Thursday, 31 July 2008

apple juice and biscuits

today i woke up and felt great. i had a little lie in, which was so nice as i have been getting up early everyday to go to work. i ended up going to folkstone in search of interesting charity and secondhand shops. i am looking for anything that catches my eye...however...i did not have any luck!! i did not find one thing i liked!!when we got back my mum made me a cream tea! it was so yummy, and the tea was really nice too! i have not had a good cup of tea in a long time. later on in the evening i used my new little miffy cup with apple juice with a couple of biscuits (i feel like a big kid) while a watch a couple of movies tonight; not sure what yet, but i did get Little Miss Sunshine for £4!! so maybe that.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

"you know you have chewing gum in your hair?!?!"

today i wore my chewing gum hair clip to work....all i got all day is, you have chewing gum in your hair! ha ha, i was like..yeah i know :D people loved it.i brought my friend a couple of toy dinosaurs, and got myself a couple as they looked kinda know when don't really know what to buy, so you buy sweets, and funny odd bits and bobs!!! my ones are going to live on the top of my telly. also today at work, one of my work friends gave me a soft Wall.e, they should be given away free with a certain DVD but we have run out of the DVD and will not get anymore yay for me...he is very very cute.
i also got some lovely jewellery in the sale, a bargain!

Monday, 28 July 2008

currently loving...

currently loving....
-my sisters room- and all the odd things in there.
- playing old music.
-the fact my dad is playing his guitar's all the time.
-the fact i only really like orange tic tacs.
-my sister's odd, blue, hair gum.
-new music.
-the new star wars movie figures.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

tic tac toe

...i was a little ended up drawing on some tic tacs..don't worry, i won't eat them :)
having dinner in the garden later, its sunny, so it will be very nice!!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

feel good

...this made me smile! cute bottle top

ah a another lovely day at work...NOT...its so hot at work. ah well i am glad to be home, and i have sunday off. yesterday i went to my friends house, and it was lovely, it was so good to see her and hang out. i have missed her, but it was good to see her.
ah i ordered the second series of heroes the other day, with free art cards...but the dvd comes out on monday...but i got it today!! yay!! so gonna go watch the alternate ending and other bits later.
while checking on about my order i found a really cool heroes hoodie and flight of the conchords tee which i am going to buy when i get paided...i want them so much..these are my little drawings of what they look like. the flight of the conchords on is their poster jemaine made in the love!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

..maybe a movie?

ah i am going to order the first Scott Pilgrim graphic novel tomorrow..i am in love! i have wanted to get this for such a long time, but now i have some money, i can! *me jumping up and down*
of course i also found out that they are gonna make a movie based on the books; Scott Pilgrim vs. the World staring Michael Cera as Scott and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona V. Flowers. i am much looking forward to this..but its in gonna have to wait quite a long time.
plus also found out that there are rumours for a Arrested Development movie..hmmmm...random!! but it would be great to see some new stuff from them!! i love the show soo much. i did love how the series ended though..."i don't see it as a series..maybe a movie?"....or something along those lines!
...i am sleepy...need to get up early in the morning....

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

i spy with my little eye...

yesterday i went looking for bits and pieces that i could use in my work. for the start of this project i am just going to go out and collect stuff that i like, and then work form that. last time i did not have enough bit and pieces. i found some wonderful beautiful and horrible bits that caught my eye.
these are some of them that i got from a few charity shops;
i also got a small table, which was really cute and old. and an old suitcase/box.
today after work i decided to buy myself 'clean 'n go m-o' figure from the new movie Wall.E, he is so cute. i then find out from my friend that its one of the rarer i am not sure to open it or not...i was gonna open it...hmmmm.

Monday, 21 July 2008

convention a-go-go..a-went-went

ah i am back from London! i had a blast!! David Anders is so happy in real life! he was all smiling and talking! normally he looks sad and mean..but he was great. i went a little shy when i met him..he he, as you do, but not so shy i looked stupid! :)the convention was not as busy as normal, but loads of people came to see the other signers today. Patrick Stewart walked past me with all his minders, which was kinda funny.
we also went into the Doctor who exhibition at Earls was fab!!!! when you walked down the looked really messy..and bit and bobs laying about, but then you realise that they have made it like the basement in the first episode with Billie and Chris! and the shop dummies were moving!! they were loads of other costumes and props..i got to touch 'one' of David's suits..even though it says please do not touch. :)

i spent a bit of money, not as much as i thought though! i got some wonderful things, including heroes and Indy sketch cards, heroes figures, my indy vinyl figure and other little bits and bobs!!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

"the happiest drink in the world"

another fun filled shift at work!! its great being back and seeing everyone, and getting to know what they have been up to. one of my lovely work mates put this super super doctor who game by for me...its so cool. kinda like frustration, but a doctor who version. and it was only £2.59...peanuts!! so that has put me in a good mood.
also we are going round my godparents in a bit for a tea party/bar b-q!! last time we went we had marshmallow and biscuit sandwiches..yummy!!
i am getting into the tea party/any sort of party theme at the moment as i have just found a Babycham glass that belonged to my nan, which my mum gave to me as i do love the stuff..."the happiest drink in the world" ...however i am resorting to drinking lemonade out of it has i have no Babycham's...hehe. i love this photo of my hand...but i have no idea look so big!! but i still love it...weird....*giant hand!! aaaaah hehe*after watching the jetson's movie the other day i went looking for my really old pin badges of the jetson's i got when i was very small. i remember going into this old comic book store with all these weird things everywhere, and i picked them out. i love them to bits..i put judy on my i am off to my London Film and comic convention tomorrow, not sure if i will be back in time to post, but if not i will fill you in on monday. i can't wait!! :D

Friday, 18 July 2008

yay idea's are now A-FLOWING

arrgghghgggh...i don't feel my normal happy self today! this morning i wake up in a good mood, go downstairs and have a quick look at the paper while having breakfast...hmmm and what do i see an advert for? the convention on Sunday....but wait...Sendhil Ramamurthy is not on the advert. hmm later my dad goes on the Internet to check the line up..and it says; SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY is no longer able to attend. oh i am so upset!! i know he might be ill, or can't make it because of work commitments, but its just annoying that his name has been on the line up for months! oh well i have to stay positive with the fact David Anders is still going.
this is what i should be like..(even tho it looks kinda scary, trying to do the Wristcutters thing!!)
but this is me....last night i found another old video to watch; The Jetsons; Movie!!!! i love this movie so much, it makes me feel so young and happy. George Jetson is forced to uproot his family when Mr. Spacely promotes him to take charge of a new factory on a distant planet. the family meet very odd and different people along the way. full of fun and laughs. i love Judy, and always wanted her room where the bed appears from the wall moving round, and posters, and cabinets, by the touch of a button.i have always loved the Jetsons, and i am now trying to get hold of this on dvd. these are a few stills i took with my camera, not very good quality, but you i cant find any images of the movie anywhere!also late at night i had some ideas for my new project, which i am dieing to try out. i always seem to walk up in the middle of the night and jump out of bed and sit at my desk scribbling down these ideas. i am very happy my ideas are A-FLOWING!! i have waited a few weeks..and now they are coming!!