getting dark and raining...and then the sun comes out. crazy stuff.i got some post today. i got a package from jane, and it had late birthday presents!! :) i got an amazing moose stamp, ink, and a super cute notebook! plus, the wrapping paper is super-duper cute.

also, me and lina are asking for any photo ideas for our blog here--and--there. hope you can help us out! :)

currently watching: Katy perry's video for last friday night (T.G.I.F) on repeat---(i love Darren's cameo), making packages to send to far away people, writing lists, re-watching that 70's show from the start, and packing.

also!!!---i am on holiday now! for 2 whole weeks!!!! i cannot believe it! :) i just need some chill out time. working a whole week full time with no days off this week had nearly killed me! yay for a lay in tomorrow, getting up late, and staying in my pjs for most of the day.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


thank you very much for all your kind wishes. i am feeling alot better today, tea and hot ribena are helping. just this stupid cough...its so annoying. went out for lunch with my mum and sister, which was rather nice. and we also went shopping. normally we never have the same time off, so it was awesome to hang out. i got a very cute bird dress, along with a few other bits and pieces. plus, i got my sunglasses i have been waiting ages for...(damn me not being able to see, so the need for prescription sunglasses...haha).i am really looking forward to glastonbury...not long now. i just cannot wait to be on the hill listening to music with my best friends. just hope that weather will be, i really want an owl tattoo...i don't think i could get one done though. i change my mind to much to have a tattoo.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


i am not feeling very well at the moment. got a super-bad cough going on and a super sore throat. not good at all. being ill sucks...and its really annoying because when i am at work, people keep talking to me and asking questions, and its hard if half way through a sentence you lose your voice, and have to start coughing....makes me feel quite loser-like.

however my awesome friend Liz brought me some really cute hello kitty earphones...which i love.ok, i am off to drink more hot tea.