Sunday, 24 July 2011

till the end

i went to my godparents bbq yesterday. it was really fun..although, it would have been even better if the sun had come out just a little bit more, like today. my godfather had the coolest birthday cake, he had lots of star wars cupcakes. i like going to my godparents parties because i am always referred to as 'the artist'...and people also always go on about how i was a bridesmaid at my godparents wedding when i was super little. its quite funny. FINALLY went to see harry potter tonight. yeah, i loved it...and hated it at the same time. i just think its because its the last one..and its over now. a few little bits annoyed me, but i think most people feel the same. it was still brilliant. i love matthew lewis even more now than i did before.

Friday, 22 July 2011

i wanna

so today was good. i am enjoying having two days off in a row. chilled out in the morning, eating cereal in bed while watching the 3rd harry potter movie, finishing writing letters, making lists, planning meet ups with friends and then watching starship again. nan and gdad nipped round for a cup of tea and a chat, which was really nice. then went into town in the afternoon, sent mail to friends, got birthday presents for friends, saw a beautiful green dress that i really wanted...but i couldn't get, as i need to save money. oh it was so really beautiful.

Saturday, 16 July 2011


at the moment i crave really crave it. i have been watching the glee project...i am so in love with everyone in the show!! Cameron is my favourite, and i kinda like Lindsay. also, i have the need to go see the new hp film. i have not seen it yet due to stupid hours at work...and this week i have even more crazy hours, like finishing at 2am. i think the cinema should show hp at 2am in the least i would get to see it then.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


so the the weekend just gone was awesome. i went to my convention, and Karen Gillan was there. I GOT TO MEET KAREN. BEST DAY EVER. i got the train super duper early on Saturday morning, and there was still a giant queue outside. so many people were there this was packed inside. so i had a photo shoot with Karen, and she was so lovely. i got to touch her hair, and have a little half was fab. i was really worried i wouldn't get to meet her and get her autograph as i had a high number, although some people had tickets into the 1,000, and mine was 588. went to a question and answer talk with her which was really nice, people asking for hug, giving her beautiful gifts, asking silly but funny question, one person asked her to sing and she treated us to a little bit of California girls. i met the cutest and coolest girls in Karen's talk. i sat next to them, and they were so lovely. i saw them later on in the day and we sat and had a little chat. they were so exited like me to meet Karen, we exchanged names and stuff so hopefully i will see them again next year. while i was talking to them the second time round, my dad and my friend sarah started shouting at me, hurry its our number now! (you have to get a number ticket for when you can go up and meet her and get her autograph)...quick hugs and then i ran in to meet her. she was so nice. i can't really remember what i said as its all of a blur, but i told her that she was awesome, and i that it was lovely to meet her. she said thank you, and that it was lovely to meet me too. my dad had a little chat with her about how good she is doing in the show (hes a loyal doctor who fan, watched it from the start, as he like to remind me)..although, i think she might be leaving...i have this funny feeling. best day ever.i got some awesome stuff as well as my Karen auto, that i will treasure forever, as you can see, i brought a frame while up there, plus my cute 'bow ties are cool' mug.also, i got some cute mail from amy...which was awesome. i will be writing back very soon. ps, i love the dalek drawing Amy!!!

Monday, 4 July 2011


so its back to normal life again. more work. its really nice being back and seeing everyone, although i now have double the amount of work to do at the moment, fun times. so i have an awesome time at Glastonbury this year. a very different vibe to last year. the first few days were rainy, cold, and cloudy. plus the whole field was just mud...and it was super hard to get about through the mud, people were getting stuck in the mud and losing their wellies!! but then after a few days, the day broke in the morning, the morning of the night of Coldplay the weather got better, the sun came out and i got super burnt. Coldplay were amazing, like, i was nearly in tears at how amazing and moving they were. other highlights including watching Mumford and sons in the rain...that was beautiful, dancing away at the silent disco, getting a temporary tattoo at the white ribbon alliance in aid of their charity and sending a postcard to my mum telling her how much i love her and how much she means to me, watching the crazy a capella group the magnets, eating biscuits and ribena at this giant London red bus at half 4 in the morning, and staying out so late on the last night that we got back to our tent at 5.30 in the morning, to sleep for an hour and a half to then get up to pack up and leave. just being in that field. its pure love. also, i went to see glee live. oh my goodness, it was awesome. i went with my friend Charlotte. we had glee-themed drinks when we got there. singing along all night. when lea came on stage...i wanted to cry! arrgggh, i love her voice so much. best night ever!
now its back to normal everyday life.