Friday, 30 July 2010

just keep swimming

i had a super amazing time last weekend, at my friends. it was so nice to catch up with Claire and Laura and do lots of fun things. we went to a comedy club in the evening for Claire's birthday, it was so nice to just sit and laugh out loud, and eat lots of sweets..haha, it was awesome. just hanging out was really nice. its strange because we all used to live together and spend all our time together, but now we hardly see each other, and we try to as much as we can. but we have all got different lives now...its strange.
other than that, this week has consisted of cinema trips to see eclipse and toy story 3, dinner with friends, drinks with other friends, spending money on the internet, watching everwood and will and grace on repeat, thinking about my future in art, enjoying work, laughing lots, reading the last volume of Scott pilgrim, making new artist trading cards, visiting my grandparents, talking about really grown up things, reading, and tidying my room...finally.

..i need to draw more. that's my new aim.

Friday, 23 July 2010

nicola is off to catch her train

i am just off to catch my train to brighton. this weekend i am going to visit my friend claire for her birthday. my other friend laura is going aswell. i cannot wait for an awesome weekend. lots of laughs hopefully, and plus we are going to a comedy club on saturday night! i have my ipod ready and a hopefully the journey wont be too bad.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


(a scott pilgrim cut-out that was standing around at the convention...i really wanted to steal it.)
i have had a few wonderful adventures over the past few days. went to London on Sunday for London film and comic convention, and it was awesome! i met a guy dressed up as the doctor, stole a stormtroopers gun, walked past many hot nerdy guys, looked at stalls filled with comic books, toys, posters and other amazing stuff, brought American candy, FINALLY got my hands on a Scott Pilgrim poster, looked at old comic books, saw a few famous people from a far. on Monday i went to London again with Mandy for an arty trip...which i was very much in need for. i really miss looking at art, and going to galleries, i really need to get back in the mind frame. anyway, went to the surreal house, ra summer exhibition and we also went for a look at the work currently in the saatchi gallery...we also had enough time to walk past noel clark on the street..i wanted to go up and say hi, but he was on the phone, it was still pretty amazing though! the art at the saatchi i did quite like, because for some strange reason i really loved all these quirky little characters i seemed to spot, they started to make me laugh.
i think i feel a little more creative now..which makes me feel alot better. i had a fun day. :)

Friday, 16 July 2010

...umm, hello?

(playing with doctor who toys is always fun)
today was a normal day up, went to work, then came home. but i did have a really nice chilled out evening with my parents. we ended up watching harry potter (the 5th movie). i really do like that always makes me laugh, and makes me sad. harry potter movies are the best, hands down!
i am looking forward to fun filled adventures with my friends, meeting up with friends who have been away for quite some time, going on nerdy days out, going on birthday trips to visit a special birthday girl, and just general going out for drinks with normal guy friends. its just the waiting that annoys me. as i am in need of some creative ideas, hopefully will be going to visit lots of galleries on monday---i need to see some art!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

magic in the air

i had the most, random and coolest weekend. my mum was reading the local paper the other day, and she read at Matthew Lewis, aka Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter was opening a local school fete. i jumped up and down and said that we had to go. so on Saturday we nipped down, and when we got there, there was a raffle---in which you could win lots of harry potter wonderful-ness, like a book signed by lots of the cast, a wand and other fab stuff donated by Warner Brothers and Matthew. i got four tickets. and then went for a wander. i then saw Matthew, who at the time was judging the fancy dress costume competition...there were so many tiny little harry potters, and some really scary dementors...eek. after the competition we had a walk round the stalls, and then decided to go. i saw that a few people were getting his autograph, and i wished that i had brought something to get signed, like a book..(like all the really clever people). i then remember that i had my journal on me, so went over and had a little chat with him, he was so nice, he signed my journal, and i had a quick photo with him. afterwards i was so happy, it had really made my day. the rest of the day was spent at my nan and gdad's and food shopping. when we got in, the phone rang, and it was a lady from the fete saying that i had won a prize in the raffle!!! i had won a copy of the Marauder's map which Matthew had signed for me! i couldn't believe it!!! its beautiful, and when you open it, it goes on forever!! it was truly and awesome day. the rest of the evening was spent in a pub garden going on and on and on to my friends about how amazing my day had been.
other than that fun filled day, my adventures have included bbq's, going out with friends on random nights out, buying lots of letter writing bits and pieces, congratulating my dear friends Rachel and Aaron on the news that they are expecting a baby, dancing around in the garden, looking forward to my geeky sci-fi convention with my equally geek pal Sarah, buying half price jewellery, and watching awesome films with my dad.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

as we know it

you know when you think things are normal and could be going well and it makes you feel a really odd happy feeling deep inside...and then they turn out not to...and you end up rather confused...yeah..thats life at the moment. ah how annoying. i need to get back to being that creative person i once was, i feel that i am losing that side of me..and its not a good feeling.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


today as felt like one of those normal days, one of those normal days that kinda gets forgotten about way down the line. just a normal everyday kinda day....sometimes normal days are good...but sometimes they just feel bad.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

do you get me?

oh dear. i seem to have a cold...a cold in summer!!! how stupid do i feel?? i felt really silly yesterday at work, trying to speak to customers and not even being able to speak! everyone at work was making jokes, in the end it was rather funny, but by the end of the day i really could not speak a word.
i have had such wonderful gifts in the post---and only just getting round to posting about them. i got such wonderful packages from Lina, Jane and Amy. you are such awesome friends! love you lots.currently:---i am getting super excited about Scott pilgrim vs the world coming out at the cinema i have been re-reading my books over and over, like alot! i pre-ordered the final book the other day, and i am counting down the days until i can read it. i heart Scott pilgrim!i am now off to drink lots of water, eat some super cold ice cream, and watch Shaun of the dead---as one of my friends yelled at me the other day as i have not seen the whole movie...i think it was due to the fact its his favourite movie, and he gets super geeky about how much he loves it, and that he knows all the words to the film, so completely obsessed. hopefully i will enjoy it. zombies and ice cream, what could be better?

Friday, 2 July 2010

the music is loud...and outside...heaven indeed

hello all...sorry about the giant gap in blogging. i finally have something to blog about. Glastonbury was one of those things that you have to do once in your lifetime, grated i really do wanna do it again. my adventure started with getting the train to my friend Laura's, and then going out for dinner for a fun filled catch up chat about life and its going-ons. then early next morning Laura's friend Andy and his friend Sam, came to pick us up. we then sat in traffic for 6 hours trying to get to the gates. once there, we had to then find a good camping spot...this took a while, after that we had to put up our tent, which was rather easy. after the tent was up we went for a wander and caught up with our other friends, which we then found out had camped about 15 tents behind us...which we couldn't believe in such a giant place. one thing i enjoyed about camping, was the fact you were always outside, and you could look at the sky as it changed all day and all night. one of the greatest things about this wonderful experience was getting to see broken bells. i was one away from the front row..which i still cannot believe, and being able to see James mercer's face sing, in real life, right in front of me, man, its crazy. and something that i don't ever think i will be able to put into words.during the few days i did lots of other random things. tried so many different types of food, got to experience long-drops, go to a silent disco, go down the rabbit hole--to a dance floor and mini cinema, watched a motorbike show which was crazy scary, drank lots of cider, sat in the sun, danced on the hill, and many of my other adventures can be summed up in these random photos from awesome time at Glastonbury....hopefully i can get back to normal blogging--ness...hopefully!