Saturday, 31 May 2008

"...if you want to live, count the shadows!"

another day goes by and i am sitting here again writing. ever since i have started doing this blog i always find myself thinking about how little i do with my day, or maybe i mean how i could be doing something so much more important in my day...but i end up doing my silly little things.

today started off alright, the weather was really nice today. not too sunny, but still it was warm in the air. i just did little jobs today like getting in some food shopping and cleaning the kitchen. ah it took me quite a while, but it was kinda fun in a weird way. it is nice to have a good old clean sometimes.

then spent the next couple of hours really looking forward to watching Doctor Who; Silence in the Library. wahoo another Steven Moffat story! he brought us the terrifying weeping angels in Blink and the spooky gas mask-wearers in The Empty Child...and also he is going to be taking over as the shows lead writer in 2010. And it was good this week!! back to the real scariness of Doctor Who, like the old days.

"I never land on a Sunday- Sundays are boring!"- The Doctor
After Doctor Who, i ended up chilling out for a bit, and then went out with my friend. She needed to take photos for her project, so we walked around town in the dark looking for forgotten places and maybe even creepy places...i took some pictures just because we were out and about...of a few places we went...

Friday, 30 May 2008

little toothbrushes....

ah what a new day brings...or doesn't!! it has been an alright day. very chilled out. i have spent most of today watching LOST and having a very big case of my head hurting!! but i feel much better now.

after watching LOST on my laptop it gave in, and shut it's self down! i then knew it was time to stop watching and get up and do something. I went for a quick walk outside to get some fresh air and the new cinema times for the coming week.

ah there are so many people out, because i guess it is still half term....but hoping that it will be lovely and normal in the next few days! yay. as i have been going to the cinema and seeing some AMAZING movies over the past week, Smart People, Indiana4, Charlie Bartlett (favourite one by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I have some tickets for 2 for 1 at wagamama's and thought it would be really nice to go out for dinner. so we went out and had some lovely food!! on the way back, what was left on our front door?? well these cute little toothbrush sweets!! Ha ha, it made me laugh.....that would be my photo of the day!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

play that record again!

ah still the weather is annoying me!! waking up to rain and then sun and then rain again. another day of pottering around town... i went to a show at a gallery today. The show was called 'Cover Versions'. it is an exhibition of recycled record sleeves- revamped and reinvented by Artists working in a variety of mediums. it sounded like a really cool show, but when i went and had a look i kinda felt bad. these really odd record sleeves had been painted, cut up, stuck bits to them...i know its all in the name of art...but it still felt wrong. some of them had been painted beautiful. there were some controversial ones, which included some Beatles and John Lennon covers with 'blood' (or red paint) and Yoko on. It still did not feel right that the artists had done this. It kinda felt like someone had defaced a book or something. But i then thought the records must have belonged to the artists. It was really interesting to see how the artists wanted to change the sleeves with their own views and feelings.

when i got in i started looking at my cds...i wondered if these will get defaced in a few years for the sake of art.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

rain rain...

ah another day goes by...not feeling great at the mo...kinda bored. Trying to find bits and pieces to do. i am not really looking forward to going home at the moment...but it would be nice to see some people.

I have been watching the IT Crowd all day today, both series! I got the 2nd series cheap. I have also found the easter eggs on the first dvd which i could never find. This has made me happy as I was getting annoyed at the fact I could not find them.

Ended up having a little walk down to forbidden planet and was very happy to see that they had new bits and pieces in the store!! they had these cool little "Buff Monster", they are little ice cream flavorways mini figures. I got a mint chocolate chip one, which i thought was great as it is my favourite type of ice cream!!

Ah while i was also in forbidden planet i was very happy to see a new set of Ugly Dolls!!! and they were a good price too!!! i got PLUNKO. he is very cute, and a wicked bright orange. he will feel right at home with my other ones; BABO and ICE BAT.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

"Viagra! Virgin! Vino! Vagabond! Vagina!"

