Thursday, 24 April 2014

The internet and it's magical powers

So I am currently sitting in a coffee shop on my second week off work. I have an iced moca, and a cornflake cake with little chocolate eggs on top. Of course I didn't need to go into that much detail, but there you go. When blogging you feel like you need to tell it like it is, well I do anyway. I always think about my blog as documenting life. My memory is so bad, I need this. I need to blog more, but as you all know, I say that all the time.
My friend Rhys asked me that age old question about the positives and negatives of the internet. Now my honest answer is that the word positive is the only word that springs to mind. I mean, the internet gave me so many wonderful people, who light up my life and make me better. Who make my life better, should I say.
As I have said before my life wasn't that great when I was younger. I mean of course I had a family who loved me, and I was happy. But I never felt I had friends who really liked me for me. I had a small group of friends I hung out with, but we aren't friends anymore. It just shows how sometimes you are just friends with people because you are stuck together. I think it's wonderful when people have been friends since they were kids, that bond must be so special. 
Anyway, skip forward many many years and I was at university with friends who liked me for being me. One of my best friends told me about starting a blog, and how she wanted me to do one too. Now back then I was under the impression blogs were all, 'dear diary' and I never wanted something like that. And of course I was stupid, because a blog can be anything you want it to be, even a 'dear diary' one; which mine ended up like. 
The internet gives you freedom. Freedom to be yourself and speak you options. We all know that can be a dangerous place, but as long as you are careful everything will be fine. When I tell people that I flew across to America to visit strangers from the internet, it always freaks them out. And yeah, that sounds kinda crazy. But it's not when you have been following these peoples blogs for years and years. Or are friends on Facebook. You can see them live their daily lives, whether that is them tagged in a photo by their friend or sister, the silly status, or moaning about work. You can't fake that. Plus video chatting and the power of iMessage. Thank goodness for that. It keeps me in the loop with my American family. Yes, that's right, they are my family. 
The power or twitter is wonderful too. I have made many friends through this. I think it's pretty clear I love the internet. I mean I met my boyfriend through an app. Then there is Instagram. Something I am far too obsessed with. If I could get a job with them, I would hop on that plane to America right now. 
I am so thankful for the internet, I am also thankful I am open minded and want to explore and see new places, meet new people, and make the most of life.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Let's just have a quick cuppa

I like tea, and I like cute places to eat and drink. I wish I could spend all my free time sitting in the most prettiest of places with a cup of tea or coffee in my hand.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Tea for two

Today I went to the cutest restaurant. I saw the cutest see through glass teapot with a beautiful flower inside. I had to have some of this tea. Ordered two different types of the flowering tea. The tea was really refreshing and felt like another form of green tea.
We wandered around today. It was a very relaxed day. Looking in cute shops and stopping for coffee and treats. Just feeling relaxed and not rushing around.
I really can't wait off my two weeks off work, I really need it. I just want to wander around without a care in the world. Not worrying about having to get home early for work or other things. Just being free to enjoy these beautiful evenings.