Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stupid thoughts

So much has been going through my head at the moment. I am questioning everything. And it's quite annoying.
What am I doing?! Like, really. Life is too short to just be making do. I need to just go for these things.
The only plus of all this, is that I have felt the true love from all of my friends near and far away. This means so much to me. They mean the world to me.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New year...let's go

So I need to be more creative. Well, I have been surrounding myself with super creative people, so I hope this helps. I want to paint and draw again. I have not really been arty in a long time. Instagram is my only creative outlook...and that's bad. Well, actually so is my moleskine. I will change this.

A happy new year

So, I really have not blogged in a while. I feel like Instagram and twitter are so much quicker. But, I am so thankful for my blog and what wonderful things have happened because of it, I must keep blogging. And get back to normal.
So Christmas and new year were busy. Worked most of Christmas, which was a shame, but nothing new. 2012 was a perfect year. I met so many wonderful people, who now are my dear friends. Going to America still makes me smile. And also want to cry a little. I just remember sitting at the cove eating s'mores, and feeling so happy. Sigh. Perfect.