I ended up going to the cinema today to see Charlie Bartlett. I am so glad that i did, as i think it is going to get taking off of the cinema.
Wealthy teenager Charlie Bartlett is really not fitting in at a new public high school run by Principal Gardner. Charlie's honest charm and likability positions him as the resident "psychiatrist" dishing out advice, and the occasional prescription with his partner and fellow student.
It is a wonderful film, full of charm and fun. A heart warming tale of love and fitting in. It was one of the best movies i have seen since JUNO. Anton Yelchin was amazing!! I can't wait to see him in other things like Star Trek. to dot day 2

ah did not get up very early today!!! so sleepy from the night before. oh and the weather was horrible!! rain rain...and more rain. the first band we had to see today was Jocasta Sleeps. they were amazing!! a great way to start the day.

we then had to walk all the way to the social to see Lena Rez who has a beautiful voice. however we walked all the way in the rain to get there and she had been cancelled!!! ah and then we had to walk all the way back in the rain. When we got back to Rock city it was time for Peggy Sue and the Pirates. they are a fun female folk-punk duo. they were really cool and loved how different all their songs were.
we then went over the nottingham trent uni and saw Animal Kingdom. they were amazing!!! i am so happy we went to see them. the lead singer's voice was so different from anything i have heard in such a long time. then straight back over to Rock city again to see Talk Taxis. they were pretty funky and had a bit of funk, blues and dance music thrown in.
after that we went back to see NO KIDS. i had been waiting all weekend to see this crazy band. before they started there was a comedy singer who keep saying "..bye". classic. NO KIDS made me think of getting spoons and pots and pans and making my own type of music, they were so fun!
it was then time to see get cape. wear cape. fly. they were really cool. the best bit was when we meet this lovely couple who told us all about all the other bands and singers they have ever seen. and all of the ones they saw at the weekend too. they were so sweet. straight after gcwcf played we ran over the rescue rooms to try and get in to see Santogold. it was a mad rush, but we got in! the place was packed. she was brilliant! good way to finish the night...however we ended up checking out Kissy Sell Out. He has the biggest grin in the whole world! :D

..beep 1

ah what a mad mad crazy weekend!! i have not had a chance to get back on here and write anything!! went to dot to dot with my friends at the weekend! it is so good to hear new music!! and up and coming bands and singers.

well the weekend started off at 10ish when we went to get our wristbands, and then went to see the first band at 3ish; Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds. haha, a class act! typical indie/rock stuff, very cool.

After we then headed off to rock city to catch Metronomy who are a band from Brighton. their shows consist of crazy dance routines and light shows, including push lights suck to their chests!!! Their music was amazing, and got the crowd going, we all loved them. i missed out on seeing them when i went to see Kate Nash so this made up for it!!


After Metronomy we then went to see 1990s. They we really good, and had some cool tunes. then we went off to see team waterpolo. ah however, we ended up seeing this band...and it was not team waterpolo..they were crazy!! and i was very upset and annoyed that i did not get to see them or the little ones!!! Oh i was so looking forward to seeing them. we ended up having a few drinks and then headed back home for a break and something to eat. We then made out way back to see the Holloways. they are pretty good, however some of the band members upset the audience..and it wasnt good!! however the music was good and upbeat!

After the Holloways i was really really looking forward to seeing Slow Club. the day had been a bit of a washout for me as the little ones were not playing. however Slow Club made my day. they are pure raw talent! amazing stage performance. the kinda mix indie and nu-folk. they had wonderful voices that worked so well together.


after we saw Slow Club myself and my friend laura stuck around the social to see who would be on next, while the others went back. we were so happy we stayed! we ended up seeing Jeremy Warmsley. we was brill!! he had such a different kind of voice, and wore wicked glasses!

After that we stealth to see Dan Deacon and the Midnight Juggernauts. Dan Deacon was crazy!! people were jumping around everywhere! Midnight Juggernauts were really cool too...but by the end of it i was just really sleepy!! and thinking about how we had another day to get through!!


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

..I wish I was smart

Had a wonderful day today. Went to the cinema to see Smart People, and thought it was brilliant. A very odd movie, but very moving. Watching Ellen Page make me want to watch JUNO again so bad!!...but not long now!
It was so nice not to worry about anything, and just take every minute as it came. It was a lovely sunny day. Ended up going on a trip to ASDA wahoo! ha ha...and ended up finding some doctor who pasta shapes! yummy!! me and my pasta shapes!
aah, been looking on forbidden planet's website, and I am in need so some vinyl figures!! the local store does not seem to stock much at the moment. However today I did end up buying a new Doctor Who trivia game today. I think i am going to have to buy something off of the website. I have an idea what I wanna get, its these little creatures called FRIENDS WITH YOU, they are so cute. A must must buy!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

"'s been a hard day's night..."

