Tuesday, 25 November 2008

your brain looks wonderful

today i had to speak about my work to some people in my class today..it was a little scary, but i thought i did ok...well i hope so anyway!! :) other than thinking about my uni work..i am loving heroes at th moment- elle and sylar. they are amazing! i love kirsten bell, she is pretty cool.i am still counting down the days until i can go see twilight...oooooooooo...i wish i could go see it now!! its not like i can even listen to the soundtrack or look at the movie book...because i asked them for christmas!! hehe. i have heard lots of good reviews from other bloggers. i am very much looking forward to seeing it!!!!
i am looking forward to movie night with friends tonight..i think we are going to watch transformers. i would like to have a mini movie night every week with my flatmates. we all are very busy with uni, but i think it would be nice to set aside a few hours a week to all get together and watch a movie. i think i will ask them what they think. :)
The tea drinking english rose has asked people to post their home comforts...please do it on your blog, and let her know!!! but these are mine. my books!!!- books, magazines, pictures, and sort of collection of these things. books/magazines i always feel are moments in time, to keep forever. my jewellery- i always have to wear some jewellery, i love love love!! i couldn't live without my jewellery collection.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

christmas is all around

its Christmas!!!...well in little Nottingham it is at the moment. the German market has arrived in Nottingham!! and how beautiful it is!! lights, food, gifts...oh Christmas time! with friends, we went down to the market and had pancakes and waffles, and watched them turn the Christmas lights on.other than lots of yummy food, there are lots of wonderful gifts to buy. candles, jewellery, lights, decorations, toys; and wonderful toy robots. a lady and her very cute stall is here every year, she sells these cute tin toys. last year there was this beautiful tin robot that i wanted ever so much, when i went back to buy it, it had gone. i was very sad. this year she is back and she had the one i wanted! i was so happy and got him straight away, and here he is;all i seem to be doing at the moment is singing Christmas songs...it may be because one of my flatmates seems to be playing them over and over..buts its great! i love listening out and hearing her music. it makes me smile.
this ever so cute card is for my lovely friends birthday, but i had to share it with others. how funny is he?!?!

i went to see Zack and miri make a porno..so very rude..but so sweet at the same time. Seth rogen is wonderful, i heart him!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

fly away to a land far far away

i just wanted to post a picture of my wall.. as the very wonderful The crow and the crab posted a picture of her wall and i thought it seemed like a good idea...so here is mine! :)
another day goes by..listening to people talk about art...and me making art. i thought i would show you a little pic of my studio space...(i need to take photos of my work for a talk i am doing next week, and thought i would take one of my space)
just a few more pictures of my little landscapes...today i started to create one of my creatures...i will keep you posted on how its going.
yesterday i went looking through a few vinyl bins and found an old Stevie nicks album, i love the image so much. my dad tried to get it for me a while ago...its fab. and it was only £1.80.
....oh yeah i also forgot to say about these napkins at the exhibiton. one of the artists that belongs to backlit saw damien hirst in new york walking down the street, she asked for his autograph. he wrote on a napkin; his autograph plus a little drawing of a shark. so a few artists at backlit deciced to spend all day trying to recreate this on napkins just for fun, and adding their own style to each drawing. they created loads of hand drawn ones to give away with drinks on the opening night....and here is the one i got with my drink! just a bit of fun! :)
i am just watching the holiday...oh it makes me wish it was christmas time...and that i was at home...i cannot wait!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

art and stuff...

I was tagged by The tea drinking english rose to do the 'seven random things about me'

1. I am really scared of birds, but i love bird jewellery.
2. I try to read a newspaper everyday.
3. I am in love with Video tapes.
4. I hate the feel of sponges...but love Spongebob Sqaurepants.
5. I am in love with the smell of old and new books.
6. I like to collect toys.
7. ♥I am in love with Zachary Quinto at the moment...he plays the banjo :)
right i think most people have done this tag...so anyone who wants to do it, do it, enjoy! but i will tag a few people :)
the very cute- The crow and the crab
the amazing- Let nature be
the fun loving- Paris Tarts
the fab- Rather-robyn
I have not posted in such a long time...i have had a very long week! on Monday i was lucky enough to be able to go to Backlit, who are a group of artists who have formed after leaving uni. i was able to do some work at their AMAZING studios, and then they had an exhibition on Thursday night. and a piece of my work was included in the show.
fun was had. drink was drunk. and art was looked at. so a very good night in all.oh one more quick note, if you get bored you should check out have you seen my shoes? its just a bit of fun blog! :)

Saturday, 8 November 2008

rain rain, go away..come back another day

ah its horrible outside..all rain..and more rain. for the last couple of days i have not done much reading..and must get to it straight away. i have been really rubbish.
James Bond was good. lots of action, all in all a very good film. i am much in love with the "bad guy" Dominic Greene - Mathieu Amalric...hes really cool in a really odd way. my friend just laughed at me. i knew i had seen him in a movie recently, he was in the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. i really wanted to see this movie..but my rubbish cinema did not show it. for anyone who has not heard of it, its the true story of Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby who suffers a stroke and has to live with an almost totally paralyzed body however only his left eye isn't paralyzed. i really want to watch this movie...hmmm..maybe i will go on a hunt for it tomorrow.today i didn't really do much, but i went round the shops looking for presents for people. and found some really nice things. today has been one of those really lazy days where you don't really do much...oh well! it has been nice. i have still got loads and loads of pick n mix sweets left over from the cinema. they are kinda making me feel a little sick at the moment...i think i have eaten too many.
labbits are oh so much fun...but i really want a giant one!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

woosh, bang bang

went to fireworks night...and fun was had. met up with some friends, and went to a cool park in town. the fireworks were really good...but the wind was blowing in the wrong direction..and therefore the smoke covered the fireworks..which was a little sad...but we could still see them. :)the sky was beautiful last night...simply wonderful.after the fireworks we went on the waltzers...aaaaah, they were fast, and fun! but not as fun as last time. we had yummy hot donuts and eat them on the way home.tomorrow night we are going to see James Bond; QUANTUM OF SOLACE. i cannot wait!! its gonna be so much fun. i really love Gemma Arterton..she always looks great..and i love her hair in the movie, its a beautiful colour.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

art and toys..what else do you need in life??

still reading..and loving every minute of it. i can't get enough..however, finding the time to read is the hard part.
oh i decided to wear my very cute necklace i got a couple of weeks ago. its so sweet. the guy who makes these is so nice i love it! .i went to London on Monday and looked at art. i love going to visit art galleries..it makes me smile..and feel very arty. today i had another booster workshop, which is a workshop with a theme, my one is about using found objects and thinking about landscapes. within my work i am thinking about creating odd animals and the 'lands' or 'worlds' they may come from. i created one little world today. i have made quite a few now, this is one of them;
while in London, we went to a few shops..i got a very cute deer and some new vinyl toys. yay.