Saturday, 30 August 2008

at the end of the day

went to work later on in the afternoon today, so i got to spend a little bit of time on my own at home. which was really nice. when i went to work today there was so much noise coming from outside. there was some really really really loud music festival going on. it was so loud we couldn't hear each other speak at the front of the store! it was very hot at work too...ah and the time dragged on for such a long time. i was working later tonight, after the store had closed...and i had to fill up the pick n mix......yeah it sounds fun, and it always starts off fun but in the end you feel very sick with all the sweet smells.....oh it was not good!!!
i went to the cinema with friends last night and missed big brother...(yes i am i BIG big brother fan, very geeky i know) and really wanted Sara to stay, because she is great! and i am so happy she did stay!! wahoo. i would love her to win, but i really don't think she will. (images are from the big brother website). Sara to win!!
got work tomorrow, so no nice Sunday lie in...well i will get a little, but not much. :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

doodle all afternoon long...

today was a really, not very great day. work was not much fun at all...the weather was horrible, and i didn't feel too well either. but when i got home, a few of my mum's flowers cheered me up. random photo of the day is of these very old blue head i found in my room. its from a vinyl toy but i forgot i had it as i liked the other head better...i got my crayons and pens out today for some for doodling this afternoon...i don't think i have done this much in a very long while. but its fun drawing again, even if i am not really drawing anything. i really do not know where these images/patterns come from...i guess it from somewhere deep in my head....well apart from the tic tacs!! :)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

doodle..doodle..not another doodle?!??!

doodle on the brain feels like a giant doodle. at work we were so busy!! we had the only working lottery machine in the area!!! everyone coming to get their lottery tickets! i got a ticket as i thought it was fate to buy a fact my first ever ticket (i have never played before...just because i didn't think i would ever win) and i was right...i did not win. well i can now stop dreaming about what i would have done with all that lovely prize money. did not do much else today, i worked all day, and am very tired...and have to work tomorrow to cover someones shift tomorrow. my head feels kinda fried...maybe why the random doodles are coming out when any pen touched a piece of paper...i was doing it at work too, on old receipts.i am thinking that i need lots of new lovely pens when i get paid, so i can go back to i miss it very much. its nice to pick up a pen and let ideas flow. (in my pen pot, i have an amazing superman pencil...however you cannot see it....BUT ITS AMAZING!! :D)

Thursday, 21 August 2008

honest to blog??

today we went out for dinner for my friends birthday. it was really nice to go out. at the resterant they turned out the lights and put on a happy birthday record and then brought the cake over, which i made!! :)i found these images of Kat Dennings from Mean magazine on flickr. they can be found these pictures are wonderful. i am in love with them.
also today i found these amazing candle holders, how are amazing are they!! they are from A+R Store. when the candle melts it creates "hair" for the little head. and i guess you could use any colour candle!! they are wonderful, check them out; aplusrstore i also found some other wonderful things that i would love to own....take a peek!! carve your own postcard, USB Drive "Mix Tape", One Year Of White Pages: (One notebook for each month of the year, each one demarcated by a tiny punch hole).

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

i believe i say..happy birthday!!!!!

ah i had the most fun last night!!! i went around my friends house with a few others and watched movies, and eat pizza. i have not laughed so much in such a long time. it was really nice. i drank toooo much coke last night, and this morning i felt so sick. so today was my lovely sister's 17th birthday, when i got in at about 2ish last night, i had to but her balloons, banner and so on up when i got in!! my parents had not even done it!! :)
my sister loved her presents, and was very happy. i then had to go to work, very early. when i got to work i could see my friends from the night before were very sleepy..haha, it was very funny.
after work i got to catch up with my wonderful friends (who i love very much). my friend The tea drinking english rose gave me this very cool thimble from her holiday in wales. i love why she got it for me. she got it for me because it reminded her of Juno, and Juno is one of my all time favourite movies, and she knew i would love it....and i do!! so thank you very much. also check out her blog, she hasn't been doing it very long, but she is sooooo amazing at it, she always knows just what to say, post, and she got me into doing it, and her blog is one of the greatest around!! check her out!!! :)
also for a little present for my sister, she has been going on and on and on about how she wanted some really cool cupcakes, but cannot find any...she loved my mint chocolate one i got along time ago in London, and has always wanted one since..... of course, i cannot do anything as good as that, but i did make her these, and she loved them, the smile on her face was magical.
we went out for dinner, and the sky was wonderful, the colours made me stop and just look up.
my sister's cake was so cute, my mumma picked it out. so very pretty :)
hope everyone had a wonderful day!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