ah and the day is early over!! what a long long day it has been!! today we had presentations all day. my whole year had to get up in the groups and talk about their work. I got very stressed beforehand, and kept worrying!! but it all went fine. I had to speak first for our group. We got good feedback, and now my work is over for this year!! However, I do need to write a review about the 3rd show.
When I got in a was so tried, I tried going to sleep but it did not work. Before I came home I bought myself some Spiderman pasta shapes for my dinner. I also fancied a chocolate milkshake, weird combo! Anyway I felt a bit like a kid!! Later on in the evening me and couple of my friends had a quick walk down to the supermarket. The evening was really nice, but it is getting colder!! We got some ice cream and lemonade and made ice cream floats!! They were so yummy!! I have had so many different bits and pieces today, and I am looking forward to a good nights sleep!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

tell me something...

Tell me something..I will try! Today has been a cool day. Just hanging out and doing group project work. I really cannot wait until it is all over. The weekend has been very chilled out, which has been nice.

Over the weekend, i took a trip to Forbidden Planet and got some cute little keyrings.

I am now looking forward to this week. Hopefully it will all go well, and will have some fun. I watched the 3rd Indiana Jones tonight, and very much looking forward to the next one!! Also I must take a trip to the cinema to see Smart People in the next couple of days.

Friday, 16 May 2008

3D doodle set???....not

Had a boring day of work today. Handed in my research p today, so thats it for my work this year. I need to start next project very soon. I met my group for group project work and we got loads done today, so that was good.
After everyone went home it was nice not to have anything really to do, just to chill out. I got myself a 3D doodle kit the other week and i now had some time to try it out...however, it really doesnt work!! the red pencil is way tooo light, and doesnt work well...i was starting to think it might have been a joke set. I kept trying, it just did not look right.

I gave up in the end, and got my 3D glasses necklace (a gift from friends for my birthday) out. I was very sad that the kit did not work well.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

who lives in a pineapple...NOT ME

yayyay have now finished my research porfolio!! I am so glad that is out of the way! all day I have spent at this computer, or running into town to get ink or a folder, so this post won't be long as i want to get off this thing! I got very stressed today, but now am feeling much better. I had a treat for lunch; I got myself some Spongebob Squarepants shapes, and they were very yummy.
They put a smile on my face, as sad as that sounds :D

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

"I've been up here all night- thinking about this....thinking about my destiny"

ah what an odd odd day it has been!! i don't know if i am coming or going!! i have so much work to do, but cant seem to get it all done!...and then run out of ink! not much has really happened today, so finding it hard to really say anything of interest.

however! just now something interesting DID HAPPEN
I am sitting at my desk looking out of my window on the the streets below, and what do i see??? er why is that a Peter look alike??? hmm same while coat...same bag...same pose with mobile phone in his hand...why it could be!! of course i know its not Milo, but it still made me laugh...he moved before i could get a good people might have thought i was a weirdo taking these pics from my window!!!



watching the big bang theory at the moment which is making me laugh and forget about my work. i love this so, it makes me
SMILE so much!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

fly away peter, fly away paul...

After so much worrying, I gave my talk about my work. I think it went down well with everybody and I have a few ideas to try out next. I am now trying to pick out some of the better photos to show in my research folder. These are a few of the ones I will be choosing from;

I am also counting down the days until JUNO is released on DVD...ah such a long wait!! But having to watch Superbad to make up for it. I need to make sure I am getting my Michael Cera fix..*I LOVE HIM*

Monday, 12 May 2008 art all around

I am sitting here again after a long day of being an art student. With lots of deadlines coming up, I am getting very stressed, but not really showing it...and maybe not understanding how much I have to do. I have to talk about my work tomorrow, and not 100% looking forward to that....not at all.Anyway, back to the art in hand, one of my little birds is trying to run away. The light bulb bird. I am praying that it will all go down well tomorrow.
While sorting out my work I got myself a new cd; the long awaited Flight of the Conchords album!! Loving all the tracks, Inner City Pressure, Boom, and Business Time.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

"oh what a wonderful life"

I am sitting here trying to work out how I am meant to use this, and not having much luck. But i guess i will just have to give it a-go go!! I am sitting at my desk looking out of the window at all of the people down below..or lack of people. I would say that they look like ants...however, they probably are ants. For living in a busy city you would think to see many people walking around....maybe the heat has made people run for cover in the form of pubs. Buses and other forms of transport seem to be around. But no people.....
.....its getting dark now.