a golden weekend

this weekend has been great for Great Britain in the Olympics!!! with seventeen Olympic medals - eight gold, four silver and five bronze!!! we are now 3rd with a total of 25 medals! all day i have been watching the Olympics! its kinda sad, but i love it. everyone coming together to support their country. i found the images from the official Beijing 2008 Olympic games. that can be found here did manage to make it out of the house to go to the cinema today! i went to see the new star wars movie, the clone wars. i loved it!! as soon as the music started...ah it was great! however, the ending was very odd, and not in normal star wars fashion. i spoke to my friend, who was not really happy at all. he is like the biggest star wars fan i know! and he did not like the beginning...hes a bit of a star wars geek...and i thought i was bad...hes worse! he he :D but i thought i was good, a bit of fun. the light saber parts were very very good. it looks amazing. (movie images from Google)got work tomorrow, but in the evening hopefully hanging out with friends, pizza and a few "good" friend wants us all to bring horror movies..that should be fun!!! i am the girl who likes the "odd" movies, (so i am told) and i got told not to bring any of them!! haha

Saturday, 16 August 2008

being wild must be fun..

today was the was fun day ever!! i had so much fun, and laughed lots! at work we were all giggling about silly little stuff, but i really felt happy about being home, and with all my friends. also today, my books came!! hurray!! it seems like such a long time ago i ordered them! i have already read one of them! but, its really of them has a few crazy pages. a few of the pages are doubled and then cut....i dunno if the book is meant to be like that, but it is kinda odd!! :)tonight i went to see Wild Child with a few of my girly friends...haha, none of them really wanted to see it, i made them all go as i LOVE Emma Roberts, i think she is wonderful!! .......and they all really loved it! i thought it was so much fun! just a typical girly film, but its nice to go see something that isn't dark, or scary or serious, it good to see some cheesy films once in a while. the film is about a really cool girl from L.A. who moves to England to go to a boarding school. but she doesn't wanna stay, and tries everything to get sent back home. go see it if you want some fun!! (images from movie and of emma all found on Google)
i am looking forward to a wonderful Sunday of chilling out with my family. we had a great day in the Olympics today, lots of medals were won!! yay for us! :D

Friday, 15 August 2008

where does the time go??

today fun was not had. went to work.....soooooooooooo sooo so very early..well, i don't know if it was really early..but it felt it..i didn't get any sleep last night. i was thinking about life...well my life. what i wanna do next. all i was doing was writing stuff down...crossing bits out, writing more...then i finally tried to get to sleep... before i went to sleep, i took this photo of my ceiling..that's all i was looking at when i knew i couldn't get to to these photos, this post is just really random photos i have taken during the day. most of them don't really have any meaning, just i had my camera in my hand, and felt the need to capture that moment.(ah i am totally in love with my Milo coaster at the moment) i am really missing certain people, things and places. don't you just hate it when you leave things like at a different house, and you can't get them for such a long time. or miss you friends smiling faces, or just go out and do what you wanna do...i do love being at home with my family and friends, but i am craving the city life, not a cute little town life. i want to so go back to uni now, and i want to get on with my life. i wanna get back to working towards something. i cannot wait to do something different, and move on.